The question thats, probably right on your mind, is what is the range this one being the SV plus you get the longer range. It has a 343 kilometer range now what theyve added here for 2023 and what you get with this SV model. You have this nice front, end kind of spoiler, ish front hood there that you can see comes right below our Nissan Emblem and it is a pop up camera that comes right out for our front. Around view Monitor, and we have the new Nissan Emblem. This is where our charging port is with this one being the SV plus you also get the larger motor, so its a 60 kilowatt lithium ion battery uh 160 kilowatt synchronized electric motor. Technically you got 214 horsepower and 250 pounds feet of torque coming out of this thing. Lets take a look at the headlights. You have LED headlights as well with this Nissan Leaf and you have things like automatic, high beam assistant. You have Auto on off headlights and look at these ribs right away. When I see the new models I my eyes, gravitated right towards the 17 inch aluminum, alloy, ribs, really cool kind of looks like a cold uh. I could use one for my hair. No remote starter on this SV, but because its battery operated, you dont really need that if you download the Nissan connect systems, you contribute all your features of the vehicle right from your phone and you can remote start it from your phone.

So you can see youre charging, how much time you left you can schedule charging. You can locate your car lock, unlock your car and remote start it. What I really like is how quiet the car is, so you can hear us on the road now or you cant hear us on the road now its extremely quiet, thats, the benefit of any electric car and the Nissan Leaf using the gauges at the front. Here really helps you gauge how efficient the car is being theres, an economy mode which is great in the city, and then I always have to talk about this e pedal. So the e pedal kind of helps you drive with one foot and it really just maximizes the efficiency of the vehicle here um as you decelerate, it regenerates the power that youve generated and puts it back into the battery. So right now Im I can slow down and I dont even have to touch the brake. It will just automatically decelerate as I kind of come and go with the e pedal and this one being the white exterior. It comes with the black roof. The black mirrors chrome body handles this one. It will come with, like I said, the fast charging connection thats one advantage of going up to the SV. You get that portable charger and its going to charge from its going to charge to 80 percent in about 40 minutes. If you use that fast charging system now, if youre plugging in to just a regular 120 volt overnight thing, you would take about 11 hours – is just the regular from zero to full charge.

So if you are considering buying an EV theres, a lot of questions to consider and Ive posted a detailed video on this about what to consider before purchasing an EV. But you need to consider how close you are to charging stations you need to consider. Is there a charging station at your work? You need to calculate what your average commute is to work. Is your average commute 100 kilometers or more or is it less? Can you charge your car on the way to work? Is there where places to stop during your commutes to charge? Those are all things you want to consider. You also want to look into if theres any incentives from your government. A lot of incentives are being offered by provincial Statewide Nationwide governments to purchase electric vehicles and thats, something that you need to consider, because you could probably save some money and get a rebate after you purchase the vehicle from the dealership. Also note to ask your dealer if they can apply for the rebate for you at my dealership, where I work, we submit the rebate for the customer, so they dont have to go through all that trouble. Some other dealerships will make you pay full price for the car and then you submit the rebate later and you dont get the tax savings. So uh inquire at your dealership about the rebates that are issued from the government coming around to the back. We have our Boomerang style, tail lights, rear parking, sensors as well backup camera and its just going to make it easier for parking.

The wheel is heated thats. One thing I notice right when I jump in, we have features like push button start theres kind of different shifter knob that theyve had in the leaf catches a lot of people by surprise, but once you get the hang of it very easy to use electric parking Brake heated front seats as well, its an eight way power adjustable driver seat, and then you have this kind of graphite style trim here and just a lot of hard surfaces in the leaf. I wish there was a bit more softer surfaces, but lots of love lets check out the infotainment. So quite a few modern features in here you have the eight inch touchscreen display. You can do things like GPS navigation points of interest. You can also connect to Apple carplay or Android, auto theres, Bluetooth, audio streaming as well, serious satellite radio and then down below. We have our digital temperature control, which you can see comes up on the screen there in our Center stack. We have our heated seat, controls theres two USBS as well to charge your phone theres a little cubby here to place your phone and then our e pedal and our economy mode were gon na test out. When we drive in terms of Drive Wise Its a comfortable drive, it accelerates nice. I havent fully tested like the range for on, like a a monthly basis, uh to see the range, but obviously whatever electric vehicle you purchase, youre, obviously not going to get the range thats advertised so that 343 kilometer range will probably get more closer to like 300.

Maybe a little less, especially in the winter months, when youre, using like the heater and the air conditioning or theres heavy winds and things like that, all those factors are going to affect your range. So if you have kids, you probably want to know how much space is in the back now, Im, five nine and its a little tight back here. This seat is all the way back, so normally you would probably pull it a little forward when you drive. The cool thing is: is these two seats are heated theres a little hump here thats, because the battery is underneath theres all the batteries underneath here? So they have to protect the battery. There lets check out the trunk theres quite a bit of space in the trunk with the leaf you do have the battery operated Motor and Engine at the front. So you dont have like a front, but you do have all the space in the trunk here. This is all of our charging accessories, so it comes with the cable. It comes with the adapter for you to plug into a regular 120 volt or you can plug right into like your dryer Outlet. If you want to plug in there, but quite a bit of storage space, and then you can fold the seats down like this and they fall down there, its a 60 40 split for the seats, so you can fit those large items. Hopefully, you guys learned something here about the Nissan Leaf today, if you guys have questions post them in the comments, as always, follow me on Instagram.

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