They think that, just because EVS are cars, that I should automatically love them too, but heres the thing EV technology, just isnt, ready at this very moment today, were looking at EV driving range thats, one of the top things on consumers Minds when theyre considered an electric Vehicle so heres a question. You need to ask yourself how much driving range. Do you really need in your everyday life today Ill help? You see how much range you personally need foreign lets. Kick this off by looking into the top five EVS with the best driving range well start with the good, then work up to the best at number five, we got the 2022 Mercedes eqs sedan, the EQ s has an official EPA ready range of up to 350 Miles at number, four is the 2022 Tesla Model X, a 2022 dual motor. All wheel, drive Tesla Model X would cost you more than 126 thousand dollars what that price gets. You is the most powerful and quickest acceleration from any SUV. In fact, bit claim makes Tesla Model X, plaid Edition the highest performing SUV ever built how much driving range you suppose the EV will give you well. The 2022 Tesla Model X has an official EPA rated driving range of up to 351 miles, the third best EV. When it comes to driving range is another Tesla, but this time its the 2022 Tesla Model, 3 long range were talking a driving range of up to 358 miles in just 15 minutes.

The model 3 can recharge up to 175 miles of rain and it can reach a top speed of 162 miles an hour, not that anyone ever needs to drive that fast, its like, usually not a Tesla fan due to lack of craftsmanship and quality but General design. Wise, I do have to say the model. 3S, all glass roof – that extends from the front to the rear of the car. Its a nice feature. Zooming up to number two spot is another Tesla. That spot goes to the 2022 Tesla Model S. The driving range of up to 405 miles Tesla says that they specifically designed the model S for efficiency. Tesla also claims that the model S is the most aerodynamic production car on Earth. Due to specific design details like the exterior surface of the car, so whats, the price of the most aerodynamic production car on Earth youll have to decide whether its driving range and aerodynamics are really worth the 105 000 that a 2022 dual motor all wheel, drive Tesla Model S will cost you and flying to the number one spot for driving range is a 20 22 Lucid Air Dream Edition. At this moment, its the longest range faster charging EV in the entire world were talking of a range 520 miles and you can get up to 300 miles of charge in as little as 22 minutes now. This car is luxury and the price point isnt surprising for its class.

The base price for the air, pure is 87 400, and if you decide to go to the Lucid Air Dream Edition, youll be looking at a jaw. Dropping price tag of 169 000, some Lucid air terms are already being delivered, While others like to lose. Their Sapphire are only expected to hit the market next year, but look right now: electric cars are the rage, but all EVS, no matter how cool or popular share. One common problem and that problem lies in their batteries. It all traces back to just the lithium ion batteries in most EVS today, Lithium ion batteries are everywhere laptops, smartphones and even game controllers are just some of the everyday things that are powered by lithium ion batteries, but heres where the problems start. So you want to add more energy to your EVS. Well, Lithium ion batteries have been around for so many years that to make any new advancements with them, researchers have to put in twice the amount of work with every year that passes the amount of time and effort itll take to invest in lithium, ion battery efficiency. Only increases so the only solution to giving more energy to your EV is to add more battery cells, but that comes with a whole host of problems on its own batteries are heavy thats. Why EVS by default, weigh more than conventional gas powered cars? So imagine adding more batteries to your ready, heavy EV. Well, obviously, your EV will only get heavier well now you created another problem because the more weight you add to a vehicle, the more energy it takes to balance it up and that affects the battery capacity and heres another problem, the heavier an object, the harder it Is to stop once it starts moving so anymore, lithium ion batteries means your EV.

Brakes will also need an upgrade and even then theres also the possibility of other potential safety issues that may need to be addressed due to the added weight. All of this is to say just adding more batteries, isnt a simple solution, its like having a health issue. When a doctor gives you a pill, the pill alleviates some symptoms, but its side effects create a host of other problems of their own thats. Why researchers have been trying to create new and alternative batteries to power? Evs now theres, some new batteries on the Block? There are basically two main advancements that many expect will increase the efficiency of the next generation of batteries. The first advancement has to do with better integration of batteries with EV structures and second has to do with replacing inert structural parts of the battery with materials that can hold and then distribute a charge. This, in effect, eliminates the dead space in those batteries right now assembling the battery involves placing cells and modules then connecting those modules together into packs, but heres. The problem doing that can leave a lot of empty space inside the battery to use this empty space more efficiently. Researchers are trying to build battery packs that consist of a hundred percent active material so that every single part of the battery pack can store and release energy and theres no dead, useless space inside this Chinese automaker called byd theyre, pioneering a cell to pack system with Their blade cells, if the cell, the pack system, proves to be all that byd claims it to be.

It could eliminate dead battery pack space completely right now. Ev band batteries usually line the floor of an EV and in areas like underneath the center console and behind the rear seats. These EV batteries are also double stacked. Spacing like this is what gives some of the top EVS an impressive range, but such EVS are usually the extremely high end. Cars like the Lucid Air Dream, for example. Yet despite suppressive range, the Lucid Air Dream can only manage up to 520 miles which isnt bad for EVS, but if more companies were to adopt byds new battery principles, wed see EVS break through the 600 mile range barrier. Pv makers are also working towards developing battery cells that are lighter, yet more energy, dense and thats supposed to improve driving range as well, while EVS with 600 mile ranges would be a major step forward to the EV industry. It really gets me wondering how much range do you really need in an EV anyway? Well, the answer to that question really depends on the type of driver. You are you see. Many Americans are used to driving on a full tank of gas for about a week or so before, filling back up at the nearest station. In five minutes, general consumers, like me, can easily get range anxiety if you would own an Eevee with low driving range youre regularly going to wonder if your car will run out of juice. Before you reach your destination and strand you and of course the worst nightmare is to get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Youd think anything below 700 miles of range, just doesnt make sense, but realistically doesnt Eevee really need 700 miles of range. Well, the short answer is no: its true gas powered cars are convenient. You can drive for miles and miles in a gas powered car. Fill your tank right back up in a few minutes, but whens the last time you drove 700 miles without stopping for 500 miles or even 300 miles straight. According to the U.S department of energy, the number of EVS that offer at least 300 miles of range has a massive Spike since 2016 and from 2021 to 2022, the number of EVS that offer at least 300 miles of range a triple it all comes down to The belief that the more range an EV has the better its more convenient for sure, but in reality its not really necessary when you compare it to usage Behavior. Did you know that back in 2011? Well, the Nissan Leaf first hit the roads get out of measly EPA range of 73 miles now thats laughable. Compared to what we see today, Nissans rationale was not the average daily commute was less than 35 miles, so all you need is one overnight charge. Youll be good for the next day when it comes to how much rain you realistically need. You got to ask yourself this question: how much do you personally Drive in a day heres the thing the average American drives 14 263 miles a year that comes out to 1188 miles per month, which equates to 40 miles a day.

Looking at those stats, it looks like the Nissan wasnt too far off. You just have to charge overnight every night, much like how many Americans charge their smartphones every night. Another deciding factor is how much range you really need has to do with how long you park your car. If your car is usually parked overnight, which is the most consumers by the way, then you probably wont need high range in your EV. Another deciding factor is that you even have a garage if you live in an apartment in a dense City, you most likely park on the street and you dont have a dedicated garage, and this means charging an EV just got a whole lot more difficult. On top of that theres, a critical lack of public TV charging infrastructure right now Across the Nation public charging stations cost more than at home charging, which can be a real. The average test lives plugged in overnight takes eight to ten hours to recharge, so that a few of time to spare, you can also spare a few less driving range miles. Now. The question about range you personally need is actually really important to know. It can end up saving you, big bucks, heres. What I mean, if you just automatically assume that you need as much range as possible its going to cost you big time around five or six years ago, battery costs made up half of the total cost of an EV.

Today, its closer to around a third of the cost, but its still a huge chunk of the cost. So I spend all your hard earned cash on hundreds of miles of range. If you personally, dont need it based on your driving habits and circumstances, theres also another disadvantage to buying an EV with the capacity you dont even need a bigger battery needs longer charging time. Obviously, no one is a fan of that and heres. The next question to consider how many Long Highway trips do you take and just how long are they, if youre the type to pack up and take a long family road trip a few times a year? Youll need a lot more range than the average commuter. One study found that the average EV commuter ends up saving around 600 a year by driving Electric in the study driving electric ended up costing 485 bucks while driving a gas powered car cost 1117. and four years after that survey, gas price jumped up, which means the Cost was even higher, but if youre driving your EV more than normal because of big trips, that electricity cost is going to go up big time. In that case, it makes more sense, cost wise to Simply rent a gas powered car on your trip and leave your EV at home today, more than 50 percent of American households own two or more cars. So, if youre, among that group of Americans you best bet honestly, is to own one EV and one gas powered car.

But now you tell me whats the minimum range youre comfortable with in the Navy. Please share by commenting below if you like.