So how many electric vehicles we have a lot of electric vehicles in Hyderabad and also in Bangalore? Okay, so we sold a lot of them and we still have a few in stock with the rising prices of fuel. Electric cars are in big demand. Now we are able to do good sales on this, so this car is an automatic transmission car. Its a 2018 model, 2018 model yeah, so the cars that we have range from 50, 000 to 70, 000 kilometers run and every charge it gives you about – 100 kilometers, yeah, okay and the cost per kilometer is barely one rupee 20 pesos compared to the fuel prices. Rising sale prices so its very economical, okay, its very good for City drives. If you want to drive within 100 kilometers per day its a worthwhile buy. Okay, you know the battery capacity battery capacity is 72 volts and it has two charging ports, so we can charge it in the house also, and we can charge in the commercial Chargers also okay, to charge in the house. It takes eight hours, eight hours yeah, but to charge it in commercial ports. It takes one and a half hour and basically theres a lot of saving its an automatic transmission car, its very smooth, theres, absolutely no problem in the uh okay range. How many kilometers it will give you 100 kilometers, and the price on this is about 4 lakh. 50. 000. When this car was launched, it was about 12 lakh.

Fifty thousand so now we are giving it at 450, which is also slightly negotiable, its absolute value for money. In one year the cost of the car will come because you are not spending on fuel okay, so there is no damage right in the inside vehicle. No, no, no. This car runs only on three main parts: okay, the battery the controller and the motor its all been checked. Showroom. Service records are there for the car, its a beautiful car, absolute value for money. Oh you, you can transfer that one ship transfer right. Yes, we can transfer the ownership transfer. Also. There is no Road tax on this cars, so we can transfer to any other state in India, okay and uh, because theres no tax conversion to that local number is easy. Weve been sending it to Bhopal with and a lot of them to Delhi, so we are able to cater to almost all the cities of India. For this particular electric car, we have sold more than 100 cars on this right right there right now. Thank you see. The Swift desire ready deserves Ada automatically. The top end model 2018 model. 18 registration, 2018. 18 model; 18 registration. It is 63, 000 kilometers, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, Music, audio system, um, 47, 000, kilometers, foreign, foreign, okay, okay, 2018 model, okay, so Enterprise. Forty thousand negotiations, Music, foreign foreign, foreign, Music, foreign and uh every card Finance option available. Yes, except for the battery cars, all the other cars via finance options.

Okay, we are DSA for multiple Banks, so we do it with ICICI HDFC access. A lot of options are available and uh, depending on the profile we get about 70 to 90 percent Finance on the cars okay. We also do the RTA, and we are this thing with all the insurance companies. We have a relation with all the insurance companies, so insurance is also taken.