Lets get to it. So with my new garage, you may be wondering what electric charger Im choosing Im: choosing the altel Maxi charger home: smart electric vehicle charger. So this is a level 2 charger, its actually rated up to 50 amps foreign. So at 50 amps you can gain about 37 miles per hour, which is pretty fast. Its got the j1772 charge plug that basically interfaces with just about any vehicle here in North America looks like a nice powder coated bracket for mounting some wall anchors. So this one looks like you: will Mount um called the charge port hanger separate from the charger and weve got some stickers to put on your electrical panel and the installation guide Applause. It has got a Nema 4 enclosure. That means its pretty much waterproof dust proof. It can be used in outdoor applications like most things. I choose the more challenging route. Ive got the hardwired version and later decided. I want it to be plugged in so normally you wouldnt have to do this, but Im going to build my own plug. So six gauge six gauge also for the Nema plug Im, going to use type 650. Applause, so thats. What Ive got here: 650.: Music, Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, Music. It is UL CSA and energy STAR certified before I install this in my brand new garage Ive got a 220 outlet that Im going to use to make sure everythings set up correctly, all right, so first it kind of blinked them all.

I think green and red. Then blue, so its got lots of different indicators, one for power, one for internet one for charge, one for Bluetooth, one for RFID. I will quickly walk you through the setup of the app pay, no attention to the racing in the background, so on the instructions theres a QR code that you can scan it brings you directly to the app which you can download once youve installed. The app youll need to register for this. It wants your phone number to send you a text code, so you copy the text code then set up your password and register. Then youll want to add your charger on the installation guide. There is a unique barcode and serial number you scan this QR code to link it to your app. You can then add Bluetooth. I paired it with my phone and connected to Wi Fi. This allows for quick and easy communication from the charger to your phone. It then wants your location. For some reason, the default location is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. So I reposition this to my home. You can then set your energy price for your location. You can select it to auto start and you can change the max current setting Im going to set mine to 40 amps theres a schedule feature in which you can schedule the time of day that you would like it to charge. So you can utilize more favorable energy costs during non peak hours, Ive just gone through the app and set things up so now, weve got internet connected were connected via Bluetooth.

The last thing for me to do is hook it up and make sure we can charge. So again, this is not the position that Im going to mount it, but I do have the correct Outlet here. So what Im going to do just make sure I can charge Ive got my car way over there and Im going to make sure the plug can reach and everything charges. Okay, so dont pay any attention to that. I am in the middle of doing some paint correction, a future episode, so, as you can see, this is why we really wanted the new garage got lots of stuff, just um, not enough space to work, but this does give us an opportunity to try out the Length of the cable so were going kind of from right here, all the way to the back over there. It is a little bit of a stretch, but we are actually plugged in this is Ill call. It Ive got a garage here so like one two bays over and then all the way to the back, so we are plugged in again its a little tight, but that is quite the reach for 40 amps to get all the way back here. So you can hear my car chargers on well check the app and see what it says all right. As you can see there, it says uh its got the charge flashing, which means its charging all right. So on the app it says that its charging.

I think this is how much its charged so far so 0.087 kilowatt hours, so again the total energy, as well as the duration. I can stop it right here from the app so Ill go ahead and hit stop. I heard it. Click off – and I heard my car charger kick off so now were starting the charge I heard it. Click on I heard my car charger kick on, so that is awesome can do it all for my phone vehicle so there for the uh four minutes that I charge it cost me a penny really didnt get any distance, its got even the saved CO2 emissions. I think the count is how many times I charge so I charge twice yep here you go for one minute for three minutes its a lot of good data. There havent used any public Chargers. You can set up your payments charge card again. This is the altel card, so this has got some of your system messages, Music. When your charging starts stop again, this would be very helpful for kind of a public or apartment style charging or you want to see whos been charging and for how long again. This is the status of the charger. The RFID is. If this is kind of more in a public or semi public setting like an office or maybe an apartment building, you can actually get key cards and kind of tap them right there and that will kind of unlock it and allow you to charge the onboard charger That I chose for my car actually isnt very fast and will not draw the 40 amps Im inviting a friend who has a more traditional EV to see how it charges this looks sweet.

So what is this? What year and everything 2021 Mustang Maki premium all wheel, drive standard battery foreign charging charge level that the range gets killed in the cold man – oh yeah, its like so different. If I go here so my friends, car was able to get the full 40 amps that I programmed into the unit, and I have to say these new cars are really cool the interior and all the uh displays you can really make use of a good charger. I hope you like my selection of a more standard EV. I think it looks pretty cool its pretty sweet Music. Then you just close it yeah there we go Music. Thank you. So we got it installed. Looks really good Im really happy with the performance. All the kind of features the apps really good. If youre interested in this charger, I will leave a link in the description below on where you can pick one up both on their website as well as like Amazon. That does it for this week.