My name is Richard and this is a Fiat. 500E Convertible, a La Prima, with a pretty good 42 kilow battery. So this is gon na, be a quick video uh of a walk around review of this car and Im going to tell you all the things I like and dont like about it and Im also going to cover a little bit about Real World Range. What Its Like on a long journey and what efficiency you can expect, what is running costs are going to be its a Charming little car, so lets have a look around. This is the front. This is the side and this is the rear. So what do you think of it? I think its a good looking car. I really like its kind of aggressive little frown that has grown over the years, but as a bit of retro styling goes, I really like it, and actually this pearlescent color in the low sunlight here now looks great as well. What I have found with this front style and Ill come on to a bit more later, on about efficiency. Is that this kind of square blunt front end means it isnt the most aerodynamic, but I think its a great looking car. Let me know in the comments below what you think, I think its a bit of styling its lovely. These wheels are nice. This color is nice, and this is a convertible version as well. Well, theres no mistaking its a fit because its written all over the roof.

This ones got 205 45 17 inch wheels disc brakes on the front but drum brakes on the rear like a VW, 83 or Cooper, and I like this little detail here, the indicators are just flaring out from the side of that thats, nice, theres, no storage under The front here its only a small space, but there is actually room for like a tray here, which you can at least put your charging cables on and keep the boot free. So this one is a camera parking sensors and, if its a normal hatchback, all this opens up. But this is the convertible one, so were left with a kind of little letter box size open in here, so a small open and once youre in its kind of what you expect not a massive boot, but certainly big enough for a few shopping bags across there Or a couple of kind of carry on luggage cases should be fine. Weve got one of the cables here in quite a large 500 bags, so this is ideal for pin under the front. If there was storage there, there is a little bit of storage under the boot floor, which contains another charging cable for a three pin socket and your Towing hook and tire pump. The back seats do fold the steering Locks really good, so its ideal for town as youd expect, and this one also has a pretty good, reversing camera, its a nice clear, colorful image.

It has one pedal driving, so you can just lift off and the car comes to a stop. But when you do stop its, not the smoothest it just just kind of jolts a little bit nor that much Im exaggerating but in traffic. I just found it a little bit annoying. It could just be smoother right at the end there, its just a minor bug bear could be better me, Charming little car its really been designed and thought about, and the same carries on inside in here this one again, really rather nice. Actually, youve got nice leather seats again, youre, never going to forget its a fear, its ruined all over the seats but theyre nicely trim nicely finished its got a nice mixture of material. So I, like all this nicely, designed its actually a really nice little cabin space. Here weve got a screen here and a screen here, both colorful it does have wireless Apple. Carplay Ive got a few switches along here for some quick climate control shortcuts a wireless phone charger there USB there. This is your dryer selectors part: reverse neutral Drive cup holder down here, drive mode selection here handbrake and the handbrake does Auto release if your seat belts on but does not Auto release. If your seat belt isnt on sensible safety feature volume control here, but weve got steering controls for that as well theres a bit of storage down in here. Does this lift up? I thought it did there we go there.

We go like that. The bit of storage down here, a bit of storage in here nice armrest, another USB and a 12 volt socket in here – is really rather Pleasant. And for me, six foot tall Ive got a Headroom. Ive got leg room, although I will come onto something in a minute one of the dislikes. There is an issue there, but its actually a pretty good comfortable place to be Im, not quite so sure about the back. Uh should have a go. Get in coming in lets. Have a go, be laughing it? Okay. Are you ready? I dont think this is going to be the best in the rear. Lets have a go thats a seat in my position, so right, Im Im in a gap can I yeah there we go its in Im, getting my seat belt on there mustnt forget my seat belt dont! Think its meant six, I know. Is there a seat belt? Theres a seat belt down there somewhere, so Ive no option of moving to look around thats isofix. So if I dont have isofix on my butt, um, okay, well, look! No its there Im gon na get this! I dont think Ill get out again, but I mean I think I mean okay, so uh Ive actually got a Headroom but its clearly a lack of knee room and legroom. So yeah yeah, you dont, really expect it to be big in the back. Do you and that it is not so small children only okay, now Ive got to get out of it again.

Yep right whoops broke nope. I cant as Ive, been born again, okay enough of that City business. So I do like the design in here its really nice, but there are a couple of bugs and I did drive this car from Edinburgh back down here to the South Coast. So I did spend quite a lot of time in it and if you want to see that video to see exactly how many charging stops, that would need then check out other videos, its actually okay on the motorway. It wasnt too bad at all. The lane assist Cruise Control Function. This one has with radar keeping distance to the car in front that actually works really well, so that was fine, its a convertible so its a bit noisy in some cars, but in terms of suspension ride it wasnt bad at all. It actually was okay, the seat wasnt bad at all. It was okay. The biggest problem comes down here in that theres. Nowhere to put your left foot so there just isnt a foot rest there. There isnt space. This whole sensor console here blocks you from being able to move your foot anywhere. So you kind of have to drive like this, and I cant even put my foot sort of in the middle a bit theres, not enough space there. So yeah youre kind of stuck like this, and that was a kind of 11 and a half hour Journey like this, which wasnt ideal so left foot space, not brilliant.

If youve got smaller feet, youd probably be okay, but I think thats the biggest issue. Otherwise, I did find the screen not brilliant in terms of sometimes its a bit laggy its a bit slow. I do it does have wireless Apple, carplay, Android, auto so thats good. However, sometimes it just wouldnt connect it just wouldnt have it so it was connected. Get back in the car just wouldnt connect and when you start trying to change any settings, I did find in places that the font was very small and kind of if youre driving down the motorway a little bit hard to read and sort of interact with. But, broadly speaking, its actually not too bad and the matte colors and speed of thats, not okay, as well Im going to talk about real world range in a minute. But while some sat here, what I did find was that its range prediction – wasnt very linear. So you start off with a range of 160 170 miles predicted, but that will fall quite quickly and youre like start panicking. What you do then find is below about 50 of the battery. It does about what it says on the tin. So not just the first time youre driving, it adapts to your kind of a kind of driving style and efficiency, but it kind of did it every time. So, above 50, it can kind of make you panic on Range because its falling faster than the module covering below 50 pretty good.

So that wasnt ideal – and it was kind of telling me to do an extra charging stock when I didnt need to do it. But otherwise it is a Charming little car, not really any feel through the steering, if Im honest, but around town, brilliant, steering, lock, very maneuverable. It is perfect City Car, which is what youd expect and once I think of it, I was driving this down the motorway at night. Now this one has the LED headlights and they were very good credit to them. They dont do kind of cornering or clever Matrix functions, but just in terms of the brightness and the spread of light going down the motorway at 70, they were very good. However, it is one of the only cars Ive driven recently, which has a manual headlight adjustment. So I can put them up a bit put them down a bit theres, not many cars that have that these days, especially theyve got LED headlights, although the Hyundai 5 does and Ill test the model 3 you have to go on the screen anyway, LED headlights are Really bright, they should always be self leveling, theyre not, but then its not the only car doesnt have that the seats are comfortable but theres. Actually, no Lumber adjustment itd be kind of nice to have that really, and this will be in a convertible weve got the show the roof going down. Havent we there we go, so you can open two sections.

Actually, you can have just the front section here. As far back as you like, or you can push it again and have the whole thing retract and what happens if you try and open the boot when the roof is down because, as you can see here, it kind of covers it. Well theyve thought of that. You just have to wait. A second puts that back bit back into place and therefore you can open the boot if you close it well, youve got to get back in the car and close itself, but I kind of like the convertible, its good for getting the wind in your hair isnt. It apparently comments below charge port at the back here, type 2 connection and CCS for Rapid charging and its actually got a little light around the port there, which is really handy at night, surprised more cars dont have that. So what about real world range and running costs? Well, if youre going to plug this car in at home overnight and charge it up its going to cost you about 12 pound 50.. This is the 42 kilo hours gross, which gives you about 37 kilow hours of usable and that 12 pound 50 assumes you dont have cheap overnight staff, and you dont have solar thats kind of worst case scenario based on the current capped Energy prices. And how far does that get you well, Fiat claim 199 miles of range for this battery, with the hatchback thats, a smaller battery available they claim 199 miles and considering that battery size is bigger than the mini, for example, and the Honda e and the original Hyundai Ionic, it should take you further than those cars, but in my testing it doesnt really you get about 120 miles of range on longer Journeys.

You might get a bit more if youre driving efficiency on some slower Country, Roads or in town, but on a longer journey. I was finding it just wasnt as efficient as Id like to see it. I managed to eke out 3.8 miles with a kilowatt hour. I think above 50 miles an hour its just not that aerodynamic and it just suffers a little bit so in the real world. More like 120 miles of range is about it. It does charge quite quickly, though 85 kilowatt charging speed so from a low state of charge. Up to kind of 60 70 80 of battery did only take about 20 minutes 25 minutes, depending exactly how much you wanted to go at 87 percent state of charge that rapid charging did drop very sharply down to about 12 kilowatts, so thats about the maximum youre Going to charge to on a rapid charger, but if you want to see me, take this on nearly 500 mile trip from Edinburgh back down to here on the south coast and check out that other video, okay, so lets wrap up the video then overall verdict. Well, I really like it obviously its not the perfect car for doing the longer Journeys, but it is a perfect City car with charm, with a bit of character, a bit of styling thought has gone into it and if you like, your Fiat, 500 youre gon na, Like this, because its just a brilliant little thing, it drives so much better than the petrol versions.

To be honest, its nippy, its got about 117 120 horsepower in this. So its quite nippy shoots around town, good turning Circle and brilliantly small for parking its exactly what it should do and what a Fiat 500 should be so a bit of modern retro charm. It has that in Spades drives nicely, not the perfect Motorway car but theyve. Never been designed for that, have they so my overall verdicts Charming little thing, I really like it. Thank you for watching. Well, see you on the next video: hey everyone thanks for watching our videos, if you like our content and want to see more dont forget to not only subscribe, but also hit the Bell icon for notifications.