. Now this car comes as a hybrid, a plug in hybrid and full electric, which is the version we are in today and it sings sorry. I think it was happy because Kia expects to sell two thirds of this model in full electric Im Luke hit subscribe. If you havent – and this is the future – is electric before we get started, I do appreciate that you hit the Subscribe button below and if you are already a subscriber make sure youve hit the notification button, so you also get notified when we release a new video On the channel but lets dive into this platform, so this is built on the K3 platform. It is a Kia developed platform in conjunction with Hyundai, and it is a platform which allowed this vehicle to be built as a hybrid, a plug in hybrid and a full electric model. We have seen other brands on the channel which have done this. However, I have to be honest and say that KIA probably did this the best from the ones Ive seen so far, because there is no compromises when it comes to the electric car, in the sense that an electric car does not need an arch at the back Seat and some models which weve seen, which are converted from Petrol, still have the arch, where the trunk, where the exhaust would essentially pass from now. Here we have a full flat floor. We also have a franc or a front boot its not that large, but its better than nothing.

We have seen electric cars on the channel which, despite the the electric motor, taking up very little space in the front and there being a lot of empty space. There was no Frank included so youd you get extra storage under the front bonnet. Now the Kia e Niro was a very popular electric car and theyve kept the good parts the same in the sense that the electric nature, what were going to be diving into into today hasnt changed that much. They have made one critical Improvement to the battery which were about to speak about, but what they have really updated was what they, I think they should have updated, which was interior visuals, which are now fantastic and been given that modern look a modern Evie deserves it. Does resemble a lot its a you could say, big and more expensive brother, the the ev6, the Kia ev6, which was the car of the year in 2022, and the exterior as well has been upgraded to give it a more modern feel, which I do like very Much so in the previous e niro, you could get two battery size options, a smaller variant and a larger variant. They have now removed the smaller size variant battery and are giving Just One battery size option this 68 kilowatt hour battery pack, which is actually has 64.8 usable um kilowatt hours of storage. Now that battery pack found right under us under the passenger compartment is made up of 294 individual battery cells now critically – and this is a big change that KIA are making here, those battery cells used to come from SK Innovation, which was a long term battery supplier.

For Kia, they have now changed that in the latest model to Chinese manufacturer catl catl is currently dominating, you could say the EV battery space they are supplying or they command 33 percent of the market. Just to put you in the picture in second place, LG LG have a marketer of just under 15, so catl is really leading ahead when it comes to battery supplies. Now the cells in this vehicle are NCM, which means they are nickel, Cobalt and manganese cells. Now thats interesting because it allows the battery back to be cheaper, but doesnt really improve on the battery density. That much, which is why the large size battery in this vehicle is actually the same as a large size battery overgot. You would have gotten in the previous model now that battery pack is being very critically liquid cooled so Kia, liquid cool their battery, which is very important for battery longevity, and the interesting change is theyve changed the coolant of that liquid cooled battery, which is actually cheaper To maintain so thats a great Advantage for consumers, another thing about that battery pack is key are opting to cool that battery at around 35 degrees. So when the car feels that that battery pack is at 35 degrees or higher, it will engage the liquid cooling, and that is true for whether you are driving or whether you are charging. So let me know in the comments down below what you think of this change from Kia to change their battery supplier now to catl love, to hear your thoughts on that now very nicely.

This car has a vehicle to load plug and vehicle two load adapter available. As an option, what does that mean? Well at the back seat under the back seat? There is a domestic socket, the same one youre going to find in your home, and you can plug in and run appliances straight off the car battery. If you dont use the plug inside, you can also buy an adapter which sticks onto the type 2 charging port in the front and that converts to the domestic socket and you can run appliances outside the vehicle. So if you feel like youre going for an camping trip, but want to take your Kettle or your coffee machine with you, well now you can now. This is the same electric motor we saw in the previous version of this vehicle. It is a permanent magnet synchronous. Electric motor, it is found in the front for a front wheel, drive vehicle now that motor quite fast for a car of this size actually does 0 100 in just 7.8 seconds. They have changed the throttle mapping of the vehicle, in the sense that when you press the accelerator, that is how they control how that acceleration comes in the problem with an electric motors. It gives you a lot of power right away, so through software they are um controlling at what rate that power comes in now. I have changed it in this car, so it is a bit slower off the start and then the previous version and what the previous version had a problem.

Thats used to spin the tires because it was so fast off the line. So theyve slowed it down. Just a bit at the start, but then it obviously picks up um once once the car gets moving. Now the motor is a 150 kilowatts of power. It is 201 brake horsepower equivalent and is it produces 255 newton meters of torque top speed of the vehicle? 867 kilometers per hour now Kia and Hyundai actually are towards the top of the pack when it comes to efficiency of electric vehicles, and this Nero EV is um. Definitely up there. Now the wltp of this vehicle is 463 kilometers and, as Ive said many times on the channel here in Malta, with our low speeds because were stuck in traffic. Most of the time lets be honest, no Motorway. So we cannot drive very fast anyway, and the fact that our climate conditions are ideal in the sense that they match up to the temperature. The battery operates best in means that you will get close to if not meet or if youre a careful driver actually achieve or exceed rather wltp kilometers. It is why the previous version of the Nero has actually been a popular choice among taxi drivers and taxis and because you get a high amount of kilometers between charges. So Kia are definitely not new to EVs and they know EV drivers like their region, which is why this car comes with four regeneration modes which are controlled from the pedal shifters behind the steering wheel.

The strongest of those modes is what they call their eye. Pedal similar to what we saw in the Nissan Leaf, that is a mode which allows you to drive this car using just one pedal, so you can forget about your brake pedal and use just the accelerator pedal, and I can guarantee you once you try this. You will never go back and you will question and scratch your head as to why youre using three pedals in the past. Now the charge port is located in the front of this vehicle, which is actually a nice thing. I have used the public charging Network here in Malta and sometimes those Chargers are located in very narrow roads where you park on the side of the road and theres a one lane Railroad on the side. What tends to happen if your charge port is located on the side of the vehicle is very often that charging cable is going to stick out more than the mirrors, either towards the middle of the road, which is not a great thing, especially if its a very Narrow road to start with or towards the pavement, which is obviously not ideal anyway, so having the charge port in the front of the vehicle, is actually a more convenient location, especially in those scenarios. Now, of course, there is another side to the store, because a little Bumper to Bumper may damage your charging port. Now, once you pop open that charging port youve got two charging options, your AC charging at 11, kilowatts on three phase.

So, if youre using the public network, that is all three phase, so you can charge at 11 kilowatts, which means this car can be charged too full in around 7 hours. If youre, not using three phase, youre, obviously going to be charging slower than that, which means charging speeds May grow and may grow quite substantially, given the size of the battery of this vehicle. So I would highly recommend, if youre going to be charging this car at home, that you upgrade your home supply to three phase, because you are dealing with quite a large battery here, which means charging is going to take very long on single phase. Now, if you have access to the DC rapid charging Network, this car can charge a lot faster. Obviously, so it can go from 10 to 80 percent in just 45 minutes now, thats on an 80 kilowatt DC charger. Now it is slower than what some of the competitors are offering, so some of them are already offering hundred hundred twenty hundred fifty kilowatts, especially on this 400 volt architecture, is that a deal breaker well, probably not especially here in Malta, because theyre fast as DC charges. Currently available in the public network are just 50 kilowatts, so this car is already future proof in the sense that it is faster than what is currently available. If you enjoyed this video, I do appreciate you hitting the like button below and if youre enjoying the content, you can support the channel now on patreon.

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