How do you make one of the worlds best selling EVS even better? Well, of course, you just chop the roof off, but have they lost the magic of the original? Well theres. Only one way to find out this is the woolling mini Eevee Cabrio, and this is the fully charged show like the fully charred show. Then you will love our six live, shows being held around the world in 2023, starting with Sydney, Australia. On March the 11th and 12th, you often hear the words cult classic bandied around cars, such as the mini and the beetle. But I think what ruling have done in just a few years is create a cult classic with their mini EV, and when this launched at the Shanghai mode show last year, it really did turn heads and the question was: are they really going to produce a convertible Version, yes, yes, they are and its right behind me, but do you think this is more my style and its got Elliot written all over it, or is this car a bit more of Jack style? Well lets find out Music. I mean just look at it, its so cute, looking in fact its so cute. I just want to hug it in fact: Im gon na hug, it now, oh Brian, Brian, Im, sorry Im! Sorry! I promise I wont hug the car anymore, but you can tell on a serious note that woo Ling with all of the cash that theyve made from their hardtop version have really thought about this in a different way: theres a lot more practicality, theres, more storage space, Its safer theyve really completely re engineered this car to make it something very different and lets not forget that this is a collaboration between GM who make the three ton Hummer EV, which is a world away from this one saac who own mg and wooling.

However, theres one rather large sized elephant in the room and thats the price, because the original was the cheapest Eevee in the world when it came out at 30, 000 RMB. This one is three times as much 99 900 RMB, but I do think its worth. Every penny Music were now gon na do were gon na. Do the wig test, which is a very scientific and very important test to do in a convertible car. So here I have a wig I bought this morning for about 10 pounds and Im gon na wear a wig because for science for science for science, yes, now its quite a comfortable wig, I dont wear wigs. I I dont know anything about them, but how do I look? How do I look now? The wig test is obviously very important when you own a convertible. Perhaps you do have a wig and you need to make sure when youre buzzling along very quickly that it doesnt go flying off in the wind, so thats. What were going to do here in the car park were not going to do it on public roads, but were going to do in here. Ive got quite a long length of Road lets, see how fast we can go before the wig goes flying off. So lets go maybe its a bit of a hot day. I need to get some air under there Im sitting up quite High lets see what happens. How do I look horrific good, already foot flat to the floor? Oh its still staying on there.

So I think this really does pass the weak test and I look absolutely horrific right. Wig test passed, lets, go for a drive, foreign were driving in a city like Shanghai is theres a lot of racket and it doesnt smell very nice. This is definitely not a city city. Car youve got to live in a green city city which doesnt have all this horrific traffic and we are driving at rush hour. Uh obviously not ideal conditions at all, but I can tell straight away that people are gon na love driving these theyre absolutely Fab. Ive got plenty of space in here. It feels really comfortable. Ive got absolutely no complaints, so in those moments of Peace, when theres no big diesel trucks. Next to us, I can really see the appeal of this car like its such a nice day today, its about 26 degrees, the sun is shining. You can just stick your hand out floating along were just cruising at 60 kilometers an hour wow. This is just such a Fab experience and usually you have to pay a fortune for a convertible, but with this 100 000 RMB there or thereabouts, you really do get so much of an experience for your money, so acceleration by any means is not fast. It carries over that same weedy little electric motor from the other one, but this one is a little bit more powerful doesnt matter really dont care. I care about how I feel in here and how I look to everyone else around me, which is obviously absolutely Fab.

He was looking were going to see a lot of that uh. Now some of the annoyances have been carried over as well, so its not super practical theres. Nowhere to hold my phone for navigation theres, no navigation in this theres no Center screen just a couple of touch buttons, fine for the price um, but I do miss a couple of those luxuries. The pedals are completely in the wrong area, really for me that accelerator, pedal and Im not kidding is right. In the middle of this car thats not ideal, the brakes are very vague. The steerings very vague, the accelerator is very vague but, like I said absolutely none of this matters because I feel like a king and Im really enjoying driving around Shanghai in a car like this. But unfortunately this is not a car to be driving around in Shanghai. A car like this wont, be allowed to drive in Shanghai because its too small theyve banned these small cars from the roads. Youre only allowed large cars over four meters and over a certain price. So you cant get this one in the city. Music and theres clearly been an upgrade on the interior, because this just feels a bit more refined than the original. Some of the really nasty Plastics have gone theres. This really lovely kind of white finish on the dashboard and down here as well. I mean it still feels quite cheap and quite basic, but I mean this is a car less than a hundred thousand RMB.

It does come with a big safety feature. It comes now with two airbags, one for the driver and one for the passenger thats. A big Improvement and the safety doesnt stop with the airbags. It stops back here with the rollover bar, so it has two rollover bars. The car has been rollover tested, apparently its very safe. You just dont want to be too much taller than me because then your head will start sticking out of the roof so yeah it does have that you know the rest of it is very basic. You know we still have an old school handbrake, which is fine. Electric windows – great – this simple dial down here, just feels a little bit flimsy and not great its okay to the touch, but it doesnt really matter. In fact, none of this already matters because its what its like to drive and the driving experience that a tiny little micro EV with no roof, can give you Music foreign at low speed. As we are now 20 kilometer. Now there is a a sound that you can hear now on the first module you could hear the wine of the electric motor, which was lets say a little bit irritating, but with this because youve got this, this roof like this, you cant hear that at all Now, with the roof up is obviously a bit quieter, but you can still hear the wear of the electric motor again its not built for to Rolls Royce standards at all its built for fun for driving around theyre.

Looking hes looking theyre looking theyre looking, everyone is looking at this car and taking photos Music. So this is not a powerful car. 110 newton meters of torque were going through a tunnel and 30 kilowatts of power from that tiny little electric motor at the back. So definitely not going to win any speed records, but it does pass. The wig test, as we saw earlier on now, were heading to a different part of the city, but I can tell you now that everyone is looking at this car because its so unique its like oh its one of those small ruling cars, but its got no Roof, how cool is that foreign Music mini EV hardtop version? The boot space was laughable. I couldnt even fit a sheet of paper in there, but this time Ive got two sheets of paper, so lets see if they will fit in this boot. Slight problem, you dont access the boot through here we have to go through the inside. So let me show you where I can put my two pieces of paper now you have to go behind the seats and theres this rather Nifty looking zippered bag, which, if you open, reveals your 180 liter boot, which has your charger in it and a few other Bits and Bobs in there so thats how you access the boot, which is very unusual, but at least you do have a boot before this was where the two very squished passengers set.

So again, this one is a little bit more practical than the hard top version. Now youd think the roof would take up a lot of space, but it doesnt so lets find out a bit more about that Cabrio roof. So, to build a convertible, you need some serious engineering because as soon as you remove the roof, youre left with a wobbly pan of metal, so theyve completely re engineered. This car been talking about this roof. This is an electronically assisted roof, its not 100 electronic, because you need to unlock it yourselves, but it takes just six seconds to let the roof go down. So all I need to do is turn this. Handle here manually quite easy to unlock it and then just press the button and off it goes Music. Despite all of its shortcomings, I really cant find much thought with this car. What ruling have done is created, something which is so fun something so enjoyable and for such a good price and Jack, you can keep your dirty mitts off of this. This is mine, but on a more serious note, what ruling have done is really got 500. 000 people into electric cars – perhaps for the first time ever and for that they should be applauded. But with this they created a halo car, a convertible, something fun that fans of the brand can get behind so thats. All we have time for today. I hope youve enjoyed this video.

We have plenty more episodes coming from China very soon. The Sun is going down so Im gon na go off into the sunset, enjoy the rest of the day.