If youre looking for an affordable electric family car, there is nothing better on the market. Thanks for watching dont forget to like subscribe, hit the Bell, icon and Ill see you on the next one, all right job done, what its raining its cold man fine Ill explain. The mg4 is one of a growing number of electric cars produced by mg recently resurrected by Chinese owners, saic like the mg5 and mgzsev its focused very much on value outside of the weird two seater personal Mobility: toys like the Citroen Amy, Smart car or Twizy its The cheapest on the market, the mg4 costs 24.995, and I know what youre thinking its cheap because its rubbish, but its actually not rubbish. Okay, this is the top spec trophy version, which costs just over 30 000 pounds, but even then the value is absolutely off. The charts – and it looks good as well taking some of the design, highlights, look at this. Its got a little crease on the Bonnet for no reason other than to make it look interesting. Its got a sharp Leading Edge, its got sharp headlights, its even got a really interesting set of indicators at the side LEDs I mean they could have tapped that away in the main beams as a crappy little bulb, but theyve gone for that extra little flare, its Even got a set of active vents at the front that open and close to cool the battery as needed, not even Teslas, have that Teslas dont need it shut up so along the side, its also quite good.

Looking traditional hatchback design, although it rides pretty high check the gap between the wheels and the wheel Arch also, I love the color combination going on here as well. This is called Volcano Orange, its only available on the trophy version, and I do love the way it contrasts with the black on these door mirrors the black roof, the black Greenhouse, including this black tinted section at the rear and this black area at the bottom, which Just helps to visually disguise the mass of the car. It rides on 18 inch wheels as standard no options there, and actually they are Alloy Wheels, even though they might not look it, but they live behind these. I was going to say horrible theyre, not that bad, but I think the wheels actually look better than these plastic covers, which are there to help aerodynamic efficiency lets see how Aero efficient they actually are actually quite good. Actually, I should get that back at the back. Im also a big fan, I think its cool. I think my personal highlight is this spoiler again only available on the top model, but it looks good. I love the way it flows from the body color into the spoilers at the rear. These lights are a little bit prius esque, should we say, although not as bad as a Prius Im, also, I think, Im a fan of the way its got this translucent cover over the lights. I think I like it, but I definitely do like these red lines.

These are actually backlit LEDs that glow at night to give it a really interesting, aesthetic, yeah, mg4 big fan. Color Me impressed isnt bad. It gives you a respectable 363 liters, which is bigger than an ID3. It has usable underfloor storage with a bag for a charging, cable and the rear seats fold down to make it a genuinely practical proposition, speaking of which the second row is good, too. Lots of leg, room and Headroom even for those over six foot. And although there is no armrest or sensual cup holders, there are two isofix points and space for stashing your gadgets or Loose Change, theres only a single USB port, sadly, and no air con vents at the rear. But given the price thats pretty easy to live with. Okay, lets take a look at the interior when manufacturers are trying to save money. This is the place you normally see where theyve done it, but actually the mg4 aint too bad, specifically on this Top Model. Now the materials are quite good. Youve got a mixture of fake leather and cloth for the seats. I reckon those would be quite easy to keep clean theyre. Also quite supportive youve got electrically adjusted seats on this top version, and this steering wheel is manually adjusted for rake and reach. So you can always get yourself an easy, comfortable driving position on the dashboard again youve got some more fake leather stuff, but its soft and squidgy and looks quite good.

Youve got this piano black just below it as well, not normally a fan of too much piano black but theres a nice enough amount of it in here: storage, wise, decent sized glove box, two cup holders, some hidden storage in the center console and a decent sized Bin just there, the door pockets are on a small side, but generally theres enough room here to keep all your bits and Bobs. Now Tech Im going to talk extensively about this later on, but on first glance. Its okay youve got two USB ports, one full size and one USB type c, and a big infotainment display, plus a little Drive display just in front of the steering wheel again, theres a mixture of good and bad with these and Ill come back to that. In just a moment, but for right now the cameraman is looking a bit wet and cold lets go for a drive. Okay on the road. What is the mg4 like to drive? I think you probably guessed by now. Its really good electric cars are the great leveler. Even the cheap ones are pretty much as good as the expensive ones, and the mg4 is no different. Its nice and quiet and smooth and refined theres a little bit of wind noise anywhere above 65 miles an hour. These door mirrors can cause a little bit of rustle from the wind, but aside from that, its generally a very quiet, refined and comfortable car to drive on the subject of comfort, the suspension is pretty well judged as well its a little bit on the stiff side.

Electric cars tend to be a tad stiffer than their petrol or diesel counterparts. Id say Its On a par with a Tesla Model, 3, its noticeably smoother than the Ford Mustang Mach e, and there are thereabouts as smooth as a Corsa e or a Peugeot e208. So yep suspension, no problem whatsoever lets see what the steerings like chucking it into this left. Hander thats, actually really good its sporty its direct but its not too hyperactive and its responsive and easy to place on the road thats really nice. I like that, right now there are basically two versions of the mg4 the standard model, oh its beeping at me, Ill come back to that in a sec and a long range version. Now the standard car has a 170 horsepower electric motor mounted at the back driving the rear, wheels and thats quick enough to do nauta 62 in well under seven seconds. The more powerful car has a 200 horsepower electric motor same layout, but its not quicker its actually. A tiny bit slower because it has a bigger battery pack and therefore it has more weight, but even then its still quicker than the Corsa e and the Peugeot e208. Let me just whack it into sport mode and floor. It yeah theres plenty of juice there for overtaking or just for having a good time say what you want about it, but its definitely not boring. As for Batteries, the standard and long range cars have different sizes.

The cheaper one uses a 50.8 kilowatt hour battery and the more expensive model uses a large 61.7 kilowatt hour battery that is noticeably bigger than any of its Rivals. So the range is very impressive. For a car of this price, you get up to 217 with a smaller battery and 281 with the larger. As for the brakes, well, theyre quite impressive as well. It comes with disc brakes all around. There are a few of its Rivals that only come with drum brakes at the rear, which arent quite as strong, but by having disc brakes. You do get some really strong, effective braking from the mg4. Its also got a variety of different energy recovery modes. So when you lift off the accelerator pedal, if youre in Weak mode, it will basically just Cruise go into medium mode, it will slow the car down a bit more aggressively and strong gives you more aggressive, braking still it doesnt actually slow the car down to a Complete stand still, there isnt a single pedal driving mode, which could be a missed opportunity, depending on your point of view, in the time that Ive had with this car Ive been averaging around three miles per kilowatt hour and thats. By doing a mixture of short commutes and longer drives along a roads and Ive got to say, thats, not too bad. I mean three miles per kilowatt hour in this kind of weather, its where its a bit chilly six degrees.

That equates to Id say around 185 miles of range by my calculations. Although the car seems to believe that on a full charge, it will get closer to 285 miles, so the truth might be somewhere in the middle. Depending on how you drive it. Recharging speed is pretty good as well. The entry level car will recharge at 117, kilowatts, which again is quicker in some of its Rivals and all this beeping Im going to talk about in just a second and the higher level model will recharge at 135 kilowatts. So you can find yourself a DC rapid charger and top up pretty quickly in this car. On that subject, the sat nav is quite good as well, because it will show you all the charging points in your area and also the speed quit beeping at me and also the speed at which those charging points recharge. So you can pick your charging Point based on the speed of the charger. Thats, not the case for all of its Rivals. Clever touch. Okay, now were going to talk about the beeping. You might have heard it on and off throughout my drive today and thats. Basically, because this car comes with a variety of Advanced Driver assistance systems that look out for you on the road. Basically, they tell you things like Youre drifting out of your Elaine youre, about to crash into a car in front of you and just keeps you alert as to whats going on thats good.

But the downside is that its a little bit paranoid that youre about to have an accident every five minutes. So if it sees you drift too close to the edge of your lane, it will beep at you. If you break too late and theres a car in front itll go nuts at you, you can turn it off, but only temporarily when you switch the car off and then on again those systems will re engage so its just something youre gon na have to live With Im afraid there are a couple of things worth pointing out: Ive noticed while driving this car that it doesnt come with any parking, sensors front or rear, which is a little bit annoying. There are cameras, so it can show you how close you are to objects, but I do prefer ultrasonic parking sensors because I find them a bit more reliable, quit peeping at me and also less susceptible to weather as well. If your cameras are dirty because of the rain or the the dirt or mud thats on the road, then they can become a little bit unreliable in that sense. But this is cool. Look if I slow down and indicate it will actually show me a view of the left hand side of my car, which will help me get close to the curb without destroying my I was going to say: alloy is there for a minute, but theyre actually plastic Covers arent they and you also get a top down birds, eye view of the car which again makes it easier to park, and the mg4 has a pretty impressive turning Circle as well from a maneuverability standpoint.

Its got good and bad, but definitely mostly good. Now earlier on, I promised you Id come back to the infotainment screen and have a little moan about a few quibbles that I have with it on the whole, its okay, its divided up into these little widgets, which are easy enough to access and read. Youve got a weather, widget Apple, carplay and Android, auto widget, a charging widget youve got your music widget and your nav Widget. The problem I have, though, is: how do you adjust the heating in the car, a typical thing that you have to do while driving? What youve got to do is actually press this button down here twice and then you get all these icons and then youve got to decide which one of these to oh its disappeared. Let me try that again, Im going to double tap that okay, all right so theres the fan, speed Im going to adjust the fan speed! Oh its gone again, thats a bit strange isnt it I think Ill. Try one more time! Ill! Double tap! That now Im here, okay Ive got the fan. Speed. Now Ive got this side, oh no, its gone it should it gives you it gives you three seconds to decide what temperature to set, otherwise it just vanishes completely, which is well that makes perfect sense. Doesnt it mg okay lets try something else. The car does have voice control, so you can actually tell it what temperature to set via voice or press that Im listening Im, cold.

Okay, temperature is raised to 30 degrees, vaguely acceptable, thats fine, but then theres other little quirks with the voice recognition, for example hi. How can I help turn on the heated steering wheel, pardon heated, steering where would you like to go? It has a heated steering wheel, but it wont. Let me activate it, but then check this right. Yes, open the sunroof its like yup done it. Car doesnt have a sunroof. What is going on so the big question: do I like the mg4? I think you already know how I feel about this car. I said it right be quiet. I said it right at the start of this film that I dont think there is a better value: electric family car on the market. Today, this thing price, wise, is unbeatable, especially for all the equipment you get and especially for the way it drives and the way it looks range design, Comfort, Tech, not all perfect, but trust me. This thing is streets ahead of the majority of the competition. If you want electric car for your family – or you just want a second car, thats powered by batteries go check it out.