Again, all you have to do is park your car in your garage charge it up just like this, and the first thing you do in the morning is simply unplug. This charger cover this pork right here and cover the whole cover thats. What you can do when you own this car right here this is the Nissan Leaf electric vehicle today, Im going to show you around this car Im, also going to give it a test drive. So stay tuned, apparently, the Nissan Leaf is an electric motor right here, which can give you up to 311 kilometers of range according to Nissan, but real world test, at least for me, gives me around 280 to 290 kilometers. Also, the charging part just the interesting part about it. You just hold a button on your key or inside the car. This cover right here, pops up and you have two ports right here: the orange port for your slow charger. So you can charge this in 18 and a half hours at home with a regular socket or if you get an optional wall box, which costs around 200 plus thousand pesos. You can charge inches up in seven and a half hours, making your daily charts or your nightly charged a breeze. You just have to sleep and when you wake up this car from low battery is already a hundred percent. Alternatively, theres this bigger pork right here, which takes a chademo plug, and this one can charge a car from low battery to 80 percent in only 40 minutes powerwise, you get 150 horsepower and 320 newton meters of torque because you get instant torque.

This car can go from zero to a hundred and only 7.9 seconds before we talk about the exterior. We have to note that, just before we filmed this video Nissan Philippines just released the facelifted version of this car, so its only slightly different and mostly just cosmetic, but anyway lets talk about this particular test unit. Right here up front. Of course, you dont have a grill anymore, its just a flat panel right here with a lot of these beautiful blue crystals on it, because well, you dont really need airflow anymore, its more aerodynamic as well. Just like that, I love the shape of this front area of the Nissan Leaf, because its very triangular it really kind of like cuts into wind, increasing your fuel economy or battery economy. You get projector headlamps, LED, drls and also fog lamps down below towards the side of the car. You have 155 millimeters of ground clearance, 16 inch, rims and a blacked out roof, plus just to remind everyone that you have an Eevee and you love the environment. Get a zero emission badge right there below towards the back. You can really appreciate the two tone nest of the Nissan Leaf, especially in this pearl white color. The contrast between the black chrome here by the sill and also by the spoiler, just contrasted really really well with the white paint anyway right here at the back, you get LED tail lamps. They are v shaped too, which is pretty good, very Nissan and down below you even have more blueness for your diffuser for that EV touch, plus these two slits, as your reflectors open up this tailgate and space, is actually pretty good and also expandable by folding those Rear seats.

60. 40.. You do not, however, have a false floor anymore. The batteries of the Nissan Leaf is under the floors now youre going to ask me: wait a minute: the batteries are under the floor. The ground clearance is only 155 millimeters. How can this be practical in Manila, especially with our floods? Well, heres the thing in theory: electric cars can wait a little bit better compared to their internal combustion engine counterparts because the batteries are sealed. So while I dont have the exact waiting depth of the Nissan Leaf, youll be sure that if you do Wade through floods, nothing bad is going to happen to you. You will not get electrocuted now here inside the Nissan Leaf. We check the door, not bad. Actually, that sounds pretty okay. The interior of this car is a little bit reminiscent of a Nissan Almer, so it is very Nissan. There are a lot of hard touch Plastics on it, though, but thats not really the point of this car. You do, however, get some of these soft touch. Leather, but theyre, not the thickest on the middle parts of the dashboard and over here at the side of the doors theres. Also some blue stitching over there, as well as on your seats plus. This very interesting pattern. Just by this panel above the glove box, the steering wheel is multi function also with that blue stitching and you also get adaptive cruise control blind spot monitoring Lane keep assist Lane departure warning autonomous emergency braking among others.

You also have an instrument cluster that is partly analog only on the right and you have a screen over there at the left towards the center of everything is an 8 inch touchscreen with a 360 around view, monitor also pretty clear and concert Apple, carplay and Android. Auto you have this very futuristic, shifter rather easy to use. Dont worry about it. You also have an Eco button e pedal button and two tiny cup holders right here now here at the back check the door. That sounds pretty good actually back here. The first thing, youll notice, is just how comfortable these seats are. Thigh support is a little bit limited, but the cushiness of the seats and the backrest, including the slight built in lumbar support, simply excellent. I love it. What I did notice, though, is that the floor seems to be a little bit higher than usual, because again, the batteries are there. So you cant really like angle your legs, 90 degrees, not a big problem. You can easily just stretch out back here, because legroom is pretty good and so is Headroom seating. Three people in this car is slightly possible if its for shorter Journeys, because although the car is a little bit on the narrow side, this Hump by the middle is triangular, which is a brilliant idea. More manufacturers should do this, so this gives you a little bit more feed room. One thing I do wish for, though, is for Nissan to add a little bit more light in here, because it does feel a little bit claustrophobic, especially because of this solid pillar right here.

Dont worry about safety, though, because not only do you get isofix tethers, but you also get airbags here at the back, since you have six airbags all around the car. Now we drive the Nissan Leaf, EV and driving. This is incredibly comfortable because of its e pedal technology, so what epedal is is basically one pedal driving. That means you dont really need to step on your brake anymore. Once you let off your gas itll automatically decelerate for you, and it can even come to a complete stop, which is what differentiates a pedal in this one. From the e petal step, which I showed in the Nissan kicks video anyway, using e pedal, it takes a little bit of getting used to, but once you get used to it, you can comfortably Drive using one pedal alone. Now you might say that, though whats the purpose of that Im sure your Journeys wont really feel it, but when youre going longer Journeys, it kind of takes away that fatigue of having to like kind of shift between pedals between the gas and the brake pedal. It just makes your calves a little bit more relaxed and thats something Ive learned to like with this car now, just by leaving this car into the normal drive mode uh, the regenerative braking is already strong enough, but theres even a b mode, which increases your regenerative. Braking even further that way you slow down even faster, and while you recuperate a little bit more energy, if you do not like to use epedal well, you can easily turn it off as well just by hitting the E pedal button here by the center.

If you leave this card in normal mode and you just step on it, my gosh, it really kicks you back to your seat. Now I even dare say that it has a similar acceleration feel as that of a Nissan GTR. Yes, however, the difference is that there is that initial acceleration that you get with this one thats incredibly strong, and then it immediately tapers off, unlike the GTR, which is sustained, I know crazy to compare the two cars I dont know. If is it because the Nissan Leaf doesnt produce any engine noise, but as youre driving alone, you can really hear a lot of the road noise uh. It could be coming from these doranza tires, which isnt exactly the quietest out there, but as it is right now with this test unit yeah road noise is very apparent. Steering is really light too, and definitely perfect for the city, and so is your visibility, because you have these quarter panels right here, so you really see everything then, when youre backing up or parking, you also have that 360. Around view monitor, so Nissan really helps you park with this car speaking of parking, this car, if you do put the car into reverse there, is this noise. This artificial, sound, its like beeping, sounds like spaceship noises that the car makes to alert pedestrians, but just in case you really want to turn it off. Theres, also a button just to your left, which you can hit, and it will turn off that sound driving.

This more inside the city and you can really feel that the EVS are perfect for the city because well during your stop and go traffic or if youre idling for a long time, theres no real idle for an EV. So in those times that you are just seated at a traffic light, its pretty much only your air conditioning system that consumes a lot of power. So this is perfect for anyone who lives in Manila and after all, you have a range of around 280 290 kilometers. So, unless youre someone who goes to like Baguio or Tagaytay multiple times a day, multiple times a day in bag, you probably like once a day. The range in this car is honestly more than enough, and I doubt youre gon na have any range anxiety, especially if you live in the NCR now that were here on the highway, I was expecting the Nissan Leaf to be a lot louder, especially since I could Already hear a lot of tire noise inside the city at slower speeds, but right now we are going like 60 here on the Skyway and its surprisingly still quiet in here. I think the road noise is slightly overruled by some of the wind noise that does enter into the cabin, but its really not too much, and one more surprising thing about this is that now goes 60, and if I want to go 70, I just step on It okay, that goes up really fast Id like to accelerate a little bit more, but I am bottlenecked by the speed limit right here.

So please do bear with me also in terms of comfort. The Nissan Leaf is very comfortable. The way it deals with bombs and potholes it just soaks it up pretty well its not exactly confident inspiring in corner, so that is a trade off for that, because well, the suspension is really soft and despite you having all of that heavy battery pack Down Below On the floor, uh, well, you get somewhat of a low center of gravity, feel it feels and rolls in the same way a body on frame SUV. Would that sensation, at least wherein the chassis or the lower part of the car kind of stays in place? But the upper parts of the car, wherein your torso would be kind of just rolls into that corner. Weve seen that the Nissan Leaf is an incredibly practical car, especially if you always drive in the city and again, you never have to go fill up at a gasoline station again, but at 2.798 million pesos, despite all the fuel savings, its honestly quite hard to justify A car this small, even though it is an electric vehicle. However, there is a law thats about to be passed. In fact, it has been passed and were just waiting for the implementing rules and regulations that could significantly bring down the price of the Nissan Leaf.