The byd seal lets get started with Hands On test drives and reviews of exciting Chinese market Vehicles. Wheels boy is the number one source for China. Auto insights, be sure to check us out on Instagram and Facebook Music. Here in China, the seal ranges in price from 31 000 to 42 500 US dollars at current exchange rates, its biggest Rivals, the x punk p7 and the Tesla Model 3 start at thirty, three thousand and thirty, eight thousand US Dollars respectively. The designs coming out of the Chinese electric sedan segment are some of the most interesting and best looking available today, but the byd seal still manages to stand out from the crowd Music, its compact, athletic and covered in interesting details that reference its ocean theme from the Ripple pattern on the front fascia to the water droplets on the c pillar and taillights those who simply call it a copy of the model 3 are either visually impaired or Tesla shareholders. But while the exterior design splashes just enough details to keep you interested, the interior is more of a torrent of different colors patterns and styles. If you could say that the interior designer is behind the Tesla Model, 3 work only four days a week, I would say that the interior designers over at byd. Well, they must work what seven, maybe even eight, but if you can handle the design, you will be rewarded with an interior that generally feels premium and well put together.

The seats on long range and performance models are trimmed in real leather and all, but the cheapest version have a heated and cooled front row, though they lack the heated rear seats of the model. 3.. The byd seal has a wheelbase of 2.92 meters, giving it a very decent amount of rear leg. Room headspace is also pretty good thanks to this large overhead glass. One thing that is definitely better in this car versus the x pung p7 or the Tesla Model 3 is the angle of the rear seats theyre much less upright than those cars meaning theyre, much more comfortable for driving in long distances, the seal uses byds latest EV Architecture called e platform 3.0, however, unlike other e platform vehicles like the bydu9 plus and the dolphin, it has cell to body technology. What that means is that the battery pack itself is actually integrated into the structure of the car. The goal of this is to increase rigidity and decrease weight. Sandwiched into that structure is one of two lithium ion phosphate battery packs standard range cars use a 61.4 kilowatt hour pack delivering 550 kilometers of cltc range, while long range models utilize an 82.5 kilowatt hour unit to go up to 700 kilometers performance versions, use that same Pack, but have a slightly shorter range of 650 kilometers standard and long range versions of the seal use. A single rear mounted motor with the former pumping out a very modest 150 kilowatts and the latter pushing a more respectable 230 kilowatts spring for the performance version and youve got dual motors, making a mighty ‘0 kilowatts and 670 newton meters of torque Music entry level.

Car takes 7.5 seconds to reach 100 kilometers per hour. Thankfully, were not in the entry level car. The performance version does it in just 3.8 seconds, unfortunately, were not in the performance car either. This is a long range version which does it in a very reasonable. If not particularly thrilling 5.9 seconds Music still at around 37 000 US dollars, I suspect this is going to be among the best selling trims its also just one thousand US Dollars less than the starting price of a standard Range model 3.. It would seem byd isnt. Just going to rely on a cheaper price to attract buyers, todays Journey begins with a long section of highway. So lets talk a bit about this cars performance in that environment, starting with its driver assistance systems. This car has D pilot, which is obviously byds name for their level. Two semi autonomous or rather driver assistance system. Byds driver assistance has never really been their strong suit, its not a selling point for this brand. It certainly doesnt measure up to the likes of X, pong, Neo or Tesla. If you just go ahead and drive the car on your own, however, its a very comfortable vehicle, especially here on the highway nvh, has kept well under control, whether its tire, noise or wind noise or the sound of the electric motors, I would say its better than That of a model 3. ride Comfort is also impressively well done. This is a multi link, front and rear suspension, so you would expect it to be comfortable and it is it soaks up bumps whether youre on the highway like this or youre on Surface roads.

Very well and you feel pretty isolated from the road itself, its again a comfortable commuter car for sure, Music Applause, Music. One thing I have learned driving this car today is that, whether youre in a Mountain Road like this or youre, even in traffic, stick with sport mode, it has much better throttle response and the steering has a much more heft to it. It feels much more like a performance car when youre driving it like that, when youre in Comfort mode or well normal, as I say or eco, ah kind of just turns into any other electric car – and I dont like that – something else you want to know is How does it actually handle and theres good news in that department for sure, starting with the fact that it has some of the best steering feedback steering feel that Ive ever felt in an electric vehicle uh things like the x punk, p7 and other electric sedans? That Ive driven, including some that are more performance, oriented, really dont, have a lot of steering feedback. You really just dont know whats going on with the front wheels, but thats, not true with the with the byd seal. It feels quite engaging to drive. The good news keeps coming too because this thing feels pretty solid and planted through the corners in this kind of Mountain Road that were on right now, its pretty confidence inspiring. I know that this thing isnt exactly going to be tail happy.

Its got a pretty uh, aggressive, ESP or electronic stability programming system. I know that from from driving it previously, but its enough that you can feel comfortable, pushing it into corners and again, with the amount of steering feedback that you get. You feel confident that you know where the car is going at the same time, its actually quite fun, to drive Music. The bydc will be available for sale in countries like Australia and regions like Europe and Southeast Asia. Starting soon, though, we dont know exactly when what I do know is, this was a very important car for byd. It had to be good, it just needed to be good and the good news is. It really is its an all around well performing and comfortable vehicle. Alright thats going to be all for todays video.