5 kilowatts of EV charging. So most of you know, I use a Juicebox 40 EV charger at my house, its a smart, EV charger that works well. But what if you dont need that smart capability electron sent me their v box, EV charger that allows you to get very fast, EV charging for a decent amount, less than the juice box and other smart EV chargers right now, its only 420, which is a pretty Great deal for up to 48 amps of charging, you can also choose lower amp setting too, which is nice. Since I know people have different needs and various sizes of wiring in their homes, and you dont want to overload your circuits. You can select either 16 amps. 24 amps 32 amps, 40 amps or the maximum 48 amps, so lets get it unboxed and take a look ing at the outside of the box. Here. Ill just highlight a few things: it works with all j1772 EVS again it charges it up to 48 amps. It has a 20 foot cable, the specs are shown here and one thing thats nice is, you can see. The operating temperature is from negative 22 degrees, Fahrenheit all the way to 122 degrees, Fahrenheit, so thats a decent range and should work for the vast majority of climates and in the Box. You can see it comes with the charging station itself, a mounting plate, A J hook for holding the cables and the screws and anchors to mount everything foreign.

You can see everythings packaged really well. Weve got the manual here with all of the instructions. Foreign weve got. The mounting reference diagram and well get the main unit out and take a look all right, so I got it all unpacked here. Everything looks and feels high quality weve got the Nema 1450 plug and the j1772 connector. It looks good so lets test it out. All right, so I got it plugged in here, so lets turn it on. I do like the style, it looks very modern. It has LEDs that easily indicate the status of the charging. It also has a display that shows information about the charging as well, which is Handy. These cables are also very heavy duty. The charging cable is definitely thicker than the one of my juice box 40., since this unit can handle more amperage. A thicker cable is good to have so Ill plug it in the car and see how it goes now. One thing I do want to note the vbox ships with the Nema 1450 plug attached and with the default amperage set to 48 amps. You want to make sure you dont use it at 48 amps with it plugged in though when it comes to electricity. Continuous load should only be 80 of the maximum for safety, so for a 50 amp circuit 80 is 40 amps thats the maximum. You should run if youre going to plug it in leaving it on the default.

Here you can see it will let you run it at the higher setting plugged in but thats not safe to do for long periods of time. So dont do that. I did provide feedback to lectron on this, so they can clarify that in their instructions and details online and maybe change the default setting to 40 amps. If it is hardwired, though, as long as the circuit has wiring capable of handling the load and youre on a 60 amp, breaker 48 amps is fine. You can see, though, at the 48 amp setting it pulls around 47 amps and the car is getting around 11.4 kilowatts, which is very fast. That equates to around 35 to 40 miles per hour of charging in my ev6, which is just awesome now to lower it down since Im plugging it in Im, going to disconnect the charger and turn off the unit lets see then looking at the instructions here, you Can see theres a cover on the back, well remove and set the amperage we want so looking at the back here to remove the back cover well take out these screws on the outside then well. Remove this little cover, which has a couple smaller screws, then theres. This adjustment knob, where you can set it at whichever amperage you want Ill, go ahead and set it at 40 amps and put everything back together and test it out. Turning it back on, you can see, it now shows 40 amps.

It also shows the temperature, which is nice. It does have overheating protection, as well as other protections built in plugging into the car. It ramps up the charging to just under 40 amps, which is normal and coming inside its charging at about nine and a half kilowatts, which is normal at 40 amps and that still allows you to get around 30 to 35 miles of uh range per hour. Of charging, which is really solid, foreign, so overall, Im very pleased with electron vbox EV charger. It works well, it seems to be good quality, its got a lot of protections built in and it has ip55 weatherproof rating. So you dont have to worry about any issues. There and you can mount it and it has a hook to hang the cables on when not in use, which is nice Im not going to mount it personally, because Im actually going to give this unit away when we hit a subscriber milestone in the future. So stay tuned for that, but yeah for the price you cant really beat the charging speeds Ill post links in the description, but you can purchase it from their site or you can purchase from Amazon. If you prefer that in both places they have really good reviews. So I can feel comfortable about recommending this for those of you looking for a nice, fast, homie, V charger that doesnt have all the bells and whistles of a smart charger, but can save you some money, its also universally compatible with all j1772 EVS.

Even if yours doesnt charge it up to 11.5 kilowatts like ev6 with EVS, they only pull as much charge as they are capable of pulling from the evse. So you dont have to worry about overloading it. If you have an EV that can only charge at say, 6.6 kilowatts or something like that yeah, let me know if you guys have any questions on it. Stay tuned too, For an upcoming review of the electron Tesla to j1772 adapter, as well as many other videos. I have coming, I have a couple of drag racing videos coming up. I think you guys are going to really like between my ev6 and ionic 5, as well as a Genesis. Tv60 performance. I also mentioned this in a recent giveaway live stream, but if there are any videos, you guys want to see anything about the ev6 or any products you want reviewed and tested. Let me know and Ill do what I can to provide those for. You Ill also be doing a live stream q a soon so stay tuned.