This is the new pravec vir, her previous just showcased, their defy electric super premium, luxury SUV, and now they also have another version of the same thing inside in terms of the Mechanicals, the technology, the hardware. It is same, but this is more towards being for defense purposes or for Safari purposes, uh, not for your normal Road usage. Of course, uh proper specs are not out yet. Let me give you a quick walk around going towards the rear of the vehicle, so the defense, Indian army uh the Navy, whatever can use it on the surfaces, Road surfaces off the road and, of course, for Expeditions for safaris. If you want something green and mean wish, with the nature, its called electric powertrain 90 kilowatt hour battery pack and of course, arrange a real world range of over 500 kilometers is on offer, because how the Interiors look like, of course, no doors. So they can be added, as per your needs, uh four seats two and two bucket and the processor powering. This is basically more powerful than the most powerful supercomputer of this year is what the company claims, the actual defile electric SUV has gone on. Sale at under 40 lakh rupees challenging a lot of other International Rivals from Mercedes Kia to Hyundai to Audi in terms of range performance. Everything is there mark, but its their first air vehicle, and this is what is going to put people into some kind of a confusion, a lot of a lot of uh interest around the vehicle for the last few days.

No two ways about it and Im gon na go towards the left side, because its gon na be used for off roading and for you safaris and national parks as well. So you have the two hooks coming up front and the design is very much sharp. Like the defy XV which is somewhere there on the stage Ill go there for a separate video, but for now this is what I want you to see and Ill get you a very quick glimpse of the screens against completely prototyped, I think, is the actual production Version its completely prototype, so dont expect this to come and, of course, your roof mounted Machinery that the Army can use, and this doesnt work with the camouflage scene. The tires on this one are seat, uh, 18 inches. Of course they are 80s alternate. Micros is meant for all terrain, not for really your road or Highway Usage, but a lot of elements which really make it special is the technology has to be the most technologically advanced vehicle in the category also claims that its the safest of its kind vehicle on Sale in India and the way they have made it its, of course, five star crash test approved and a slim pair of line of LED is going at the back and the companys logo. Let me quickly run you too, towards the stage that is the actual vehicle. Why we came here, for they defy uh SUV, customers will come in today, theyve got 3 000 pre bookings uh.

The design has been out on the website for a long time, but this is how this looks like it sits: slow foreign in a very unique way, because the handlebars, the uh, for opening the doors they are actually both the Handler bars of the front and rear Are put together, The Man Behind pravik hes, explaining it to the media right now, but Ill go to the other side and show you the front of the vehicle right now, thats how it looks like from the front and the the slim and Shop Indian roads? Not just Indian roads and one of the reasons and the vehicle has been developed with lot of vendors, who are both Indian as well as International, for example, uh. The worlds best audio system non automotive comes from French from France. That company system will be seen in this particular vehicle and likewise they have vendors from India and abroad, but its completely made and developed in India. They have a facility at Bengaluru, exact delivery.