Tell you about it. Tell you why its a good option, if you dont, want to spend 15 plus on a golf cart. These cars start around 99.95 with lithium batteries on up to the Forester six seater, which is around 13 995, so were gon na walk over here and were going to take a look at them. I got my partners in crime, Matt, tastic and crazy Katie with me. Today, theyre going to help me with the with the walk around Music: here it is 2023 Evolution classic 4 plus this one is sapphire black. Its got the PPG painted body well insert some match. They can be removed. If you dont want them in there, you can take them out, make a machine to black wheel. Theyve got your foot windshield side mirrors its got your antenna, its got your nine inch touchscreen. So what this does is let your AM FM. Radio, your Bluetooth, music, pictures and movie, which can be done through a jump, drive and that this port here dual USBS, you can make telephone calls through the car and it also has a backup camera. It has your speakers here. This comes standard with a plus model up up kitty. Let me show them the battery. Its got a 110 amp hour lithium battery built on a charger seat belts, its got your long roof got your cup holders its got your license, plate bracket and lights up. When you turn the lights on its got your rear safety bar Music, its got your full down seat under your storage compartment yeah.

So this comes all the way out, so you can have access to the whole storage Music. Its got. Your 14 inch wheels. The low profile tires: um the Forester, the Forester is the lifted model, its lifted, its got the brush guard in the front, its got the electronic braking system and different things, but this one everythings built on just plug it in here plug it into your wall. Theres. Your charging it takes about four to six hours to charge fully dead and it gets about 25 to 35 miles per charge. So the lithium battery is absolutely no maintenance. You just jump on it and go and thats the classic four plus theyll run. They have a high low speed as well, so you can put it in high around 25 miles an hour and lows around 12 to 15.. It also has the backup camera it. Has your lapel mic to be able to have a conversation through the phone. It has. The upgraded steering wheel as well, so we started selling these around January. We were probably sold three to four hundred of these this year and theyve been really good. Theyve been very reliable. People have liked them. I was a little skeptical of them in the beginning, but theyre our number one seller, so people come in actually looking for them now, but theyve been really good. Warrantys been great Parts have been easy to get. I know you get on some of these Forum.

Sam parts are hard to get. That is absolutely not true, no more in a week and Ive got parts for these machines. So the communication – everything through Evolution, has been great. If youre, not if youre not getting the same stuff, it may be the dealer and not the actual company, because we have absolutely no problems getting parts and things for these cars uh the warranty there was a thing out a little while ago too. I want to kind of touch on the warranty you had to you had to do the warranty through your dealer that you bought it from now. Evolution is paying warranty, uh labor, so you can take these to anybody and any dealer can help you no matter what. So, if you need a part, we actually have just help some people in Texas that couldnt get a part for their evolution. So if you cant get anywhere with them, any deals should be able to help you. If, if youre not happy with your deal, then you should be able to go get some help elsewhere, so were always here to help. You can call us if you need something and well do what we can to to get you taken care of were going to take this out on a ride were going to do an uphill in a downhill. Show you, the performance of this classic four plus. This is sapphire black. It comes with six other colors. It comes in quarter mile blue Mediterranean Blue, which is like a Navy big Flamenco red, which is the burgundy, the lime and the mineral white, which is a pearl white theyre.

All BMW, colors thats what they use and uh well get it out here on the test, drive and lets see what you think. So there you have it thats the review um you can always get in touch with us at Carolina, Carson ATV. 864. 754. 4598.