Gv60 is my favorite electric car yet now its a little short on Range, no doubt, but its combination of concept, styling, incredible performance and practicality is nearly unbeatable at this price. Some EVS are spawned from gas, fueled cars and others are foreign electric, meaning theyve been designed to be battery powered from the beginning. Such is the case with the 2023 Genesis. Gv60. The Korean Brands first dedicated electric vehicle when conceptualized as an EV. From the start. No compromises need to be made in terms of packaging. For example, dedicated EVS have flat floors absent of space, robbing transmission tunnels. This benefits the gv60 and its efficient use of Passenger and cargo room combined with stunning design, exhilarative acceleration and grandiose Showmanship. The gb60 is the EV to convert electric car naysayers. The first question typically asked about any EV concerns the range. How far can it travel on a full charge? The answer is often the biggest hurdle to EV adoption accustomed to gas stations on every corner and cars that dont run dry for at least 300 miles range anxiety can be crippling living in the Northeast, where cold winter temps can sap as much as 40 percent of The batterys range I consider any EV with less than 250 miles a deal breaker but thats a personal decision based on a multitude of factors. The gv60 performance is rated at 235 miles. So that would scare me a bit, but this car is so tempting.

I think Id have to make an exception. Looking like a concept car that escaped from the auto show floor, Genesis is designing the most alluring vehicles in the industry, sporty Elegance infused with Cutting Edge technology. The gv60 is a visual standout, inspiring oohs and Oz wherever its spotted and because its availability is extremely limited and Genesis sells it in only eight states, its a unicorn for sure. In hanama mint, the gv60 looks spectacular. A 575 dollar upcharge paint color evocative of the Hawaiian Bay for which its named pricing starts at about sixty thousand dollars for the base, Advanced model and checks in here at 69, 560 for the top trim, gv60 performance. All wheel drive is standard on both with front and rear electric motors producing 160 kilowatts, each and electronically controlled suspension and a limited slip differential. This is the go fast gv60, as a matter of fact, its the fastest Genesis ever capable of a 0 60 time of under four seconds procured by a boost mode, invigorating output to 483 horsepower and 516 pound feet of torque 21 inch, Michelin, All Seasons, chirp. A couple of times as the gv60 creates face contorting g forces. The acceleration is extraordinary. The drive is so refined yet sporty with the kind of acceleration you cant get from a gas powered car Im telling you it just hits differently with an EV and taking a page from the Kona N is a boost button here on the steering wheel that provides 10 seconds of grin inducing all out performance.

Theres, even a rear, wheel, drive drift mode on this car and you can choose your interior soundscape from Silent to futuristic to even a gas engine, sound replicator which Im not exactly sure why thats there but Hyundai keyogenesis theyre. Absolutely killing it in the EV Arena right now, but this 235 miles of range doesnt quite cut it. The 1 000 pound battery under the floor keeps the center of gravity low, but the cars cumulative 5820 pounds is palpable when cornering it drives a little heavy. Despite the adjustable suspension and a sport mode, locking in all wheel, drive grip, the ride quality is exceptional, though, with the rode preview function capable of making suspension adjustments in real time based upon what the camera and navigation system convey. Regenerative braking is controlled. Similarly, to other Hyundai corporate EBS via paddle shifters, adjusting deceleration to the drivers liking, all the way to one pedal drive that Nary requires the brake theres, also an automatic setting that will prudently decide the amount of force for you, whether in Comfort or sport. The drive is smooth comfortable and confidence, inspiring, facilitating immediate getaways and takeover maneuvers. The cabin can remain nearly silent or enhanced by selected sounds such as futuristic e motor or even a gas engine. As for the gv60s state of the art tech, there are three main talking points: one face: connect and fingerprint authentication or biometric applications that allow the driver to open the door and start the vehicle without a key fob, while also setting forth personal vehicle preferences.

Two over the air updates that go beyond mapping and infotainment to also include Vehicle Systems such as steering suspension and Driver assistance features and, lastly, vehicle to load charging allows the gb60 to be used as a mobile power source, whether for a laptop or another EV. The Ash Gray, Glacier interior is bright and Airy with quilted Napa leather seats, a microfiber suede headliner and the scene stealing Crystal sphere. A glass mood light on the center console that rotates like a globe to become the gear shifter once the vehicle is started, theres changeable ambient lighting, brilliant welcome, animations and sound effects, and a high resolution 12.3 inch touchscreen mounted within easy reach of the driver. A color head up display, replete with all sorts of pertinent safety and convenience information is another standout feature. The drivers seat offers massage settings theres an interesting drawer style, glove box and the Brands first. Application of a Bang and Olufsen sound system contributes auditory brilliance, 17 speakers and various mood settings get ready to be blown away. Charging the battery is just as quick as the gv60 itself, taking advantage of its industry leading 800 volt architecture. Youll barely have time to shop at Walmart 18 minutes from 10 to 80 percent at 350. Kilowatts as an Electrify America partner. Three years of complementary 30 minute DC fast charging sessions are included and if some inconsiderate EV drivers parked over the line, Remote Smart parking assist, allows for the car to be driven into and out of tight spots from outside the vehicle.

Using the key fob, the front seats have a flat bed like recline mode too perfect for nap time charging sessions. The 77.4 kilowatt hour battery can also be charged at home in about seven hours with a level two connection. This all looks like the kind of cabin you might see in a concept car at the auto show its amazingly futuristic tech, laded and luxuriously comfortable and Beyond. The biometric features that connect car to driver on a higher level theyre a little oh wow moments, scattered about whether its this Crystal sphere, shifter or the mind blowing 17 speaker, bang. It Olufsen sound system. But tell me how long is it going to take Hyundai Kia Genesis to realize that the days of cable connected phones have long since passed, though the reclining rear seats are quite accommodating in terms of leg and Headroom? Theyre short on foot room as the front seats sit very close to the floor. A similar issue experienced in the electrified G80 the 55 cubic feet of cargo volume with the rear seats folded pushes the gv60 into large car territory and includes a clever underfloor storage compartment. For the charge, cable, Etc, also accessible via a trap door that doesnt first require unloading. The area Genesis considers the gv60 and SUV, I think of it as a large hatchback, either way its a special vehicle. Any car lover would desire for topspeed.