This is where mg, with our new mg4, fully electric family hatchback. Maybe right up your straight so lets see what its like. I just want to be say. A big thank you to mins to get mg in Scarborough. They made it possible for me to bring this review for you today. They are a Yorkshire based mg dealer best in Scarborough Hall and York, so go ahead and check out their website thats in the description below and without further Ado lets get back to the review. So this isnt the first fully EV car that mg have released. They have the mg5, yes, the one that looks like a passati state and also the mgz EV, both good cars for their money. But can you believe that this new mg4 is cheaper than both? Are you surprised, probably not so youre, probably thinking its going to have a poor range, its going to have limited equipment and its going to have nothing else going for it other than a cheap price tag? Well, thats, where youre wrong, because this is a very practical car that has a decent range. This 150 kilowatt model has a range of 281 miles, not great in compared to others in its class, but its still a decent amount of range and for something not under 30 grand its fantastic. I mean just looking at it. Youve got this really nice front end. Md of taking it upon themselves to try and design their own car on and taking features from others.

Youve got full LED headlights daytime running lights, 17 inch alloy wheels, look very very nice, a really nice design and it flows with the rest of the car. Youve got a hatchback rear. Youve got a nice big light bar across the rear. Its this boiler looks fantastic, but look. It looks wise. Its very appealing, inside its very practical youve, got a 360 degree degree camera all around where on the trophy model, which is the top spec, there is two available from 25995, as you see on the side of the car, for the SE trim a 125 kilowatt which Has a range of around 208 miles, thats what you get, but with the 150 kilowatt SE that comes in at around 28 29 000 pounds and up to the trophy, which has also got the range of a 281 miles, comes in at just over 30 000 pounds. Its about 31 695, I think, but Ill flush. It up the proper figure up on on the screen for you, but the thing with the mg4 is and what it may struggle with is its up against some really tough competition, such as the Cooper Barn, the VW ID3 and the Renault Megane etec. So can it stand up to them? Is the price tag gon na, make it more appealing and make it more popular, not saying its better, but it could be up there with them and can it contest with them lets find out well its low cost.

The mg4 undercuts even smaller Rivals such as peugeots e208 and Renault Zoe, oh good zap, I mean you want something: thats more practical with more space a decent range. You dont have to go for something small, just because its within your budget. Now you can go for this. The boat spares, however, in the mg4, is a little bit of a letdown, its only 289 liters. There is nowhere to store your charging cables, which is a bit of a shame, but it loses out on Space compared to its Rivals. Such as the ID3 and the Cooper of on which are of a bigger boot capacity in this trophy model, though, you do get an adjustable height boot floor, which is always good, but I mean underneath there and nowhere to store your cables. So you can have them rocking around a little bit unless you can squeeze them in these little side pockets. Its best in the rear here is very good. Ive purposely put this seat further back, and I still have some nice leg room. My feet can tuck underneath Ive got enough, Headroom sit more towards the side door and you do sort of get your Noggin a little bit on this uh roof as it slopes down. But there is plenty of space back here for a couple of six Footers um. I wouldnt recommend a massively long journey because it might get a little bit cramped. The materials in here are nice, the seats, but when you get to things on the door cards theyre just cheap, hard, scratchy Plastics, no Center armrest with no cup holders, but we do have plenty of storage in the back of the seats, even two little Nifty Pockets.

At the top, we have one USB charging port, which is always good. Isofix points are easily accessible on either outer seat and a nice little cubby spot down there up in the front. Here are the mg4 and there is plenty of room. You get nice a lot of room here, a lot of Headroom um electric adjustable seats in the trophy model. You have a nice flat top flat bottom steering wheel, its actually really nice to hold but yeah again. Scratchy Plastics that arent very nice storage is good. Though you have a decently sized glove box. You have a decent sized cubby with a non slip mat in the bottom, a little storage in it. Here we have a little lidded cover here, two cup holders. You do have your 12 volt socket and USB ports down here. There is a USBC which is quite good to see on the trophy models you do get up here near the uh driving selector, a wireless charging pad Astic. I mean for 30 odd Grand and you get in all this Tech. Its great seats are comfortable theyre nicely. Bolstered the leather doesnt feel too bad. Actually, I quite like it one thing I dont like and its just a bit of a peeve of mine, its these gloss black piano black materials. They show up fingerprint dust, all sorts and theyre a bit of a faster clean but thats. Just me, you might be completely different. I do have a seven inch driver display fully digital, very clear, even in bright light, it doesnt you dont, get a lot of glare same with the infotainment system.

However, the downside to the mg4 is the software theres. Just lots of menus to to go through the driving mods. There is a shortcut selector on the steering wheel, but otherwise you have to change it directly through the infotainment. You have to get through all the menus and find it and then change it and do whatever and its the same with the climate control that has to be controlled through that too. I mean why, even now, after all these years, physical buttons, twisty, knobs and dials are the future. Please do not put them in the infotainment, because its such a faff, while youre driving to adjust it and even asking a passenger its a bit of a bath. You shouldnt have to do it so thats it for having a look around the mg4 lets. Take it out on the road and see what its like out on the road, though the mg4 is really surprising, its not as quick as the mg5 uh, but its a lot more comfortable. The the way it holds the road is a lot better. Its dont get juggled about, like you feel like you are in the Zs, build quality seems a lot better than previous MGS too. Normally, you get quite a lot of road noise through and obviously with it being fully electric its very quiet so its nice to see that theyve taken a bit of sound deadening and things like that and added it to the mg4, reducing that road noise.

The good levels of grip it handles well, obviously, with it being rear wheel drive. Obviously, the electric motor provides drive straight to the rear, wheels similar to the Cooper Barn. It handles really really well nice level of grip. Obviously it does get quite skittish. If you push it really far to its limits, visibility is good out the front. Um theres, no, no qualms there, no quibbles there, but with the rear, windscreen been quite quite narrow. So obviously you get a limited view out the rear windscreen, but thats where the 360 degree parking camera comes in really really handy. It makes it really helpful for parking bumps in the rod in the mg4. I managed really really well um higher speeds. It does have a bit of a pogo effect. You do get a little bit bouncy I found on some bumpage or carriageways, but other than that I found it really really well its four re regen braking mods, which obviously you have to adjust through the infotainment screen. No puddles on the back like they were in the mg5. Those are obviously a low, medium and say a high setting, but then theres an Adaptive, One which obviously Ive had it in while Ive had the car and its actually worked really really well doesnt bring you to a complete stop, so you cant do the one pedal Driving with this I mean you get a lot of safety gubbins with the mg4, a lot that uh, seemingly very common in new cars.

These days, such as your adaptive cruise control Lane, keep assist um Lane, departure warning, uh, anti collision and autonomous, braking and things like that, and obviously theyre Sat Nav but like Ive mentioned the software mg. Software for the infotainment is very, very fiddly, but thankfully, across the whole range Android, auto and apple carplay is standard, so I mean its just like Ive said in previous reviews. I always find Android auto a lot more convenient so which is a massive Plus so overall for a well equipped electric car with a decent range of 281 miles. You really cant go wrong with the mg4.