They are so. I dont think its very much higher off the ground, which is one thing that youd expect from it being a UV right. Um. It also doesnt have all wheel, drive its front wheel, drive the same as the whole TV, which is a something they could have done to distinguish it, but didnt um. However, it is six inches longer and I think all of it goes into the second row from the look of it. I dont have that, like as an official thing from GM, but when you look at it from a side profile that second row door is a lot more pronounced bigger. So, and if you take a look in the back seat, it does seem relatively roomy compared to the EV. Yes, however, its still a very small car, no matter which one you choose its definitely a little city run about EV its. Not a lot of people are leaning more toward the sort of midsize utility EVS like the um Kia ev6, the Hyundai. So if youre, considering an EV – and you dont, really need one of those big mid size things, then this is kind of the size profile that youre looking at that you should be looking for, because if this is this is all you need youre going to get Your best bang for your buck from an EV in this size profile. No Frank right. I went to go film it. What is all this nonsense? Well, you know its funny because I didnt think that that would be something that would be a differentiator for a lot of buyers.

But I was talking to my uncle this week on the phone and hes thinking about buying a small AV and one of the things that turned him off, so the ones that he was looking at was that they didnt have a front hes like why wouldnt you Use that space, if its there now, I think GM has put electronics and that sort of thing, its all orange stuff, yeah and cables and wires and tubes and stuff lets talk about the design on the inside. I surprisingly, like it: okay, Im, not usually a big fan of GMs interior work. I dont mind the small, tiny little digital dashboard, because it gives me all my information and like theres lots of colors, like I sound like Im too, but yeah. Give me all of what I need. Im gon na talk so much about how much information this thing gives you, when you drive when we get to that part its so good. I love Ive Loved this interface on bolts for years. Um. Coming back to the interior, though I dont think I would specifically choose the navy, blue and the black color combination. No, it looks kind of cute. It looks like a mistake to me to be honest with you. I would go at least its not black, on black on black, like the doors right um, its something, but I would have. I would choose any number of other colors. However, that said, a lot of people whose complained about the past bolt was that they felt like that interior.

Remember that sort of like modeled plastic, yeah, um, a lot of people thought that it felt cheap and they complained that it felt cheap and well. I liked it and it was, it was a lightweighting thing as well. It was a very lightweight and, I think, possibly partly recycled plastic, especially in one of the first TVs out there yeah. However, that said this is very nice, especially for the price so infotainment uh. I mean I like the GM infotainment system in general right now. I do and this all the climate control functions below it are all laid out Simply nicely cleanly nice good quality buttons there, not not too flimsy or yeah. I think your wireless charger up front. You have your sport mode, uh your traction, control on and off, and your lane keep assist a lot of stuff on safety. Well, get to that at the end. Yep um Wireless Apple, carplay, Android, auto, which is nice just throw it in the wireless charger. In this Premiere mind you this thats features, art or the wireless charger I dont think is included in the lower trim right. Its funny that you say lower trim because lower trim is called LT, its similar to the Honda one, where its got some things on a trigger some things on a button and its laid out in a line so that youre supposed to be able to tell them. Apart right, my issue with this one specifically, is that the two gears that actually make you move its reverse and drive are on the same type of trigger like inches from each other, and I just think it would be way too easy to not be looking down.

Think you know that youve got the right one and end up going in the opposite direction that you think youre going to all the standard. Safety is kind of ridiculous, so its both LT and obviously the premiere trim and you get your auto emergency. Braking for Collision warning Lane keep assist Lane departure, warning blind, spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert um. You mentioned you got to pay that lecture for the super Cruise right, a little Ping, 2 500 bucks, but pretty strong standard sign. You always gon na mess that up pretty strong suite of standard safety system. I still mess that up theres a lot of standard changes, theres standard safety and the reason for it is because they had to add so much of it for the super cruise. But the fact that they made it standard without having to have a super cruise is pretty impressive, so were setting up for our Highway test, but a little early, because we want to talk you through how much feedback you get from the digital instrument cluster. Here on the bolt, so its really a lot, I mean theres. The basic stuff like right now were showing an average of 13.7 kilowatt hours per hundred kilometers and a lot of people are not thinking in kilowatt hours yet but Ill tell you thats an excellent figure. I love the thing on the left where it has the actual range yeah and then youre capable of yes in your worst case scenario.

Yes, so if you decide to drive more efficiently and turn everything off, then you can get to the your maximum number there and if you, if you suddenly start being a throttle monster and you everything goes on and your wireless chart yeah, then you can expect that Youll be closer to the number on the bottom, and the number on the middle is based on a few things, but it estimates for, for one thing, your current driving style as well as the accessories that you currently have running the exterior temperature theres a lot. That goes into that calculation, so its its really very well done, heres, something I wonder if youve noticed this lets see so theres beside the the gauge that has the numbers right on the very far left, theres a little tiny line. You see it right now, its green above the show The Range showing and, if its yellow on the bottom, it can go the other way, and that means that the car is trying to tell you that youre not driving as efficiently as you could. I wish that was a little more. I wish it was more prominent too, but at least its there, because not all cars, not even not all EVS, give you that and right now its showing that my fish, my driving efficiency, is pretty good, because Ive got a little green line up at the top. Well, as we uh get ready to get on the highway, so Im going to ruin my little green line here and put it is so hard for that thats! Okay, I can get it back all right, so its 65 kilowatt per hour battery and its not very powerful.

On paper 200 horsepower 266 pound feet of torque front wheel drive. I dont think you need more than 200 like well lets see, okay, so its only 266 but its an instant 260.. It is and its not as sort of throw you back in your seat as some of the EVS that weve been in lately, but nobody really needs that right, no, its uh, its quite good yeah, its responsive um. I think its absolutely fine yeah um, because its meant to be a city, car, thats right and you sure, with the up to ‘7 kilometers of range, you could go on a bit of a longer trip, but I see this just being a replacement for a second Car and in some cases might be a primary car in traditional bolt form uh. There arent multiple levels of regeneration available here. Every single time pains you Im fine with it, because I really like it. I, like the one pedal, drive mode and thats good enough for me. I dont feel the need to have any you know three or four other levels, because I just am. I live in one pedal, driving all the time for the rest of us yeah. I, like you, yeah now, theres an in between um. So if youre, not in one pedal driving theres a little paddle only on the left side and its, not a click, click click brings it down. Youve got to physically hang on to it right the longer.

You hang on to it the slower to slower down and you go the slower you get. Yes can. I can I jump in here for a second because previous generation bolt owners will go. Oh yeah thats a button on the back of the steering wheel, its not anymore yeah straight out of Uconnect. They stole it, but its so good. I love having those there its a bit of charging times so level, one um. What does GM say and do they bother? They dont give you fingers. They say its good for topping up, okay, which is a nice way to avoid actually giving out real numbers right. So, for a level two uh charger, it is 60 kilometers per hour and based up to ‘7. uh thats about 66.6 6.7 hours, so youre overnight level. Three, you can get up to 153 kilometers per 30 minutes and that is a total of 75 minutes to go to full. So if you find a level 3 charger youre fine, but you probably wont so a working one. You mean, I am a big big fan of how easy it is to hang on to range in this car. Oh so when I okay have an EV. If I put into Google Maps a destination and its you know three or four or five minute difference to take this to city streets as opposed to the highway Ill, do it every time really because its a lot easier to recover range through the regenerative braking at City speeds than it is to just burning on the highway right.

So when I do that with this car um, I can use half the range yeah like its 20 kilometers. I think between your house and mine, yep, um and consistently. Now now the weathers been really nice. The during the week that weve had this but consistently now Ive used about 10 kilometers. Oh no way. Now I have the pedal drive on one pedal: drive on climate controls off trying to be minimalist and Im, not Im, not jamming on the throttle and Im Im, letting the one pedal braking do its thing um, but Im not working super hard at it and its Its holding on to that range really really well and thats. Consistent, I, with the previous generation bolt, which is the same system so interesting, yeah Ive, had repeat success with this winter, the height of Summer, maybe probably a different story, but when your weathers cooperating its a its its a really good system, finishing off on the value Proposition really high very high, so were talking in Canadian pricing. Here we have. The LT trim is the start: lower Channel yeah, so that comes in uh just a touch over 40., and this is pre incentive pricing for Canadians, yeah, so theres, five thousand bucks, yeah um, but thats at the end of everything right and then theres. The premiere, which is what this is yes for 43698, yes and then the two packages that we mentioned with the super cruise and the Sun and sound Senate sounds sorry right, plus 500 bucks, each yep and then theres an extra cost for the paint.

So it comes to just over 49.. This is one of the most cost effective EVS on the market right, I think its its underappreciated often ignored in favor of newer and flashier things, but for a lot of people that are just looking for a little city run about this would be a fantastic choice And the euv is new for this year, the gold itself is redesigned next, closest thing I would go with as far as consideration is the Kona, but at 47 000 bucks, yeah and then a fair bit smaller yeah and it was very less usable in the cargo And only 18 kilometers more of rain right so right I would save my seven thousand dollars and whatever else and lean heavily towards this now, the question we havent answered yet is what we think of the Kia Soul, Evie and whether that would compete well against. This. Were going to answer that for you soon, because that review is coming up and if you havent already please subscribe, so that you can see our future videos and we can keep in touch with you leave a comment. Let us know what you think. We love your feedback and we get back to every comment that we possibly can and check us out on social media as well were on all the major platforms and we love to connect with you thanks.