So this is the fancy id4, yes, and I would like to get into the fact that I think the Volkswagen id4 is the worst car Ive driven in my entire life. So then, is this: the luxurious worst car youve ever driven in your life were about to find out in this video, but I will say that the bar is set so low with the id4 that, basically anything is better so yeah. This is definitely better than the id4 already, because we can actually use this infotainment its actually useful. Oh yeah, its got like hard buttons for climates, its not that one with like sliders and all the weird stuff that Volkswagens doing, and then they turn back on theyre. Like oh turns out, people want illuminated and hard buttons on the steering wheel so well change it youre welcome everybody. We did that yes uh so theyre getting rid of all that stuff for the Volkswagens, the Audis. Nobody said anything. These touch buttons on the steering wheel are okay, yeah, another black capacitor stuff off yeah. So lets see what this does through cliche corner. All it does today is understeer its wow. It is wet right now, but yeah its its just under steering. This car feels quite heavy as well and uh yeah it handles uh – okay, not not very great thats about it, but it does feel better in terms of suspension than the id4 literally. Everything about this is better than the id4 lets start with the window switches.

I have four of them for all four Windows, yeah, so thats already way better. The next major thing is that it actually looks pretty damn good yeah. It looks really nice. I I really like the front end the way everything goes around and look. I think Audis look nice and I love this – is a friggin cool yeah. Well, its a sport back sport back Coupe yeah! You can also get this as a regular SUV, which I would recommend, but I still think both versions look way better than an id4 and the next thing thats way better is this? Has an appropriate amount of power that id4 was so slow? We did drive the rear wheel, drive single motor one. This is since then they put out a oh dual motor and then this is all wheel, drive dual motor, but it can also have a single motor that has longer range. Yes, I think in the states only. I think we only get the Quattro all driving Canada whats the range for this uh. This one is rated at 380 kilometers of electric driving. Yes – and I did try to charge this at five different charging stalls at two different locations – one was completely broken, Metro, Canada and that you called them. I called them and they said sorry. We cant turn this on for you, I said: what would you suggest that I do they told me over the phone to go to a different EV charging station, which means they are telling me to go to a different gas station because its Petrol Canada, which is A gas electric company provider yeah and then what about Electrify Canada uh? So I went there.

I went to the first charging stall, which is 350 kilowatts the fastest charging. This one is not capable of the 800 volt architecture, so it cant actually charge that fast. However, I only got 42 kilowatts out of that one. I knew something was up so then I went to the next charging stall, which was right beside it. It was 150. that one just did not work, so I drove to the next one right beside it and that one finally worked and I got a maximum of I think, 50 six kilowatts you charge from a 150 kilowatt charger, yes, yeah yeah, so charging just never Really works out for me, its Im. Sorry, I try it every time. I want to make sure that it works. I did have to actually charge this because the range isnt that great in the winter yeah and especially like considering since last year with all these electric cars, like they havent added any more charging stations or anything anywhere so like they havent maintained the existing ones, lets Just say if youre planning on using electric Chargers on your routes, if you buy an electric car thats, not the good idea. Yeah just be prepared to possibly have to tow your car or plug in at a regular outlet for 12 hours, or something and maybe get six kilometers like yeah, were just not really there, but with uh. Electric cars were just really not with the infrastructure, but they announced that new GM thing being built in Canada, yeah yeah itd be fun for when youre a FedEx package is stuck on the side of the road yeah theyre actually gon na have to plug in.

At your house and maybe get a discount hey man, do you have a level two charger? I really just need a couple, quick, kilometers, yeah and then, as for me, I tried to charge this car at an IV charger. The IV charger didnt work after I put the 25 on my account, but then I called Ivy and they said they would refund that money back to my credit card, so thats nice and I wanted to try the stall next to me. But I got a pole star showed up and he had no idea that you couldnt tap the credit card. So I told him you have to download the app he downloaded the Canadian Tire app because he wrote a entire. Then he downloaded the IV charger app. That showed up at a sponsored thing and Im like no. You need to download the IV charger app and then I showed them how to sign up for an account and put in his credit card and it worked for him. Then I went to try to charge at the flow at Sureway and there was a guy in a jeep icing, the fast charger and the chidimo stall, even though he his Jeep cant, take that outlet – and I have to tell the guy – be like thats, not cool And hes like Im, waiting in line and Im like thats, not how it works, and I told him to go park somewhere else and the lady in ionic came.

So I felt bad charging up my car when I know she needed it too, and I was just doing it for fun for a video so now theres guilt attached to charging, but at the charging station you were able to adjust your Target on the infotainment to Where you could charge you, so we set it to 80 pretty easily, except you have to like unintuitively click and then slide yeah. But this infotainment is really really good, its like literally not even in the same league as the id4 like that was just brutal yeah and, like you said, the hard buttons are all really good. We have this like volume, slider slash that doesnt bother me at all. Exactly and then we have a ton of gloss black which doesnt bother me at all, because Audi buyers would love that this car isnt expensive enough and youre gon na have kids in here and stuff. We also have a drive mode selector down here, so we do have a bunch of Drive modes, efficiency, Comfort, Auto Dynamic and individual. This one does not have adaptive dampers or anything like that, so individuals, kind of wasted. We do have a b mode on the shifter, though yes, its beeper boost no its for uh, which we can actually also adjust with the paddles, Which is really nice, so theres three levels of regen with the paddles, and I really like turn it all. The way off and then, if you just hold your left, paddle nope, no, no, that kind of lame.

We had a missed opportunity there. I think thats, okay. So how do you get that boost mode to work that I see on the gauge closest? It looks oh so tempting uh. I believe that you have to be at a higher charge rate than we are right now were at 58 after Ive already charged it once today to 80, and we havent really driven that much today. So I I read on a forum which may be incorrect, but it says you need to be at a certain temperature and above 88 battery, which you know looking at charges out on the public unless youre charging at home its not really possible yeah, and I can See like the green bar, where the boost mode percentage is kind of fluctuating as were driving a little bit, but it wont go to like full Boost ever so yeah I mean. But the thing is I really like how quick this is because id4 was way too slow, ticons and stuff way too fast. This is great. Like I dont feel sick. This is the right amount of electric power. I think yeah its nice yeah, so I mean thats. All the things I really want to talk about, I really like how this thing drives and everything but theres a lot more to say with this, especially with the looks went to the drivers seat into the drivers: seat ready, ready, oh its, pretty good. All right not offensive, not crazy, just dont feel like throwing up its great its chill, and then I noticed getting in weve got the summer mats in here.

Yeah youre, going to want to get a set of tux mat for this car, so go to The straight pipes, because, as of right now, the mats are coming soon, so make sure you click on email when available or follow tuxmat on Instagram to keep up with their latest product editions, and you wont miss the free giveaways that they also do on Instagram. Also follow us as well, because I mean were going to also promote those giveaways yeah. You can also get text Matt for non q4 each rounds. Yes, you can so head to that link below, so that you can see what they have for your car awesome Christmas gift Christmas coming up in case you forgot something for someone, you love yeah for sure. Okay, what else about this car looks wise, doesnt? It kind of look like a GL C63 Coupe, a little bit in Black ish sort of from the back kind of okay, the tail lights on this super cool, sequential all that stuff. And then, when you put it in park, I saw the lights. Do a cool little dance, so I really really like that Audi really likes to play with their lighting and I think they do a really good job with exterior lighting body lines are pretty good nice and chill got some good like things over like the wheel, Fender And I like these wheels a whole lot. The other wheels are really nice. They dont look electricy at all theyre just good, and then what would be the Continental recommended tire for Neutron Q4, the Viking contact seven for the winter winter, yeah Im excited for it.

To start snowing, are you yeah I like driving? In Winter? I mean its pretty fun Floridians, you wouldnt know about this, but its like its pretty sweet, its uh, its like driving in the rain, but actually fun with tires with tread. Yes, I dont think people in Florida have tires the tread. No apparently people in, like California, Alabama and stuff they dont, because they dont because it never rains it yeah, like what happened? Would you see that theres, a video in California, like like trucks, falling off uh on ramps on each other in the rain Ill show you wow get a good set of Continental tires so that doesnt happen to you and then yeah front end looks cool headlights like Nothing special and then, if you pop the hood, you can see electric motor stuff, yeah theres, no frunk yeah. Are you offended by the no front? I mean itd be nice. If there was one apparently I think I saw somewhere that someone reported that nobody ever uses. The frogs in their electric cars – well, I mean, like, I think, big Hood ones – Im not talking 911.. I did see European Automotive posting that they actually installed like a motor actuated system on some guys, Tesla Model uh. Why so that he just presses a button and it opens and closes oh thats, pretty sick, so people do use them, but like what was like theres, like some Hyundais, with like a guy ionic, with a huge hood that you have to oh yeah and theres.

A little like, why would you ever use that exactly, I guess, maybe for like your charging cables, if youre not gon na put anything else in there, charging cable bags are like pretty big yeah, just make them big enough for that. So, overall love the looks. I think its great better than a 94 way better than id4, considering like thats its platform mate. This is uh gorgeous almost and some of the stuff on the interior. Look at this brushed aluminum. This looks fantastic yeah that looks really cool. The thing that I like the most is the shape of the steering wheel, how its like uh, squircle, yeah, yeah Squirtle me all day, baby its kind of its kind of electric key, but also not, and then I noticed that the driving, I guess the brake pedal, Is a little bit weird, it is like its not perfectly smooth, but its also not deal breaker to me, like yeah, its just okay enough, its noticeable but its not dealing its not as bad as a Mercedes C300, and they just announced that new E63 uh S63. Okay, wasnt that that was an E63 bro that was an S63. Oh okay, I can guarantee you its gon na have a weird brake pedal. I dont know come on. I dont think they can stop Mercedes theres, no chance well because its its all the new stuff thats coming up the e performance stuff, its gon na, be bad.

I dont know they cant screw up to C63, the E63, the S63 thatd be bad. I Got ta Feeling and then uh we got Apple, carplay, Android, auto Apple carplay will work wirelessly as well so thats cool. Then I guess yeah normal infotainment stuff. Do we have 360 camera uh? No, we dont. We have a pretty decent backup camera. You know. Accenture! Can have a 360 camera yeah, oh yeah, and this is uh, not a base model and more expensive than Accenture. I think uh significantly and then how about our radar Cruise Lane keep Jacob? It was really good on the highway. No complaints, it actually works for a pretty decent amount of time. As long as you have your hand, kind of just resting there, okay cup holders look itll fit a small cup perfectly weve got a lot of cool, Cubbies and stuff for things and then uh, visors, dont, rip them off. Usually Audis go flying three two one good job Full Pass. Oh you got ta turn on the light. Now. Oh there we go and then trunk room pretty decent. Nothing fancy back there, but also not the worst seats can all fold down so thats nice yeah, but just get the regular wall. If you get the regular one get the regular one, if you want the utility of an SUV. Oh, this looks way cooler because you know what they dont really make like cars that are creepy in electric, yet no like like Coupes.

They just make SUVs that are electric yeah yeah. This is the best youre gon na get well, so the back seat room actually suffers for myself at six for one and a half, my head actually touches the roof because its a sportback dont be six for one and a half yeah rub them soft, damn it. I should have thought of that. Yeah well, and I guess to end off with this uh nice, big sunroof, theres, not much left to talk about is the time we get to the price. I think it is hit me with it. I was waiting for that. The base model starts at 59, 950., Canadian and this one is 76 440. So why would I get this over an id4 uh because of all the reasons I listed in the beginning of this video and on top of that, if you stick to a base model, if you dont option out an id4 into like a dual motor, one youre Still better off with this, because of all the things I said in the beginning of this video so go to buy a Q4 e tron instead of an id4, yes or if youre shopping for an id4. Maybe you cant get your hands on one, because the wait times are too long. Just get this instead in markups, maybe with markups, it might be the same price thats. True all right, thanks guys for watching buy some Continental Tire buy some touch.

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