Flood the market and Fisker looks to capitalize on that sentiment with its aptly named ocean SUV. The most attainable model starts under forty thousand dollars and boasts an estimated range of 250 miles. Will the fiscal ocean car succeed? Is it capable of accomplishing it plan stay tuned till end of the video, because I will be reviewing how the new fiscal ocean car 2023 will completely shock and dominate the entire electric vehicle industry. But first I would like to welcome you all to Supercar City Channel. If you are new here, make sure to subscribe for new update and content about new cars and their features. The fisca ocean car is an all new electric SUV and the first vehicle from Fisker Incorporated the second company to Bear the name of designer and founder Henrik Fisker. Although the designer made his name Penning exotic sports cars, like the BMW, Z8 and Aston Martin DB9, the company is capitalizing on buyers, love of compact crossovers by starting with the ocean. It offers two rows with seating for five people in a sleek and modern interior. Every trim is well equipped with base pricing that makes this more affordable than the competition, a good driving range and unique features, including a rotating infotainment screen and solar roof help the ocean stand out in an increasingly crowded segment. There are four available trims, starting with the single motor standard range battery front wheel, drive base sport priced at an affordable, 37 499 dollars.

The ocean has not yet been rated by the EPA, but we do have estimated figures from Fisker. The standard range battery found in the sport delivers roughly 250 miles per charge. The long range battery in the ultra increases that number to 340 miles, while both the extreme and one top out at 350 miles per charge. That range puts the Fisker ahead of the competition. The Volvo xc40 recharge gets up to 223 miles of range, while the Hyundai ioniq 5 gets 303 miles and the Mustang Mackie posts a range of up to 312 miles per charge. When it comes to eliminating range anxiety, the ocean is a Top Choice. As for how quickly it charges, those figures have yet to be confirmed until they are weve rated the ocean a little conservatively, but well revisit our review after consistent real world charging experiences, the base ocean is front. Wheel, drive with power coming from a battery and a single electric motor that delivers 275 horsepower. There are also two Drive modes called Earth and fun that either optimize efficiency or performance all, but the baseboard trim get a battery with dual motor. All wheel drive that delivers 540 horsepower in the ultra and 550 horsepower in the Xtreme and one this powertrain also gets an additional drive mode, hyper for even stronger performance. One of the most striking features of driving an EV is its acceleration. This is because torque wins up slowly in a gas powered car, but is delivered all at once in an electric.

It makes for brisk acceleration even in Earth mode. The ocean balances that power with responsive handling that quickly reacts to driver inputs. He cant compete with the PowerHouse of the Mackie, but it offers a more powerful and fun drive than other small electric SUVs. Almost every EV has great talk, but not all of them like twisty roads. The maximum tow rating with front wheel drive is 2040 pounds, while all wheel drive trims can tow up to four thousand pounds. The Fisker ocean delivers a mix of minimalism and luxury with a focus on sustainability. There are no flashy metal or wood trims, but rather soft suede Fabrics that deliver visual appeal. The design is aimed for Simplicity, a sort of unfussiness that makes the cabin a calm and welcoming space without the sparse look of a Tesla. There are no visible speaker grills because they are placed behind fabric surfaces. There are also no knobs for the air vents. Instead, they are within the infotainment system, its clean and modern and decidedly upscale. The interior of the ocean is comfortable and spacious, with unique touches throughout that you simply will not find in the competition. Its clean uncluttered interior includes speakers hidden behind fabric trims and air vents that are controlled from within the infotainment screen, rather than with knobs and dials. On the dashboard, we appreciate the Innovative design choices in the ocean that make it a more passenger friendly space. This includes a taco table, which is a small table that deploys from within the center console for holding things when the car is not in motion with a second table hidden in the passenger side.

Dashboard materials are high quality, despite the lack of leather used in most luxury vehicles. Instead recycled and sustainable materials are Dawn surfaces from the doors to the seats theres plenty of room too, although full interior measurements arent yet available. Instead, we considered the wheelbase, which is the distance between the center of the front wheels and the center of the rear, wheels. The oceans wheelbase is 115 inches, which is a few inches shorter than both the Mackie and ionique 5..