They promise to reject any concessions to reinstate cost of living increases and to get rid of tiered wages, which is where new hires start at 17 an hour and take eight years to move up to twenty seven dollars an hour. The feds forced the UAW to change the way it elects officers as part of a settlement over a corruption scandal in the union and that opened the door for a new slate of reformers to run for office. Ford is running into increasing resistance from its dealers on how it wants to sell electric vehicles. Several dealer groups say that Fords plan violates franchise laws and even the NADA or National, Auto Dealers Association is getting involved. Ford CEO, Jim Farley, says the current franchise system adds about two thousand dollars to the cost of a vehicle compared to Teslas direct sales model. He wants Ford to control the buying experience and retail prices and move to a built to order process that gets rid of most dealer. Inventory dealers object to that and the amount of money they have to invest to sell electrics and if this cant get resolved through negotiations, look for lawsuits to start flying Teslas upgrades to its plant in Shanghai are really starting to pay off it delivered over 100 000. China made EVS last month, which is a record, and that was 40 percent higher than the previous month and nearly 90 percent higher than last November, but amongst all brands, byd topped the EV sales list.

It sold nearly 230 000 electrified Vehicles, which was three times higher than last year, but that list also includes plug in hybrids, not just be EVS and Tesla, probably wont repeat the sales success in December that it just had Reuters reports. The EV maker will cut model y production in China by around 20 percent next month, which it says is due to inventory increasing at its fastest rate ever in October. We need more evidence to see if this is just a blip on the radar or an actual Trend, but price Cuts Vehicles piling up and uncertainty over coveted lockdowns arent, a good sign for Tesla and China at schiffler. We Pioneer motion Music, electrifying Mobility, manufacturing, smarter, reducing CO2 emissions, making energy production clean, sheffler, Pioneers motion to advance how the world moves Music foreign. The Biden Administration is proposing an update to the USs biofuel policy that will allow EV manufacturers to sell Renewable Fuel credits to oil refiners. Currently, oil refiners are required to blend biofuels into the fuel each year or they can buy credits from companies that do it for them. Under the new proposal, EV makers would be able to generate credits to sell to oil refiners if they can prove the EVS. They make are being powered by electricity produced from plants that burn biofuels since thats hard to track. The EPA would require manufacturers to set up contracts with renewable biofuel generators, which would give the EV maker the exclusive right to generate credits for a specific amount of Renewable Power, and the EPA will conduct audits to make sure that everyone is following the rules.

Foreign automakers dont sell many vehicles in Japan, but byd is ready to break the door down back in July the Chinese automaker announced it will launch three bevs in Japan next year and now we know more, it will first launch its adult 3 crossover in January with A starting price, just under thirty three thousand dollars its dolphin and seal models, go on sale in 2023 in 22 cities before expanding across all of Japan by 2025. It plans to have more than 100 dealerships, and this could be a real threat to Japanese automakers, since they currently dont have many EVS in their lineups. This Swanky custom built EV could be yours for half a million bucks, its called the Montage and will be assembled by California Eevee startup Alpha Motors, roughly the same size as a Nissan Z. Car. The Montage is planned to be built on a custom made EV platform. Be powered by a custom built Drive Unit that makes 150 kilowatts or 200 horsepower and features a custom built battery pack that provides around 250 miles or 400 kilometers of range approved applicants to which Alpha says it already has 35 will then have to go through a Verification and customization process and finally have to put down a 50 percent down payment or 250 Grand at the point of sale before taking delivery, which will take a minimum of six months and wont happen until sometime next year and oh yeah, its also not street legal.

Unless it can be registered as a specially constructed vehicle, we first heard Alpha in late 2020, at which time it wanted to make more mass produced models like the ace and wolf that were supposed to come out in 2023, but now its coming out with the Montage. Next year, which is supposed to make way for the mass produced models, we want to know what drives your testing OTA connected. Car Diagnostics. Remote testing Intrepid Control Systems is here to help you work from anywhere Intrepid Control Systems. Driven by your data Applause, Music, foreign makers were able to get their hands on all the chips they had in 2019. Today they still couldnt build as many vehicles as they did. Then thats the findings from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Christian dichek, a policy advisor with the FED says cars now require more chips than they did just three years ago and thats, because consumers are buying more high end vehicles with more features. 8S tech, for example, is increasingly becoming standard equipment and production of bevs and hybrids is ramping up fast as well. Dcheck says things will not get back to normal until 2024 at the earliest and if youd like to learn more weve got an interview with her and you can find the link to that in the transcript or description box. Volkswagen software unit karyad, which it launched to take on Tesla, ran into Monumental problems and multiple delays, so VW had to scrap those plans, and next week CEO Oliver Bloom will announce its new software strategy.

Germanys handle spot newspaper reports that bloom will explain how it will make the software unit competitive and that it will hit the market by the end of the decade at a cost of 1 billion euros, thats a lot of money. The company did not expect to spend and we think thats why VW dropped out of its investment in autonomous technology with Argo, AI want to learn more about Cadillacs 300 000 plus hand built celestic how about hearing what the chief engineer has to say about it? Well then, join us this Thursday, when Tony Romo will be our special guest on auto line after hours. If youve got questions youd like us to ask him, you can post them in the comments section or send an email to viewer mail at and while youre at it, if you havent, subscribed to our YouTube Channel, please do so today. Autoline is one of the few sources that is able to get access to Chief Engineers like Tony Romo, and so we really value your support and thats a wrap for today. Music foreign daily is brought to you by Bridgestone solutions for your journey. Intrepid control systems over the air engineering boost your game and by Scheffler.