What youre looking at is the Monroe MK1. We believe it is a hardcore EV off roader built to last, but others are also of the opinion that it is just a 61 000 electric off road with up to 375 horsepower. Whatever your take is. We are here to break this vehicle down for you, so the spec sheets, the composition, the interior and price and availability will all be here for you, okay, so let me just go down to exactly why we are here, and that is that this Monroe vehicle that We are looking at was on wrap today, which is a fast electric vehicle from the Monroe vehicles, and this is called the MK underscore one. I believe it will be MK1. The company claims that what youre looking at is an SUV that is as rugged and capable as it is eco friendly as well, and let me begin with the electric powertrain that sits in this vehicle, and so we have one model to rule them all and depend In on options that you take on the box, the MK1 that you are looking at so rugged so weird so different offers up to 295 horsepower or 375 horsepower, coupled with up to 516 pound feet of torque. That should be about 780 meters of torque, okay, guys. So, unlike other electric, all wheel drive SUVs, though this one comes with just one motor instead of Motors at each axle, and this is how it works.

Now Monroe chose a single electric motor because its intense focus on off roading. Now the power unit is placed in the middle of the SUV to help it achieve a near 50, 50 weight distribution guys. It also allows a perfect torque distribution in this case, so we are looking at a single motor that is powering this off. All wheel, drive vehicle and the best way to drive off road is to ensure that some of the amount of torque is delivered to each wheel and that all will spend at the same speed says Russell Peterson, Monroe, CEO, and so, if you look at the model After much deliberation, the team chose what they call the axial flux motor and the unit weighs half as much as more of the common radial flat motor, which is 88 pounds or 40 kilograms in case of the Monroe MK1. That also means that the model spins slower, eliminating the need for reduction Drive, which allows the torque to go straight from the model to the two speed transmission to the transfer case and work in its most efficient RPM range at all time. That is a tick okay. The axial flux model also generates high torque in Reverse, which means that the regenerative braking is particularly strong. There is also, of course, a heavy duty, mechanical braking component or system that sits in this car. But at this point let me delve down into how the performance of this electric motor is, and although it is clear that it is focused on off road, Monroe says that the motor can get the MK1 up to 62 miles per hour in just 4.

9 seconds. And the top speed is limited to 80 miles per hour thats about 129 kilometers, though, and in terms of the battery the Monroe MK1 that you are looking at is offered with either a 61 kilowatts or an 82 kilowatt pack battery offering up to 190 miles of Range, it is made up of the nmc battery models that are mounted in heavy duty, aluminum boxes under the vehicle. So take a good look at that also okay, and that is how right, when it comes to the charging capability. Monroe didnt want to use skateboard chassis because it wants the MK1 to be more durable and the company says that it wants to be able to refurbish or replace battery models as necessary. So the batteries can be recharged overnight, with a standard plug or in just over 30 minutes as a DC fast charger. Okay, guys, so take a good look at reality right, I think it speaks for itself, its all rugged. The MK1 sits on a galvanized steel, leather chassis and it is constructed of a five millimeter thick steel. It also has 480 millimeters of ground clearance guys. So you know the ability to Wade through water at a depth of about 800 millimeters, 84 degree approach. Angle 51. Degree departure angle, as well as 148 break over angle, makes this vehicle a monster in the in that space. Okay, so let me just wrap it up with the capability of this vehicle, so the MK1 is is also big enough to hold standard Euro palette in the load Bay.

It can haul up to a thousand kilograms thats about 2205 pounds and can two up to 3500 kilograms thats about 7716 pounds, guys that is a lot to tow when youre off roading and its still like its very cool as its been put now. To sum this whole thing up, for you guys, take a good look at this vehicle again Ive, given you the ground clearance Ive, given you the chassis, how havent I given you um thinking, pricing, okay, so the company is already taking deposits for the first batch, which Is the founders Edition models and that is going to be built in Kilbride, Scotland and a new purpose? Build Factory is being constructed in central Scotland, with production plan to start there in 2024 and initially you we getting 250 units per year, but Monroe claimed that they will eventually raise their figure to 2 500 examples. And so, if you are interested, you must be quick because orders are being placed prices of the off road that will start from 49 995 pounds that should translate to 61 054 dollars at the current exchange rate. If you should find this video in any other time, the prices may vary because of the exchange rate guys. This is what we got for you. It is rugged, but let me ask you the final question before I bring this to an end.