Everyone welcome to the channel um. Today we have a lovely looking poster too with us, were so excited to review this car weve done a couple of electric vehicles um already – and this is the third one that we are reviewing today. So um Luan would you like to speak a little bit about this car for us yeah absolutely so this poster too, is the first mass produced model that theyre selling in New Zealand and pretty much across the whole world. Its been a really popular car in New Zealand in the last year or so, and today weve got the dual motor long range with 350 kilowatts, so thats quite a lot of power, its going to be quite a bit thats a lot its going to be quite A lot of fun to test this car, I think so well, show you around the car, well have a look around the outside and show you some of the features and in the inside as well. I think youll find this car to be quite an interesting car. I think thats, why its been quite popular as well so you know, come along, have some fun and enjoy the video nice so theres, three different trim levels for the card, theres the pilot light theres, the Plus Pack and the performance pack. We have the Plus Pack today, with the 50 kilowatts additional power upgrade and what the Plus Pack gives you on top of the pilot is a panoramic sunroof heated rear seats, as well as the heated front seats and also a Harman Kardon stereo, as well as a Few other extra you can also get a single motor long range and a single motor standard battery pack and the straw motor long range gives you around about a 480 kilometer range for the car.

So the reason why we have this lovely looking badge is because we have the extra 50 kilowatts on top of the 300 kilowatt that comes standard with the long range dual motor car all right, so lets look at the outside of the car, its amazing looking vehicle. I love the design of this poster too, because its so clean, so um, simple, everything is functional and it just looks great so its designed in Sweden and the front fascia. You can see its a spinner from Volvo, so it has a bit of the Volvo design language in there with the front vent right there. That shape is similar to the Volvo shape. Also, you have the sledgehammer daytime running light design, which looks amazing. You have some vents here and front camera right there, a nice post, op badge, you have the a large radiator right in front of you, and these are all open and functional. So you get a lot of air inside the car. I love these creases on the Bonnet. It makes the car look much more sculptured and a bit more masculine. So lets look at the light, theres a lot of detail going on here. So you got a nice Hammerhead daytime running light right here you got nice little pole, star logo right inside pixel technology got a nice light. Here, got this shiny bit so its very a lot of detail inside. I got this three shiny strips right inside there and also a couple lights above here too, very amazing.

Looking it looks simple, but very, very detailed. This is really interesting, so um the side mirror its a frameless design. So you can see that the frame is really really minimal. It looks really great and gives you more visibility for the rear view mirror as well and thats the blind spot monitoring indicator right there and you can see there is a camera right down here. So the design of the poster too, the camera is actually fitted to the stock of the um, the mirror, actually not the mirror itself. Usually some of the cars have to be uh the camera right here, but the poster 2 hits the camera here, which is quite smart and light the uh, the minimalistic design, because nowadays some of the cars have too much design language or too much add ons. Going on to keep it simple, its actually not an easy job, so what theyve done here is really amazing, I think and yeah, and you can also see theres a large glass roof around the top, which is really nice. Well, show you a bit more of this when we get inside, so this car actually has a front gear, so theres a storage under the hood. So you get a repair kit theres a bit of room here for your charging cable or your small bag uh. You know its got your your washer fluid right here: um yeah, just the extra space for storage, which is really nice, so the rear end of the car again looks very clean and simple.

I love that continuous tail light right down here, its a very signature. Looking design language for the poster too and just looks great, everything is Led, so thats LED thats LED as well, and you get the post op badge right there right. So this is the key to the poster too its again. Its a very simple design looks very nice. You can also use the app called the poster app on the App Store to open the doors and to control the boot and yeah to connect to your car, basically yeah and look at the status and also open and close uh temperature, and all that you can Control that from the app which is really good. So if you have the the key in your pocket, you can actually do this. You open the gate for you tailgate for you, which is a handy feature. If you have a lot of luggage – or you know, your hands are full, you have this, which is removable, so you can have larger or taller items in there. You can remove this theres a couple of nice features here. This is like a divider, so you can have like stuff over here. You can put this up, so things dont fly around inside its really really handy, actually, really nice and you have a you – know, secret compartment behind here. You can actually hold this up like this, which is very smart. You have the charger right there and I guess, because its a lift back design.

It actually gives you quite a lot of load space, theres, quite a lot of storage area in the boot, which is really nice and something interesting here as well. Uh. You have a Toba operating right here. If you push this button, you can see the tow bar will pop out pull this voila. You have a Toba which is very nice and you can see yeah. You can Stow this away. So you can push this again and push this back nice so its. So the way so thats really good, very simple design, yeah, Music, Music, all right, everyone so were going to jump into the inside of the car and have a look at the design of the inside. So I love how theres some really nice soft touch fabric software materials in here. The design language is really nice. It kind of flows on with the rest of the car and the exterior its very minimalist, but also you get everything that you need within a very easy sort of Arms Reach. So I really like the interior and the design. It looks fantastic, its a really nice premium, looking interior yeah, so weve got a couple of copper Pockets right here got a cup holder. Weve got a hidden cup holder right inside here, which is really cool black screen and just overall looks pretty simple and nice. So the quality of the Interiors it I really like it, its pretty amazing all these Styles feel so solid.

If you turn this, you you hear, and you feel the click they have, they feel just very, very solid and for the glove compartment here as well. Its soft opening, so it doesnt, just hit your leg and you know just fall down um free freely, so its really nice, like the whole thing, just feels quality oriented and also even this like. If, when you turn this, do you hear the click yeah? It makes a really nice noise yeah and then the whole thing feels very solid. I think tactile is a really good word for this car for the interior. Everything is really tactile and it gives you really good feedback, yeah and the material as well, its not just leather, its a mix of fabric, wood, plastic and also you can see the the large glass roof right here. The area of this glass roof is huge. Actually, unfortunately, its not openable, but again because of the size, it brings a lot of lighting to the space and its also tinted. So you dont get too much heat. Alright, everyone so were going to show you some of the features on the inside weve got the central shifter here, which has a really nice glowing pole, star logo theres. Also some volume controls here. The rest of the functions are really on the screen. So youve got your climate control. Youve got your GPS in here. Youve got your car sort of settings in here as well, so theres a whole bunch of different settings for regen for creep, for steering feel really really lots of features in here that you maybe want to use a lot of safety features as well.

So thats all included as well, and then weve got the battery state and the charge level all of that sort of stuff. The thing I love about this display Frank: is that its really simple its really easy to use and theres, not very many mini options, which is really good for someone who isnt actually that familiar with using this sort of technology, so thats really nice. I also like the graphics how its all really sharp and large, like those icons and that the place you can click is all very large, so its really easy to use yep. Apparently, you can install apps using the App Store as well, which is great, and it also comes standard with a performance app that allows you to measure your yeah, your launchers, and also a g meter is really cool. So this is actually quite a performance orientated car, which is really cool, really nice, so theres a bit of a difference with this car. The way that you start it up, theres actually nerve start button anywhere on the car. As soon as you sit down on the seat, you can actually already start the car, so thats actually really handy for an electric car. So all you have to do is put it into drive and then the car will go into the drive mode already. So its really easy, its really nice and simple to use, which is fantastic, okay, so theres, actually only two Drive screens available on the car.

The first screen is the one that gives you all the information, so the speedo the charge level uh. You know all of that sort of basic driving stuff and then, if you press the button on the steering wheel down here, it will go into the GPS mode. Now we both actually really like this, because it means its really simple, its really easy to use and youre not going to get confused as to what screen youre in so weve got a bit of a control pad here. So this is actually the volume the up down and then skipping songs is just left right. So its really really again super simple. If you want the trip meter to come up while youre driving, then you press the center button and then the trip meter comes up and shows you all your trip, information and theres. Actually, a lot of information in here as well. All right so weve got some cruise control functionality on the left hand, side of the steering wheel, so weve got start. Stop cruise control. Weve got the speed settings up here and then also the distance between the cars in front because its got radar guided cruise control. Obviously, and a whole range of other safety features, so all the features and all the all the technology is very up to date on this car as well hopping into the back seat as well. Also, really, nice materials really nice to charge really comfortable, especially with the giant panoramic sunroof and again.

Some of these vents are very, very nice, very, very tactile. Very nice to touch and youve also got heated seats at the back because its the Plus Pack so theres a lot of really really nice touches here at the back. I really like how the seats are not really huge, not really thick yeah, theyre, very thin right to save space, so youve got more leg room at the back too because of this. But I feel like the seats are still really really comfortable and I think thats one thing that Volvo or pole star do really well is the seats they really design the seats very well yeah, so great work Music, so the driving impression yeah um. So it feels like a really really premium really nice car. It feels really solid. I like the weight of the steering wheel, its really great yeah, so um. I feel like its its really easy to car to drive. You can literally just jump in and you can start driving theres no like launch mode theres, no sport or Eco or anything like that um. So you literally just go as far as you want as slow as you want um. It feels like a really easy to use car. I think this is the theme that runs through this whole car Simplicity, yeah, everythings, just uh down to the basics, but done really well really high quality, everythings simple, to use Simple to look at everythings functional.

So this theme is amazing. I I love it um. Are you trying to uh youre trying to kill me either one holy theres, so much so much talk and acceleration, but um yeah. The performance is amazing. Isnt it with these delicious cars, the the talk theres 600 newton meters of talk, yeah and 400 horsepower for the Steel Motor Car, the plus model. The talk is instant isnt it once you touch the throttle. Tour comes in straight away: yeah thats, why this car can accelerate so fast, so the suspension is actually quite comfy, uh Luan, its very comfy yeah, but also it handles pretty well too from what Ive. What I can tell – and this is not even the performance pack the performance pack – gives you Olin dampers – gives you different, tires, um and and different brakes different brakes. Yes, thats right, bigger brakes, yeah and also a different tune on on the electric drivetrain, but I think this is The Sweet Spot, though yeah its its its basically a family hatch youre, not gon na use. This for, like you, know, go on a track or anything like that. Would you probably not, and then this is more than fast enough yeah as an everyday sort of family car way way too fast, actually right, right, right, yeah, so performance is really really good. Its really Lightning Fast yeah yeah, so I think the Plus Pack is really good for that purpose. Right yeah its got Its comfy, its got, the the accelerations got.

The performance um got the nice interior, so you dont really have to go through the perform moments. Pack to you know to enjoy all that yeah agreed also inside here. As a passenger, I feel its a very cocoon space, its very quiet um, very you know tranquil space to to be in and with the Harman Kardon stereo. You know you can drive alone and listen to your nice. You know your favorite song, its a very peaceful place to be yeah all right, Frank. You ready for the zero to 100. Okay. So a quick launch all right, Im gon na stop here and then Im just gon na put it open it: okay, so zero to a hundred four point: three seconds: yeah high five man: oh my gosh, that is amazing, 4.3 seconds 0 to 60, 2.5, 0 to 83.4, which we had that before its exactly the same figures, yeah yeah, its very consistent yeah, very consistent, um wow, its close to four seconds, its crazy, its crazy, its for like a Family Guy, yeah full on its really intense, like the acceleration youre really pinned back. Oh, I forgot to film it damn it do it again. Do it again, dont, do it again? Well, what a car Frank, no yeah, pretty fast yeah yeah great yeah yeah! I love the seriously. I really like the design. I think the design is spot on simple nice and they carry suit, is so cohesive that carries through this Simplicity seems so well inside and outside and even with the graphics and the dash.

Everything is just so simple and really nice and high quality, its amazing, its a really nice premium, EV, and I think a lot of people have been really looking at this car and thinking about this car. Considering this car, because the price point, if you go for the entry level model, was actually not too expensive as well, even the long range dual motor is about a hundred and ten thousand dollars. I believe 100, just over a hundred thousand dollars in New Zealand. So thats actually not too bad for a premium electric EV that has over 400 horsepower, so yeah really really good job the upholster yeah. So we really enjoyed that and we have to give special thanks to Paul star Auckland for Lending us this to review. Hopefully, once the new model comes out well be doing more reviews with them to show you guys something new cards they have yeah. The next model is the poster 3, which is the electric SUV, so were really looking forward to reviewing that, because I think thats going to be a really popular model as well.