This is Tesla. Dmv uh got a special video for you guys here today we are live from the Tesla DMV headquarters um. So if you check out the Tesla shop, theres tons of products available um that uh, in my opinion, all of their products are really Elite. Uh and everything that Ive bought from them, including the portable wireless charger down to even some of the clothing, have been really awesome like their hoodie is great um. I know they just came out with like bags and like all sorts of stuff, but what caught my eye is like the temperature just dropped recently, and I bought this tire repair kit, because um, someone in my family still doesnt have a a Tesla yet. But I guess this applies to all cars, so it doesnt matter. So you know I bought a Tesla, so I had to stop going to the gas station. You know that was one of the big benefits and perks that I got from from buying it. So the other day I had to go to the gas station to put air in the tire for someone elses, car and um. It occurred to me that you know I had to go get quarters which I dont even keep changing anymore these days and – and I I needed this system and its smart – that Tesla uh makes this so for seventy dollars. I would suggest buying this before it sells out. You get this box and this pretty nifty bag and what comes in it is um the air compressor pump.

So basically you never have to go to the gas station in quotes. Let me put that in quotes to get air Im gon na just put the bag down here, really Nifty bag for everyone. Here. Look at this um remember their other bag was just 245 bucks and they just give you that for free but anyways. This compressor right here for 70 bucks. What they give you mind you when Tesla makes a product and make it really well and Ill. Just give you a quick story. I bought a 25 air compressor on Amazon um like a year ago, and I ended up giving it to my brother, not that it didnt work. It works it just um it just um. It stopped recording the meter, it didnt tell you the pressure gauge, so you basically had to use like a PSI pressure gauge to find out how it worked, um, so uh. I gave it to him anyways for 25 bucks. It wasnt worth it for 70 bucks Im. Pretty sure this is going to last me a while I can use it on my car. I can use it on all my familys car. I can use it on friends and family Ill, just leave it in my back seat and uh, basically um how it works. Is it plugs right into your car charger? So you know your car is running on a big battery anyways. It even comes with these, and they didnt even have to do this.

It was just really nice. It comes with like a little pin. So if you have like footballs and basketballs for the kids and like this is like for inflatables of All Sorts, you know nowadays you have to buy other compressors too, so think about that. This replaces that as well too, you know like you can use this to blow up air balloons. What not everything you know not its just its an air compressor, its not just for tires a pretty cool thing. On top of that, Tesla sells like this 25 air sealant thing, which I dont fully understand because I havent bought it anyways. It comes included with this thats a one time use thing, thats what you see here up top um and thats. You know I dont understand them because I havent had to use it yet thats, just like a one time thing, but here at the bottom you connect this to your tire and you know you turn it on, and you know you top up air as you go And uh thats it yeah pretty much. You know its a pretty nifty thing and then it scoots right back into the bag. Its got a lot of space there for the wire, so nothings, like all tucked out like their design, is like really cool. I just cant keep it all in my hands um. We need more space here at the Tesla DMV headquarters, so um. Thank you guys again for watching the video hope you liked it hit that, like button uh make sure you subscribe to the channel for FSD beta content, Im gon na try to do like more product reviews and stuff like that.

Let me know in the comments, if you liked it um or you know what Im doing wrong here – sorry its Im, not putting things away properly, so this thing actually needs to go in here. I got ta learn this thats really cool, so that puts away for the 12 volt in your car, and this goes away because this is the actual tube youre going to use, and this is like that one time sealant. So then, when you put away things properly, then it goes in lets see smoothly. Hopefully anyways. You know how it is when you get something new anyways yeah perfect, so you know that doesnt take up too much space. You can keep it in the front. You can keep it in the trunk. You can keep it with your charging cord uh, but for 70 bucks. I highly recommend this to everybody that drives a car um. This is not just for Tesla owners. They didnt reinvent the wheel when it comes to tires. So anyone who drives a tire – this is a great thing.