These SUVs look similar to each other, but theyre. A lot closer, theyre, actually built on the same platform and Mercedes for the first time, is giving us the opportunity to test the electric and the diesel powertrains back to back. This is the present, but this is the future, so well find out more about these SUVs, but before you get to know more like share and subscribe to the Evo, India, YouTube channel and, of course, hit the Bell icon. Foreign Music are the spiritual successors to the b class. There is not even a hint of MPV in them, the world wants SUVs and the boxier the better. The glb specifically looks very cool with its straight lines: High Bonnet and Tall shoulders. The rear looks like a Shanklin GLS which will appeal to a lot of people. The eqb has exactly the same chat lines as the glb, but with the swooping headlights and the connected tail lamps, it softens the whole Macho stance. You may even think it borders on an estate body style, but these are proper, seven seat, SUVs Now, isnt that interesting driving, an electric vehicle and a diesel variant of the same car, the glb and the eqb are built on the same platform now driving the 220d. In the glb and this 300 4matic in the EQ beam theres a stark difference between the two on paper. The glb has a 0 200 time of 7.6 seconds, and this car has a 0 100 time of about 8 Seconds.

But when you drive it on the winding roads of kodai getting down towards madurai, the eqb feels much faster thats, because youre driving an electric car youve got all the talk at zero RPM, and so you can actually shoot through corners. But the glb in fact is quite engaging there that that two liter motor nice and Punchy its quick and it even sounds nice when youre about 2000. Something RPM. Now, look at me talking about what a diesel engine sounds like, while youre driving an EQ beam, because this car is so relaxing nice and quiet and comfortable youre, probably fresher by the time you reach your destination and thats an electric car for you, Music glb comes From Mexico and this eqb is built in Hungary and theyre imported to India, most cities, India is trying for local assembly of these cars, but its not going to happen anytime soon and thats. Why you dont have the 350 in the eqb, because that would price the car out of whack. So this 300 4matic has two electric motors with a combined output of 225 horsepower and ‘0 newton meters of torque. 0 100 is in 8 seconds and youve got a wltp range of 423 kilometers. If youve got a nice winding section around where you stay and were going downhill, youre only adding to your range, this car, for example, when I was driving downhill, it was showing 99 kilometers to a kilowatt hour of battery usage and with its 66.

5 kilowatt hour battery Im theoretically able to drive the car, especially if Im going downhill for over 6600 kilometers thats, of course, not gon na happen. I have youre going to find a highway and youre gon na find flat, patches and inclines along the way, but thats the beauty of electric cars, especially in the Hills when youre driving going downhill, youre only adding to your range, the Regeneration is working to use up. The battery all the time – and so you start up with 423 kilometers of wltp range on this car and right now now Ive done about 85 kilometers and Im down the hill now and its still showing 427 kilometers on the on the dash. The USB of both these SUVs is that both are seven seaters in the Mercedes lineup. Besides the GLS theres, no seven seater so now the glb adds to it and thats why they keep marketing the car as a baby GLS. But one thing Mercedes is very clear about is: is that the third row of seeds is only for preteens and pets, so thats a good thing, because you know you dont want to be. You know entering the third row of seats and as we all journalists do sit on the back and show you how cramped the space is and its not usable and exactly its not usable for grown ups and lets not kid ourselves about seven seater SUVs. They arent for grown ups over long distances, maybe the GLS because of its size, but definitely not the glb for proteins theres enough space.

I have a Golden Retriever and Id like to see whether he fits in the in the back with the seat folded. Music. Now the eqb, because its not built on a electric vehicle platform, is the same platform as the glb. There are some compromises, and the first thing that comes to mind is the ground clearance. This car has 155 mm of ground clearance, which is for an SUV, not the best. You can have its not bad, because you can drive over most of the roads easily, but when it gets a little tricky, youve got to be careful about the underbody. You know touching a large speed breaker, for example, Im gon na be a little careful about that. The ride quality is quite nice. These are steel Springs, they are not a suspension, but the right quality is quite nice, especially over diet, roads, the larger bumps and all the stuff. It takes it quite well eqb and the glb. Both the SUVs are narrower than the GLC that really works on Indian roads because most of our roads, especially the winding roads up in most of the hills, theyre quite narrow, so placing your car is quite nice and youve got these lovely two ridges on the Bonnet. So when youre sitting in the drivers seat, usually you like my seat, nice and low, but in this car Ive placed it a little higher to see those ridges and it gives you a really nice commanding view of the road ahead, foreign from the eqb to the Glb this is the 2 liter diesel and is the top of the line version, which means you get all wheel drive the 4matic, its got 188 horsepower and 400 newton meters of torque 0 to 100 and 7.

6 seconds, so its a quick car, and it actually feels Quick, the motor is nice and refined, peppy picks up tastes quickly and especially when youre youve got the Dynamics erector here and you put it into sport mode. The the shifts are quick and youre, always in the right gear, especially in the twisties, when we were driving back from kodai Canal to madurai. The chemistry is, the car is always in the right gear and its always got that. You know diesel torque to pull you through corners and its a lot of fun, and it actually sounds also nice at low RPMs. The gruff diesel I mean is also able, but it sounds nicer. The more you step on the gas and you actually enjoy driving the glb. The diesel is quite nice to drive, and this eight speed DCT is a very quick shifter, so youre always in the right gear, especially when you are in sport mode. You also get a petrol. The glb 200 on paper is just a 1.4 liter turbo petrol, but it makes 161 horsepower, which is quite decent, its not available on the media drive. So I dont know exactly how its going to perform in the glb, especially with a 7c configuration so added weight and all that stuff and its got the seven speed DC, not the 8 speed that you get in this in the diesel. So yeah I mean that. Would be a good petrol SUV if you want to drive around in the city or short distances, but on the highway the diesel is the one to have, because its got the legs for it and its also going to be a lot more efficient Music.

What has really impressed me about the glb is the ride quality over bad surfaces, the way the suspension soaks in everything. This is a CPU, so its not tuned to Indian Road, but it takes over bad Rose with ease, I suppose, because its made in Mexico – and maybe the South American Market is kind of similar in terms of roads and infrastructure, Im not sure about it, but the Glv rides so well on Indian roads, it soaks in all the undulations with ease, especially at low speed. The low speed ride is quite good, which is good if youre driving it in the city, because youre not going to be driving above 60 70 kilometers per hour. It takes over all the bad patches with with absolute. You know the boxy look of the glb, those Square headlamps, the strong shoulders on the outside. They carry forward into the Interiors of the glb. You got these straight lines on the inside. You sit nice and high in This SUV, while the USP of these SUVs are the seven seats theres a lot more going for them. The glb 220d is refined and peppy. The eqb 300 is quick.