Thanks for all your views, comments and likes towards all my previous videos, Ive just completed 1 000 miles on my mg4, and I cannot wait to share my thoughts with you right lets start with the average. I have had 4.1 miles per kilowatt hour for my first 1000 miles. Just to give you a bit of background. This is the standard edition. Se model, which I picked up on 2nd of November and Ive, driven around 40 on the motorway and 60, is around town driving climate wise. It has been fairly cold with a lot of rain, with a maximum of 16 and minimum of 2 degrees. Of course, the average is going to drop with a drop in the temperature Ive had Omi pro charger installed a day before I picked the car up and Ive been using to charge my car during off peak hours, only Im, an octopus intelligent tariff, and as of November 2022, I am paying 10p per kilowatt hour during uh the offbeat hours, which are um 11, 30 till 5 30 in the morning and uh for rest of the day. I pay 43 P per kilowatt hour. So far I have used 217 kilowatt hours of electricity. 22 pounds and seven pens just to run my first 1000 miles and that equates to around 2p per mile dislikes, not a massive deal breaker for me, but its only fair to go through them as no car is ever perfect. So here are my 10 things.

I do not like about my car passenger seats can be adjusted for reach and back support. However, no adjustment is there for the height mind you. If you you dont, even get Lumber support either there is no rare passenger light which can make the car look very dark and dingy, especially in these winter evenings. Remember rear darkened windows and black headliner do make the car rear cabin look really dark and dull seats are very soft and ever so comfortable. However, the quality of the cloth since its an sc is quite questionable. Theyve already started drinkling and Im not sure how will they look after a few years of use? One thing which came as a surprise to me was there arent any rare speakers. This can make your rear passengers a tad bit. Irritable, as all they can hear, is some muffled audio coming from the front speakers. This is something which will definitely annoy some drivers or passengers. They end up hitting their calves with a very sharp side seals those side panels arent covered by the door, so theyre always going to get dirty, resulting in messing up your trousers, skirts or legs. Next, on my list is the gear selector floating shelf, due to its location and depending on your seating position and your height, you will end up hitting your knee to it and trust me its not going to be a very pleasant feeling. Moreover, the Shelf being just over the cup holders, does make it a little tricky to pull a tall coffee cup or a flask.

Even dealing with a small water bottle is going to be a struggle at times, especially when youre driving and you have to concentrate lack of the rear. Viper does compromise the rear visibility a bit. Moreover, the rear day. Mister is also on a slow side to react and clear the rear window completely infotainment system touch response is a little laggy and Apple carplay Android, auto have mind of their own and very picky when it comes to which cable to use and youll end up getting Intermittent loss of connection auto headlights, theyre very sensitive Ive had a few occasions where I was driving with the headlights on, in the middle of the day, with partially clouded sky, random warning light Ive been lucky as I havent yet been bitten by the oil gate and The under tray bulging, however Ive had a few occasions where the lower tire pressure warning and auto hold error. Message appeared on my drivers, display oh and forgot to mention another one since Ive spent so much time with the mg Im losing my memory too. All the MGs have memory of a goldfish, its lack of not remembering the last driven state that is driving mode, regen, AC settings, Etc. Can drive you over the Bender. Now, after my favorite bit ten of many things I like about my mg4 the drive coming from a Mini Cooper, I cannot believe how similar mg is to drive. It has a rear wheel drive with a 50 50 weight distribution is very darty.

You can throw the car around at corners without any issues whatsoever. Itll, surely bring smile to your face. The car is always ready to go. Having no start button makes it a little weird initially, but soon it becomes a second nature. You just unlock the car. Have a seat press, the brake, put it in D mode and off you go. This is another great feature of mg. Of course, this app can be a bit sluggish and buggy. However, it gives you all the information you need, with a click of a button from battery percentage to errors, charging State schedule charging, Etc. Preheating car is one of my favorite feature. Yes, it only stays on for 10 minutes, but it does make the car toasty within that time, not sure how I manage without these features before mg claims. The standard edition standard range can achieve around 218 miles on a mixed, driving and Im pleased to say mg have been right about their gas or mileage. I have been averaging 4.1 kilowatts hour and if I times it to the usable capacity of 50.8 were getting 209 miles on paper from a full battery. Of course, the weather is going to get colder and the average will drop, but thats true for any other eBay mg claims standard range can achieve charging speeds of up to 117 kilowatt hour. In my unscientific test, I did manage to get 82 kilowatts from a Tesla rapid charger Im sure in the favorable battery state and the right charger you should be able to Rapid charge your mg.

With that rate, I recently did a 90 mile Motorway Journey with three adults a three year old, with a baby seat, no worries at all Im six foot two and I find ample neck specs as far as a driver or as a passenger. If youve got enough storage space dotted around the cabin for storing books, beverages, belongings, Etc, a 12 volt cigarette lighter a USBC for Apple carplay, Android, auto another USB 8 socket on drivers, side and finally, theres another USB socket for the rear passengers. On the back of the center armrest, boot is big enough for a small family. We regularly travel with the running buggy, which is much bigger, a type 2 cable granny charger with still room for a few small bags for shopping. I know this is a bit controversial. Subject with a few people having issues with oil under Panel Electronics, Etc. However, my car has been exceptionally well built no squeaks, rattles random noises or loose panels even on the outside. The paint quality is spot on with no panel gaps or any imperfections whatsoever. Considering what you pay for the mg Im really pleased with it. This is the SE model and as standard you get a lot of tech. You get Apple, carplay, Android, auto built in GPS for iSmart app support, keyless entry mg pilot, Auto, LED headlights and high beam, assist, steering wheel, mounted customizable joysticks type control, ACC TGA, which is adaptive cruise control and traffic jam assist, which are one of my favorites and The intelligent speed, limiter and, of course, v2l comes as standard too considering its an EB.

The suspension setup is just spot on. It does not feel like sailing a board at the same time. It doesnt have a tooth feeling shattering harsh drive. It absorbs all the roads imperfections nicely, giving you a feel of riding much refined and an expensive car. This brings me to the last but not least, value for money. You get the standard edition standard range in white or blue for just under 26 000 pounds. You get an electric vehicle which is capable of doing north of 200 miles charge at up to 117 kilowatts, get loads of tech standard and a big plus a seven year warranty. I am in total love with this car and Im constantly looking for excuses to jump in and go for a drive, so this is it from me today. Please drop in the comments.