This new whip this year for sales and were gon na go test. It out see how it is. Music Applause, so Caden has a spot um, as you guys want to know. The legendary that is crazy were gon na try out the scooter test. It out see how it is Music. My turn see what I got: whats happening: Music, Music by myself: Applause, Music, Music. Yes, I Sorry Music by myself, Applause, Music, all right! All right go ahead! So this is the cool current G3. It runs for about 1100 bucks brand new got it for 600 used on Facebook Marketplace. If you come a little closer Ill show you kind of whats going on here. We got the touch screen. We got three different Power modes. One two and three its like 30 miles an hour front, brake okay, so phone holder here this is gon na, be my sales mobile. When Im busting out the sales next year, so thats about it, we got the cool lights and Ill get the lights going boom. Yeah yeah all right got the lights and so got the brake lights got all the so its a cool, little mobile for sure. Yes, sir, hey guys, I mean you already seen what it does. Whats capable of you know its got suspension and yeah honestly worth it. So give it a shot, go, try it out, go search it up, and you know Applause boys, hey just let you know, guess whats over here, landscore SV R8.

Second gen! I just need you guys help on this part too, though. Dont forget to hit that subscribe. Button hit that, like button up hit that go, follow him on go, follow his channel as well too. Come on! Yes, sir, look at that. Oh my God! Look at that color that color is menacing and SV. Damn bro, while were here rocking our Prius but yeah. We we enjoy the Prius too. You know thats fire, give us time. Bro hit that subscribe.