Now these are the kind of products that I was really hoping to get my hands on. As many of you may know about eight months ago, whoa wait about 10 months ago we bought a Tesla Model 3., and today I have a product for my friends over at Jump booster, who was nice enough to send us theyre 110 and 240 volt EV charger. You can get a better idea of the picture right here now. Of course, this is made to work with technically all EVS, its really more for, like you know, Mustang Maki, Ford, F, 150, Etc. But if you have the adapter, you can of course use this with a Tesla, so were going to go through the unboxing. Take a look at it and then were going to plug this up and try to see exactly how this jump booster, EV charger works. So thanks again to jump booster for sending this to me. Click like click, subscribe, indual Junior life at for the merch and now lets check out this jump. Booster EV charger, all right, so jump booster. This is a level one and level two EV charger level. One of course, being the 110 volt they just normal standard outlet and its also a 240 volt. But this is the front of the box jump booster, EV charger, nothing on the sides or the bottom. The top just has a nice little handle and then the back shows you a little bit about what it looks like youve got over temperature protection, so if it gets too hot itll cut off to, of course, not destroy your car over voltage protection.

Also, very very good leakage protection overcharge protection, so its not going to just keep trying to pump electricity into your EV, its just going to charge to what it needs and lightning protection. So it looks like it has a nice little digital screen on it. Lets uh lets open this up here. You can also see a compatible with j1772 EVS, which essentially, at this point in 2022, almost every EV is j1772 compatible Teslas. Of course you need the adapter Ill show you that at when we get to that point, lets open this up. We got a little seal to break here. Music. Oh look at that. It looks like it comes. Oh thats, amazing. It comes in like a carrying case. Thats great so lets put this on it. Oh look at that even hasnt thats amazing. I like this logo. They did here good job and well thats it for the box. So this is it very nice, little compact carrying case a nice zipper on it, lets open it up. There do not let the control box in rain or water. Okay, so lets take this on out pink and looks like we got a little jump. Booster electric vehicle charger guide here, so I must say I will actually read through this before I just go plugging it into my uh easy and then what else we got down in here looks like we got a plate for possibly wall mounting this or either this One of the two and then ah yes, this is a standard.

Well that parts – not this part, is the standard adapter, so youd be able to take this part, which is like level two and plug it into here to uh turn this into level. One now, of course, on level one youre only gon na get three, maybe five miles depending on your EV, but I can tell you that can be a lifesaver and uh thats thats it for the carrying case. So looks like a pretty good length of cable. Here. Very strong and sturdy Music here is our little box looks like thatll feed us some info and then, of course here is our connector, so its got a nice little cover for it. That would, of course, plug right into a Mustang, Maki, F, 150 Lightning itll plug directly into literally any EV, except a Tesla in America. Over here in America, you would need the adapter and itll still have the same effect. I like that very nice. I, like the Click, got a little jump. Booster logo there same over here and yeah. This is just a nice little rubber cover to kind of uh, protect it when its not in use. It looks like its a pretty long. Cable well have to see exactly how long this cable is. I guess now lets uh we got ta find us a grounded Outlet, which is very important because most of our Outlets here were not grounded when we moved here and then well be able to run this out the door down to the Tesla.

Somehow and well show this working, so this is a 24 foot cable, so we should be able to plug into this nice new outlet here that we just ran that I nose grounded and theres a good Outlet Im running from here out the window over to the Tesla now some of the other good features is. This has a pure copper core, the LED display, as well as all of the short circuit and leakage and ground and overload protection. You can output 3.8, kilowatts Max and its of course level. One 120 volt with this adapter, which is just the Nema 515p or its level two with this adapter, which is the Nema 620p, so lets plug in our adapter, plug in our cable, plug it into our Tesla and see it work so Ill plug this into here. Nice and snug fit, and then this can go into my standard American Outlet. Nice velcro tying it together plug this into my outlet here, and look at that so youre supposed to keep this out of water and everything its not a weatherproof or anything like that now. Well, take this and uh run our cable up the window. Thank you. My queen life so run this down to here. I also forgot to mention you can adjust the current with this, so you can go from 10 amps to 13 amps up to 16 amps and you can also set a timer from 0 to 12 hours.

Lets get in our car. Is my adapter yeah nice open up my charge port and then Im able to plug this into here, and then I can take off my cap and then this which all the other EVS use and hotels Etc will now fit into here to charge. So now let me double check. The car. Oh, were at 55 percent, its scheduled to charge but Ill go ahead and click start charging and uh yeah. Well, click start charging. So now six hours Id have a full battery. Lets, go check the inside and there we go. We have started charging, tells you the amps the hours so now were. Our amps are going up the degrees at 75 degrees and so were getting the full 16 amps. There very nice, its a 20 amp breaker, so thats great and, as you saw in about five or six hours Id go from that 55. All the way to my 70 limit and, of course this is showing that Ive started charging, no errors or anything. So that is great, so it even tells you 110 volt and of course, as I charge for an hour, what not this number would change here, working great so far, no complaints at all, and so that should do it for this jump. Booster, EV charger. Absolutely! No complaints by me worked exactly as it should no error messages on the charger. No issues with the cable started charging instantly exactly how it should and plus it being level one and level two is a major major benefit.

I personally would recommend one of these to any EV owner, because if you dont have a regular 110 volt charger in your car, it could be a disaster for you. When we went out to Alabama we stayed in a cabin and the 110 volt was the only way for us to charge. Had we not have had the 110 volt charger, we would have been dead in the water, so I highly recommend every EV owner should have 110 volt charger, and preferably one like this, where its level one and level two Ill, of course, have this exact jump? Booster EV charger linked Down Below in my description if youd like to grab one of these for your vehicle as youve seen here, works perfectly fine with our Tesla Model 3.. This is the 2018 model 3.. So click like click subscribe Im in my jacket. Indulge in your life at indulgeclathing.