You cant hear a thing, its so quiet in this cabinet, its so smooth wow. I love a large luxury sedan, Andrea. We used to have years ago before kids. No actually, the kids came along when we had uh our second BMW 7 Series, a big large luxury car love it well, the second one wouldnt start most of the time. So it went all right lets go this one was good. The first one was good lets. Get into this one, what do we have under the floor of this gv80? A dual 136 kilowatt electric motor with 365 horsepower and 516 pound feet of torque? It gets 454 kilometers 282 miles of EV range standard, all wheel drive. The G80 has an 87.2 kilowatt hour battery luxury car one trim, everything included. What are the key standard features? The electrified G80 comes with a heat pump and Battery heater, a 14.5 inch touchscreen with navigation, wired, Apple carplay play and Android auto. At 12.3, inch digital driver display wireless charger, surround view, monitor heated, steering, wheel, heated front and rear seats, ventilated, front seats, a 21 speaker, lexicon, audio system, Napa leather upholstery and a powered trunk lid. We have it in Comfort right now. Okay, all right. What else can we put it in? We got to put it in ask for subscribe, and if you can hit that notification Bell, youll be notified when all of our reviews drop and then you can watch them, and we do this.

The couple car review twice a week, the first one drops on Wednesday – we put another one out on Saturday – make sure to like And subscribe, but also hit that notification Bell also follow on Instagram to get a sneak peek behind the scenes with motor mouth underscore Andrea. For me, its motor mouth underscore Auto and the links are below the like button. This video is brought to you by carcass Canada, get the Dealers cost list of rebates, plus discounted interest rates, use the promo code motor mouth to become an expert member and get extra searches. The link is in the description below this shares its underpinnings with the gas model G80, its not a separate EV platform. This has an electronically controlled suspension, an active road noise control which really maximizes the quietness of the cabin. So noise cancellation is basically what they have here. Have you ever tried those fancy? Bose noise canceling headphones. These sound out an opposite wavelength to cancel out the noise theyre doing that in the cabin through the speakers, Its Magic. It works its great. This is very smooth. It offers a comfortable drive, it soaks up those bumps in the road, its a real premium, Driving Experience, and this were really enjoying it, especially since in the past weve owned, larger sedans and you just Cruise along and enjoy the view and its got lots of power. The great thing about having a big luxury car like this is you typically get a big monstrous V8 under the hood or a twin turbo V8.

In some cases it has as much power up more than you would get with a gasoline version, Its instant and its quiet and man. It just makes this a lot of fun to drive and comfortable yeah. This is a striking exterior design. This beautiful green, blue color, depending on the light that you see it in, is quite lovely on, I think its teal isnt, it yeah its kind of color, the same color as your skirt, Andrea kind of so when you bought the skirt. What color was it? It was greeny blue thats what it was: greeny blue. You know whats interesting about this car theres, nothing on it that lets. You know its electric, no nothing! The only thing you is the fun color and also maybe the turbine Wheels yeah, but you would theres no badging on the car and it really takes uh. You know a sleuth to figure out where the plug outlet or Inlet is right. The charging port in the front is hidden, so its really hard to see that this is an electric vehicle. It has the G Matrix pattern: Crest, Grill power, folding, exterior mirrors, chrome, accents 19 inch, Wheels um, I think its a stunner. So I was shooting this car when we do the outside what we call them Beauty shots of the outside of the car, and there was a guy there walking his dog and he came up to me and he goes wow that car is beautiful.

He stood there for five minutes and looked at the grill he goes. I love that Grill. He knew nothing about Genesis, he didnt know anything about it. I told him about the brand, so this guy is in charge of shuttling hes a Teamster and they take people to movie sets either the star of the show or the director and theyve been using electric cars to reduce their costs and they use Teslas and in His opinion he says they Rattle and they squeak, and he thinks theyre not very well put together and he was really smitten with this. Well, we actually sat in a model y. I guess it was when we got an Uber one time when we were in San Francisco, and this just has such a wonderful passenger experience, and I just didnt feel that way in the model y. Of course, the model S would be a little bit different in offering that little bit more luxury. It is a higher price point marginally, but this is what Genesis Hyundai and Kia do exceptionally. Well, it all culminates in the Genesis brand with an interior that is really fantastic. Leather on the dash in a beautiful green matches, your skirt green carpets, the stitching, the leather, the the materials, its First Rate, even the wood trim in here you know, Genesis is really focused on those little details to give you a luxury feeling in here. It comes with a 14.5 inch, touchscreen, wired, Apple, carplay and Android auto the 12.

3 inch digital driver display and the touch screen is controlled with the dial at the center console its really easy to use. So if you dont want to use the touch screen and get fingerprints you dont have to well. This is what I wanted to get to Andrea. This brand listens. You know people went after them for the initial rotary dial wheel. That was very clumsy to use. We even said in one of our videos here Ill play a Clifford, but right now this is what we said about the system they have in here. This is the best system that Genesis offers. They have a real dumb system in the gv80. Genesis listened to us again use this system, it kind of mirrors the iDrive system from BMW its kind of similar stick with this. So we said stick with what they put in here, thats, not even two years ago and youll notice, something in here. There is no sunroom panoramic roof fixed panoramic roof. This, like I said, is based on the gas model and it was probably a little bit too expensive. Maybe too complicated EV range they wanted to keep it lighter. That could be it. What is it because the battery is under here right? So they had to raise the seats up true, so if they raise the seats up, they need more, more Headroom, so that cartridge for a big pan or roof steals quite a bit of space. So they keep the Headroom similar, but they put a battery in Bobs your uncle.

So I think that that is Bob actually is your uncle. You do have. I do have an Uncle Bob um. I I think that that is a little bit of a mess in a luxury brand. This is a hundred and five thousand dollars. Canadian and just under eighty thousand dollars in the U.S luxury brands, have either a fixed glass roof, a panoramic sunroof or a sunroof. So I think its something that they might have to consider, but I just dont know how theyre going to do it. I love this. I love no sunroof. A lot of people want yeah, but I dont care what they want. I like it with no sunroof. I like it with a sunroof, you know whod win that battle. I would yeah. We do have a great question coming up in questions, coffee and cars about the space so were going to quickly. Show me getting into the back seat. I will say the Comfort level is fantastic were going to talk about it more in a second. How does it compare to say a the Tesla Model S it offers about the same front row legroom, but a little less Headroom. In the second row, the model S has a little less leg room, but more Headroom. The Tesla offers an extra 14.3 cubic feet of trunk space, so thats a fair amount More Than This electrified G80 yeah. When you open the trunk, you notice right away. Theres a bump in the back of the trunk, which is obviously there for the electronic components and the seats dont fold down theres only a ski pass through so youre, giving something up but youre getting a luxury ride.

So we have more on this space. So lets get into it time now for questions, coffee and cars. Your questions from Instagram does this model have four wheel, steering as an option for easier maneuvering, while driving in tighter places like Urban parking lots? I would want the option due to the long wheelbase, the Mercedes and other German luxury Rivals offer four wheel systems on some trips, so the regular gas model it has it as an option right yeah. So the 3.5 T Sport Plus model, has rear wheel steering. But this G80 electrified vehicle did not get it Im guessing its probably got to do because its got electric motors instead of just a regular differential at the back. But but there you go uh. You know what I this things: fine, I dont worry about. Maneuvering it at all. No and the turning radius is excellent, that I actually thought it was possible that it had it, but we double checked and it doesnt. What do you think of Lane centering assist on this vehicle? Well, sorry, I was drinking my coffee thats, the segment uh. You know what Hyundai Genesis, um and Kia all have very good Lane. Centering technology yeah, you put the basically the cruise control and its kind of like an autonomous system. You have to keep your hands on the wheel, but it does a very good job of leaving Trace through corners, so they have that kind of down. I think yeah its a good job good.

We put out a lot of content each week on the motor mouth YouTube channel and its super easy to find all you do is go to the YouTube search bar and type in motor mouth, the name of the channel. Then the brand youre looking for, in this case its Genesis and all of our videos pop up its that easy hows, the interior leg Headroom. I believe some reviewers said that its changed to accommodate the battery on the floor is there much of a difference. I think youre talking about between the gas model and this electrified G80. There is a difference, theres, a lack of Headroom in the front and the rear. The front row legroom is about the same youre, losing it in second row legroom in this electrified vehicle. The gas model has about three inches more leg: room and same with cargo space, 2.3 cubic feet extra space in the gas model, but I will say, having sat in the back seat, you just saw that yeah me getting in the back seat, the pitch of the Rear seats and the comfort of the cushions in the seat is excellent, so, even though it might not be as roomy with volume, its very comfortable, you really get an excellent luxury experience back there for the passenger, its really nice. You know what Andrea its like being hugged by a cashmere sweater luxury and now its time for our Hot Topic, whats this one Andrea.

So how does this stack up against its competitors? I personally feel its better looking vehicle than Tesla has, but does the newcomer have what it takes to Edge out the others? So what is luxury Andrea, Ive always talked about? This luxury is Heritage. So when you look at marks like Mercedes Benz, BMW Rolls Royce Bentley. They have decades, if not centuries, of luxury craftsmanship that goes into building their whole brand. This is a Johnny. Come lately Genesis right. It offers all the accoutrements that you expect from a luxury brand, but is it luxury well thats the question the Genesis name: has it elevated itself enough to compete with all of these luxury Brands? Certainly the interior. Does the quality of materials used are definitely competes even the technology in here, but what Genesis has done, which is really smart for this luxury category, at a hundred and five thousand dollars, Canadian, and just under 80 000 U.S? We, of course this is expensive. We all agree on that, but in this luxury category it is actually a great deal because everything is priced more now we dont know what Mercedes Benz the eqe sedan is going to be priced at, but you can bet its not going to come with. All of these standard features now the other one is Tesla. With the model S now Model S and Tesla, I dont think is luxury its luxury price point. Yes, its got great range and its got all that horsepower and torque, but its not a luxury product.

It is, it is an aspirational product, thats for sure theyve made an aspirational brand, but I wouldnt say Tesla and luxury. In the same sense, I just wouldnt and thats from someone who drives 100 different cars a year along with Andrea, of course, yeah and the quality just isnt there in the Tesla it doesnt matter what Tesla you get into you just dont get this richness the the Quality of the materials, its really quite beautiful, like we talked about the color combinations in here and the little details, its really well done. But the technology and Tesla products is excellent and then youve got the supercharger Network, which some people feel that that elevates the status of that brand all right well lets get into it. Lets get into what do the competitors cost? We dont know the eqe so well run through the ones we do know for your consideration. Four vehicles for you to consider up first is the Mercedes Benz eqe 500 sedan. It has 402 horsepower. Ev range and pricing has not been announced. Yet for this model the Tesla Model S with 670 horsepower and 604 kilometers or 375 miles of range. It has a starting price of 135 thousand dollars, the Lucid air touring with 620 horsepower and up to 653 kilometers 405 miles of EV range. It has a starting price of a hundred and forty six thousand dollars the Audi e tron GT Quattro, with 522 horsepower and 383 kilometers or 236 miles of range.

It has a starting price of just under a hundred and thirty four thousand dollars. So there are four luxury electric sedans for you to consider, so you want to know how fast this thing can charge. Whats the warranty and More in our vital stats lets start with pricing theres, just one trim and it starts at a hundred and five thousand dollars. Canadian and just under eighty thousand dollars in the US with a level two charger, the G80 can charge in less than 7.5 hours. With a 350 kilowatt DC fast charger, it can charge from 10 to 80 percent in just over 21 minutes. The G80 has a vehicle to load function, v2l, which is basically a charger on Wheels. Customers in the U.S get three years of 30 minute complimentary DC fast charging sessions at Electrify America stations. Genesis offers a warranty of five years: 100 000 kilometers or sixty thousand miles in Canada. Genesis offers five years of free scheduled maintenance in the U.S its three years or thirty. Six thousand miles Genesis at home service in Canada is offered to customers within 50 kilometers of a distributor lightning round two things we like two things we like to see improve. I love the smooth ride and the quiet cabin. I like the fact theres, no sunroof. I think we need Wireless Apple, carplay and Android auto. I hope the Hyundai group figures this out soon for Andrea. We need a sunroof if youre looking for an electrified luxury sedan, make sure you put this one on your list, its not cheap but its the cheapest.

A very expensive category, this video is brought to you by carcass Canada, get the Dealers cost list of rebates, plus discounted interest rates, use the promo code motor mouth to become an expert member and get extra searches.