It will be great if you do subscribe and if you already did subscribe check out the other videos we made and dont forget to leave a comment which you know um: what there isnt in this video or anything else about batteries electric vehicles, when is another type Of gigafactory come in anyways, so lets start. The 2022 bydcu is the latest model from the Chinese car makers. New electric only ocean series built on a dedicated EV platform boasting Advanced EV technology and standing as the first car from the brand to to feature cell to body technology as the sedan takes. Direct aim at Tesla Model 3 pulls no punches in terms of performance specifications and importantly price. It probably wont be called the CU when it arrives in Australia next year, but the sneak in high tech divid mid size, passenger car is definitely one to watch out for be ready, recently celebrated the production of its 3 million nav new energy vehicle, which refers to Both fully electric and plug in hybrids in China, whats frightening, is that the Milestone was achieved in just six months and was underpinned by battery electric 2022 by this year, previewed by the by the ocean X concept last year. The 2022 bydcu is the latest model to Spring from companies e platform 3.0, that that includes an 800 volt electric architecture supporting super fast charging. The platform also underpins wad 803, now available in Australia, as well as the brand incoming small hatch known as the ruetti dolphin overseas with wrdco Daily 4 opinion 200 model 3 Waters in China, where the new ed5 is also making a splash.

The newcomer is posing a significant threat in Australia. Bewed is all new midsize sedan, which is not expected to be called the seal here or battle 4, as was previously flagged, is due to arrive in first half of next year, offering a more affordable alternative to the made in China model. 3.. Theres no word yet. On local printing specifications on powertrain liner, but we expect it to open from around from around 50 000 at the entry level, weve driven the Chinese spec long range version of the single motor vehicle, which will likely be the best seller price from RMB 274, which is 57 250 Australian dollars in China serving as a mid series model in a Range that starts at 222, 274 RMB, which is 46 750 Australian dollars and is topped out by dual motor. All wheel, drive performance version at 298, 140 RMB, which is 62 750. Perhaps the biggest surprise, given in the price point in China, is the head up display fitted standard on the long range model you see here, as well as the dual motor AWD Flagship together with readouts like the speed it also gives navigation prompts. There is also an electric opening Boot and all versions get a handy sized jump. There is also an electric opening Boot and all version via a handy sized front. Complete with lid wheels, are up an inch on Lower spec versions. At 19. Inches has a karaoke microphone via a rather aftermarket looking white USB dongle Dyna audio sound system with 12 speakers is included.

The crazy amazing part of it is theres a heat pump for the climate control system, which includes a PM 2.5 filtration system to get rid of particulate air pollution in the cabin. A welcome feature in Chinas heavily congested cities in China carries a six year. 150, 000 kilometer warranty the same coverage offered by byd in Australia for its first model, the 803 and the electric drive frame gets a lifetime guarantee for the first purchaser. There is no end cap or Euro end cap rating, but the 2022 will be ready series expected to follow the arrow 3 in receiving a maximum 5 Star result. But on the active safety side, theres plenty of system fitted standard across the range spanning autonomous emergency, braking and rear cross traffic, alert, Lane departure and blind spot monitoring and even door opening warnings on the passive side. There are 11 airbags, including front side curtain and drivers near back protection features, voice control, which seems to work reasonably well. D pilot does a good job on highways of driving the seal within its Lane and taking into account other traffic using the intelligent cruise control. The seal has just the one Central screen allowing a split screen arrangement to try to minimize driver distraction. It works too up to a point. The systems capable of switching into English. The compartment of the long range models tested here is a Mains power outlet for vehicles to load v2l capability, allowing laptops and other appliances to be plugged in while standard USB, a and USBC Outlets are found across the cabin.

The years reports are positioned under the floating dashboard, which is topped off with twin wireless phone charging pants. The long range version of the 2022 byd seal is the most powerful rear wheel, drive model and features a 230 kilowatt single motor powertrain thats. An increase of 80 kilowatt compared to lower spec versions and with 360 newton meters of torque, also on top the seal, is good for a zero to 100 kilometers per hour. Acceleration time of 5.9 seconds on the ‘0 kilowatt, all wheel, drive version. The time is brought down to 3.8 seconds, thanks to the addition of a 160 kilowatt motor on the front axle. Unless you really have a Need for Speed, The Long Range model has more than enough performance to excite even a keen driver. It features the blade battery which tightly packs with in the lithium ion cells. This is the first model to use the cell to body CTB technology. The headline driving range figure for the long range version of widco is 700 kilometers for from its 82.5 kilowatt hour battery. But thats under Chinas, generous cltc standard, the dual motor seal has acclaimed 650 kilometers of range, real or real world driving is likely to give a range more than region of 500 kilometers at best with fast charging. The battery can power up from 30 to 80 percent. In half an hour according to byd Lewisburg cars have a similar 61.4 kilowatt hour battery pack. That enables a range of up to 550 kilometers again based on the Chinese clcc cycle.

With the panoramic roof fitted. The 2022 bydcl feels like light and Airy the panoramic roof fitted. The the 2022 byd seal feels light and Airy and, despite its relatively compact size, measuring 4800 millimeters long 1875, millimeters wide and 1460 millimeters tall, the midsize sedans generous 2 to 920 millimeter wheelbase helps create panel plenty of space inside you shouldnt get any complaints about Headroom For the rear passengers up to at least 1.85 meters tall, the legroom is equally more than a digquet. Well hows, the performance. The steel is a very responsive car in terms of dynamic performance and, while the suspension settings arent as soft as some of other Chinese cars, the ride quality is just is still geared up for comfort and proves to be compliant over bumps. Now lets talk about charging with fast charging. The battery can power up from 30 to 80 percent in half an hour. According to byd floor spec cars have a similar have a smaller 61.4 kilowatt hour battery pack that enables a range of up to 550. Kilometers is priced 58 000 estimated dollars. It will be available from first half of 2023. The powertrain is single permanent magnet synchronous, motor output of 200 and 30 kilowatt or 360 new meters transmission is single speed, reduction gear battery of 82.5 kilowatt hour. Lithium ion range of 700 kilometers cltc energy consumption of 11.8 fluid hours or 100 kilometers cltc. That is it for today.