This is the 2023 Volvo xc40, and here are the five things you need to know. Music. The three versions of the xc40 are the mhev B5 ultimate. The phev recharge T5 ultimate and the pure electric V8 ultimate. What the facelift has done is give the xc40 a new front. End theres a new front bumper with the new fog light cluster, but the Grille has been retained for the B5 and T5. The pure electric p8, however, gets a new front panel to go along with the new bumper design. Also new on the 2023 facelift are new sets of Wheels with respect to variant. The B5 gets a 5 wide spoke design, while the T5 and V8 get A5 double spoke design. As for tires, the B5 and T5 get Michelin e Primacy tires, while the p8 gets a set of p rally. P0 elect tires. The 2023 facelift of the xc40 introduces a new color called Fjord blue. Also new on the xc40 is the fact that the B5 and T5 no longer of a dual tone: color schemes that is now exclusive for the pure electric B8, the migv V5 ultimate gets a 2 liter, naturally aspirated engine and an electric motor together. The system makes 263 horsepower and ‘0 newton meters of torque with an 8 speed. Automatic transmission power is sent to All Wheels. As for the phev recharge T5, it gets a 1.5 liter turbocharged engine and an electric motor that together make 262 horsepower and 425 newton meters of torque power is sent to the front wheels only via a 7 speed.

Dual clutch gearbox, the pure electric p8, gets an all wheel, drive dual motor setup that makes 408 horsepower and 660 newton meters of torque with a 78 kilowatt hour battery. This electric Volvo xc40 has a range of 418 kilometers inside you get a 9 inch portrait head unit that supports both Apple carplay and Android. Auto standard on the xc40 is a 14 speaker, Harman Kardon premium sound system. The 2023 facelift comes with a four year: inclusive Volvo digital service package, that is only available for the V5 and pure electric p8. This includes Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Play Store, Volvo car app, Remote functions and data for sale Services after the four year period. A subscription will be required to continue these services. As for pulse 3, the xc14 gets a suede textile and Microtech charcoal upholstery as standard an interesting highlight for the xc40 is the topography lighting Trims on the dashboard and door trims that come as standard for the T5 and p8? Only now, this part is interesting as it lights up at night. As for safety, the Volvo xc40 comes with Volvos City Safety package as standard also equipped on the xc40 are front and rear Collision warning mitigation. Support Lane keeping Aid runoff mitigation with Road Edge detection, blind spot information system with steer, assist cross traffic, alert with auto brake seat belt detection, with graphical indicator for all seats, ready to drive notification and emergency. Stop assist asphal pricing, the mile hybrid B5 ultimate and the recharge T5 ultimate, both fetch a price of 269 000 Ringgit, the pure electric B8 purchased, a price of 279 000 Ringgit included in the price is a 5 year.

Unlimited mileage warranty or an eight year or 160 000 kilometer high voltage battery warranty for more information on the face lifted. Volvo xc40 do log on to autobus.