As far as the exterior design is concerned, we have moved away from the MPV design to an suv, centric design that spells stature and muscular Stars. Now, let us present to you the key design attributes that accentuate this muscular stance. The new Innova flaunts a raised Bonnet line, larger Grill and wider bumper, giving an impressive stance Music. It also features premium. Super Chrome, metallic alloy wheels with larger, tires and broader Tire width. Further weve moved the a pillar back and tilted the d pillar forward with shorter overhangs and gave a more curved design in the back to enhance the SUV. Look for the Interiors we aimed high and created a luxurious cockpit that encourages you to experience. The sheer Joy of driving the cockpit area is modeled in horizontal tones to impart a most spacious ambience, the central cluster and door. Decor are further enhanced with vertical tones to mirror the powerful exterior to amplify the high stature. Embellishments of soft touch materials have been added across the cabin dark Chestnut seats with quilting also add to the high appeal of the new Anova. Most Indians have large families and they travel together, especially during festive occasions, lets look at some of the high Comforts and features that make the new Innova a joy to travel in for enhanced driving Comfort. We raised the eye point and introduced ventilated front seats to mitigate hot Indian conditions. We installed a new 10.1 inch connected display, audio and a premium nine speaker JBL system for awesome, infotainment experience.

Moreover, we have ushered a new high in Comfort with powered ottoman seats in the second row and to accommodate your joyful moments with loved ones. Weve extended the wheelbase to the longest in the class to further make those moments more memorable. We are enhancing your experience with a panoramic sunroof and mood lighting, not to mention weve, also provided a multi zone, AC with which you can set two different temperatures for the front and the back. All these features combine to offer a cozy and luxurious second row experience thanks to the flat floor, design and width enhancement of the platform. We are able to comfortably seat three adults in the third row, so all family and friends can travel together on long trips with their luggage. We also adopted power back door and tilt down seats to conveniently handle all types of luggage and also enhance luggage space. In keeping with our responsibility as a conscious company towards carbon neutrality, we adopted the state of the art, 5th generation, sh EV system, built on the global tnga platform, which provides quick, acceleration and maneuverability. This ensures that the new Anova goes from 0 to 100 in under 10 seconds seriously quick. It is also incredibly practical, as it offers overwhelming fuel efficiency of 21.1 kilometer per liter. This gives a range of 1097 kilometers on a full tank, ensuring an economical drive. We have also given thorough consideration to Indian driving conditions and tuned the suspension, performance and ground clearance to handle potholes and speed Breakers with ease, thus achieving a high ride, quality and comfort.

When it comes to safety, we never cut corners and the new Anova is no exception. Thats why we have introduced Toyota safety sense, which is a proven technology globally, Music, Dynamic radar, cruise control, Lane Trace assist, Auto high beam and blind spot monitor are the key features available with the new Anova. Additionally, electronic parking brakes and 6 SRS airbags provide greater peace of mind for our cast when a legend decides to reinvent itself, listens innovates and elevates to a newer High with muscular stance and refined stature. It gives us all the space and a sense of safeness power, packed acceleration and higher fuel efficiency with its self charging hybrid electric technology, a wiser choice for a Greener tomorrow and makes our journey relaxed as we reach for the stars, thats our eye and the lives Around me experience a new high introducing my new high, the new Innova High cross Music.