It has every box checked that you could ever imagine, and this thing is sweet. First of all, check out this key. I think rivion has done such an incredible job with this key first of all, its a carabiner, its just kind of cool but roll around here to the front and check out this truck when you unlock it, it starts to come alive and you see those lights Kind of breathe life into this EV and its pretty sweet. Looking when you dont, if you ask me – and I think ribion has done an incredible job with branding their vehicles, because if you see this and guess what you know, whats behind you, hes got a frunk tons of extra room up in the front because theres no Engine and this has a quad motor, so it has four different EV Motors, but you got all this extra room theres extra space under here, which is awesome, theres a thing here for any valuables or anything that could so they dont roll around its just a cool Cool feature: having that front to have the extra added space come over here, I love the carbonized gray, wheels against this yellow its just a cool color that ribion chose to go with on their builds and look at this I mean this rivion logo with the Chrome And yellow, as always, it needs a charger, it needs a port, but how about the Lamborghini doors? Man thats pretty sweet close that up roll around here.

Its got cameras on this thing everywhere: theres a camera here, a camera here, camera here, camera there really cool feature and Ill show you when we get onto the interior. If somebody comes up to your truck and it is actually locked, then the screen will turn on and let them know that this video and all of these cameras that you see and even plenty That You Dont See they record and they tell you when you get Back to your vehicle, hey someone came by someone looked in your window, somebody jiggled your handle whatever it may be like to try to get it and it records it for the police, which is awesome, come over here to Im a truck owner. You probably a lot of you guys are too. I love this because always in a truck I know you got the bed tons of room, but theyve done a great job having this extra room right here. That tunnel goes all the way through the vehicle tons of space in there I mean tons of space and check this out these steps on the side you pop this open. You got an air hose right here, because, yes, you guessed it. This truck has an air compressor in the bed. I dont know about you guys, youre working at a job site, its kind of nice to know you have an air compressor there. This one also has the electric bed cover from rivion button here on the side you cush.

This extends its also nice that you have an extender. This bed actually comes out way longer than it actually is tall. You see this also right here got your air compressor. Pretty sweet, this ones got the bed lights. Underneath I had this truck at our house and at night tons of tons of light in there. All you do is push this one touch button. Here again, your bed cover is going to close there automatically you roll over here another tunnel. As I said for that side, tunnel storage go right here. First aid kit ready to go there. I mean this thing just it truly. As I said, and you hear you hear the quality of that build when you shut those things, you hear the quality of that hop on the interior Im, going to show you the interior of this truck, because that is probably one of my favorite things in this Truck the interior and now its an EV, so its already come alive. It knows were here its ready to go, so I want to put it in drive. It is ready to go but check out these screens. First of all, you see just the sheer size of these screens is awesome, I mean, and it is so fast to the touch you see here I hit it there boom were ready to go, boom were ready to go boom boom. I mean it has everything now this, as you see its the Adventure Pack, I love it.

The exteriors in Glacier White and the interior Black Mountain check out this, though here we go, were on All Purpose right now, just kind of gives you a good ride, but here it is put it in sport. What do I mean lower my ride height? Absolutely? Why? Because, when youre in sport mode it unlocks, let me see, look at me. Look at me. It unlocks 842 horsepower 910 foot pounds of torque and you feel all of it when youre here in sport mode and Im telling you guys. I have driven this thing over the last couple days and fallen in love. I have never wanted an EV in my life until now. This thing is a blast to drive. You can launch this thing. You can drive this thing, soft and easy. If you want or 900 almost horsepower – and you feel every single one of them instant torque, because its a quad motor EV, its amazing check this out its got all different kind of things on this screen. This screen right here is amazing, too, and – and I just love it now look at this – I think this is super cool. As I said, this is the adventure model, so its got a camping feature, get a lower, uh and and and put your truck to where its exactly level. So you can sleep right, but look at this cool things push that look at that got a removable, Bluetooth, Bluetooth, speaker! Also, you put it right here and it can be a lantern for your campsite.

Look at that! You can charge your devices on it. This thing just has so many cool features and believe it or not, this Bluetooth, speaker, is absolutely awesome. The sound quality is amazing, Ive been listening to music on there and it is just super super cool. I love and Im sure you love the wood grain. This is real raw wood grain that you have all throughout the cabin all throughout the doors. Everything in this car and in this truck is just to the Tin Man Im just telling you its amazing. This is all suede up the a pillar suede on the ceiling and look at this panoramic roof its the nicest roof Ive seen in a vehicle, yet heres why there is zero things in the way theres no bars that mess your view up there, its just amazing It comes stock kind of like a Tesla dark, so you dont even realize its there until you notice wow this huge roof. This things just amazing, I dont know about you guys. I never wanted an EV, but I kind of do now. This thing is super super super awesome and it can be yours, you go to and we have multiple r1ts right now on our website, always getting new things in make sure you check it out. We always got some ravions wed love to have you come and and take one home to be your new truck guys if you like this thing as much as I do check this out – Music foreign guys.

As always. I hope you love this rivion as much as I do. I know Ive had a blast showing it to you Im about to show you what it can do in sport mode were going to launch it for you, so you can see just how tremendous almost 850 horsepower and 900 feet foot pounds of torque feels under your Foot, but if this is a truck for you, make sure you go to Lewis lottoplex.