The r1t will show you more of that track in a minute. So I havent seen a whole lot of blocks actually showing any footage from the top, and I think this is such a cool space. They present all their exterior colors, their interior, colors and material, of course, theres a couple of trucks here. Why dont? We have a look inside so were in the courtyard here at the Hub, and this thing looks pretty amazing to me, like its specked out, really nicely with Jake that shoot with the surfboard on top. I think it looks super nice with this combo yellow brakes, black wheels, uh and the interior is really cool theres another one in the back that Ill show you in a minute, and that has like this greenish interior, which is really unique. I think in a sense, so of course lets lets. Take a look, so this car has the red, color or a red Canyon, Im, not sure theres, a specific name for the wheels, but these are all terrain darks, theyre 20s. I really love the black option. There are 21s and 22s as well theres, currently not any vehicle here with the 22s, but uh yeah you cant have them, but I think this looks really outdoorsy like the rugged solid look, especially the black to the red. I think works really well and I guess youve seen that, but all the the cars here have the yellow accent not only for the calipers but logo logo, so that yellow pop really screams Arabian to me in that sense, about the ride height.

Obviously this is a truck and people might be concerned. They want some clearance and the cool thing about it is that it has, I think, five different modes, so you can go from normal to high to low, depending on what kind of driving youre doing theres an off road mode as well of course, and so, if I was just speeding on the freeway. I would be in the low mode of course, dont need that clearance just need the truck to be like really solid in terms of cornering, but then we can just push the button and it will just go up. So I think thats a neat feature that you can have kind of like Best of Both Worlds, so this car has this optional. It isnt this feature cool. Of course, you lose a little bit of storage in the gear tunnel, but on the other hand, like imagine going on a camping trip or youre just out surfing remote location, you can cook your food. You can get a coffee going in the morning or you can of course, pop your popcorn. I just think this is a truly epic thing that I would really offer for my truck, and you know it makes camping, easy and speaking of camping lets, go in the back and look at the setup with the tent Music Music. So imagine a spec now where you have the Kitchen in the care tunnel and then you also have the cam 10.

. So of course you still have all the space in the truck bed, but you can sleep on top and the gear tunnel. Yes, you lose. Some of the advantages of being able to tuck things in there, but as well show you later the front or the front is actually huge, so theres tons of storage everywhere in this truck so Im really really liking this setup, I can just imagine waking up on A beach spending the night in this one living the dream right, so this car has the lcap exterior color and the interior is a forest edge, so this is kind of like greenish. Also, this has a different shade of wood trim, which is more like brown, and I think this works really great with the outdoorsy kind of Vibes of the cars project things. So you can see also, I think, one thing quality wise, which is really nice on the Arabian tracks. The stitching is super super smooth and neat. If you will, because a lot of cars that have this kind of like premium, feel you can see how the interior sometimes doesnt really match up, but these look on point so Im really impressed with the quality for them. So this is inside part of the showroom. Uh theres a little Echo here, obviously its a huge place, and this is where they show you all the exterior, colors and also the interior uh samples. So its really not nice how they put this together.

Um cant say that Ive ever seen anything like it and I think thats, the cool part of it, its the beauty of this brand Music, Music from the hall to the library. So this library is curated youll, see books here for kids, Cali culture, arts and design. Outdoors automotive tech youll see the best Trails of California so pretty much. This is, I guess, the Quint essence of what the whole concept about Arabian truck is. Actually, this is one of my favorite books ever so well done, Vivian now, Im even more in love with your brand. Let my people go surfing. I dont know if you know about it, emotional, so from Patagonia. This is basically saying that youll be happier if you get time to Surf and youll be more efficient at work. If you do stuff that you love so go out, have fun and then youll be better at work. All right so were in This brilliant shop. I guess like this is where they have all the merchandise and also sustainable. Of course, they have a line of bags that are made from a recycled sales of a boats, then theres the rivian merch, just very clean with their logo. I think that looks really good and they also have some stuff on display with the the gear guard guy that you will see if you youll enable gear guard to uh. So the cameras will watch over your car Sentry mode feature if you will so thats.

Pretty neat all right so were in sports mode, on a low setting and were in Topanga driving some nice roads here and Im really impressed with how this thing handles. It feels really Snappy. It doesnt feel like a huge track, of course, its a big one and then center of gravity is low. Uh. The battery pack, of course helps and Im impressed with handling thats for sure it feels steering is kind of like German sports car, proper quick. You know its really impressive doesnt feel like youre driving a truck Music Music man. What a way to end this Vlog had a great day with the rivian Elon is definitely wrong. I drive a Tesla myself, so this car is fantastic. No doubt its going to be successful and it performs well off road, its fantastic, like a sports car when you have it in its lowest settings, stiff suspension, very agile in terms of steering and yeah were just gon na finish off.