This is the facelifted mg5 which came out in this country uh. Just two years ago. The long range model was introduced in about June 2021. I believe it might have been July. I went to the Press launch of that. I was sorry pretty much to have had an invitation uh to that through the planet Auto Channel – and here we are with the face of the car. This came out um in the Autumn, so its only been on a couple of months and its quite different from the previous Long Range model. I must point out straight away that this is not a full review. This is absolutely not a full review, so please dont call it that, because we are filming a full review of this white one out there just uh um tomorrow, which will be on to be jacket. If you visit just a little walk around, such as I did at the zscv um at summer, garage back in February, so the major change you can see straight away from the front of this car. Apart from the fact, the price has gone up a little bit. Well, talk about that in a little while is uh. The front end is completely different. Its not got that same sort of false Grille on the front of it, but was sort of reminiscent of things like the older Volkswagen passats and things like that. Actually, its got a very new front end and a new charging flood there we go.

The charging flat feels significantly more substantial than the pre facelift car um that we have a type 2 and CCS connectors little charging light on there, which is good and just a bit more of a contemporary front end. If we look at this mg4 here, obviously uh weve had one of these on the channel before and were going to be testing um one tomorrow as well. Weve got uh both of these lined up for review. They do look a little bit similar in a way. I personally prefer this car. I think this is far more me um. It just has more of a sort of conventional state, car body, style and thats. What I like the wheels are different as well on this trophy model, which is top of the range one, but how to change the trim levels on this car now um, you can get an sc or a trophy rather than exciting. Exclusive weve got these um 17 inch. Alloy wheels and weve got 360 cameras as well, but I think is a maybe a new thing for for this. I cant remember for the previous ones had that, actually so very smart, looking carb this is called uh Black Pearl. This color and thats why its a 34 000 pounds or just over because this has the uh optional black metallic paint so well just open up the boot Ill demonstrate these cases in a little while, so the capacity is almost sitting on deleted.

If you load to the roof, if you load to the load blind um, we havent actually got the blind in and the car at the moment. If you go to the low blinds its about 478 liters, I think its somewhere, like that nice LED boot light. This is actually adjustable floor. Ill just take my bag out of here, so we can have a look at the adjustable height boot floor, its a below position at the moment, if you want to make it easier to load things, its quite difficult to do with one hand, but I will try. Yes, I have done it with one hand. You can actually make the boot hard a little bit more. If you want to just slide things in, I will see if I actually film with one hand and put these cases in the other, well see if this actually works, theyre, actually empty theyre. Just cases for demonstration purposes see if we can fit this in there. We go thats one and we can fit the other one in as well. There we go there, we go and weve still got room for my little bag there as well just shut the boot, its just a normal boot, its not an electric one. Some of you actually will probably prefer the fact that its not an electric boot youre, actually quite like the fact, its a manual boot um. Certainly I dont mind, I think thats. Absolutely fine Ive got reversing camera on here as well its just there.

This cars not even been registered its so new, so um you can come to Summit garage if you want to, but obviously like the look of it, then you can buy it right now. The lead time on on these cars only about five weeks, if you were to order one right now, unlike some of the other electric models such as the zsuv thats a 12 month, wait approximately at the moment. This is only five weeks which is fantastic, so weve got some new tail lights on this car. Well, just pull these cases up. Theyre, not very heavy, because theyre empty and well have a look actually underneath the floor and see what weve got so again. Well, just move this out of the way here we go here. We have the charging cable. I think this might just be the uh yeah there we go thats. The uh granny lead there thats what we call it anyway, when I um had one of these cars on test from G motor UK back about June 2021. I did actually use that that was the first of the mg5s with the 211 mile range Id have to use that it took quite a while to charge it there we go. I prefer personally to have a spare wheel. Thatll, be my preference, but weve got tire inflation kit and things in there little pocket down the side of there and, of course, you can fold these for these six.

Why dont? We do that now well, go around to four percent. Right all varies for low blind excellent. There is one here Ill, just be very careful, not damage that youre going to fold the seats like so there we go theres a bit of a step in the floor unless you actually kind of put the uh that into up position, in which case you get Less of a step, its probably why the boot floor is adjustable, have you got anything to uh kind of hook in these on excuse me? We havent what I think youll notice between this and the older model. Mg5 is the fact weve got some different material. I think this is made of ocean plastic or something this material here, its so much about sequel, stuff you get on um, uh, Fiat 500 Electrics right, be very careful not to damage were slow blind. You can slide our feet actually underneath these seats. This is one of the reasons this cars been very popular with people like taxi drivers or Uber drivers, and you see these all over London. So you sit relatively high in one of these um Henrys, pretty good Im, Im five foot eleven and Im very comfortable in here. Actually um thats, not a problem, got a center armrest, oh its probably never been out. Has it some cup holders in there once we dont have theres any events or racing passengers, but this sort of price of an electric car just over 34 000 pounds with a 70 or 80 000 mile warranty, maybe thats uh not to be expected all weve got So we have a little yes, weve got little lights.

I think the battery is not fully connected in the car, which is why those arent coming on um, but they are here, you cant, you can just about see those got a nice seat back pocket there yeah its very comfortable Im, just going to make sure youre, Not really really tall, in which case youd have to slouch a bit but yeah the room in here is actually very, very good and there are little uh pockets under there. One thing Ive been speaking to a John whos. The did a principle here about is the whether these switches are actually new comparable with the old model mg5, the preface of one Im not actually sure keyless entry Ive actually got the key in my pocket anyway, um. I wonder if they can actually fold the mirrors. Yes, we can fabulous right lets get in here. Probably most of you want to see the new infotainment and drivers display lets take a pause there. Whilst I shut the door, oh youre, gon na have to turn that off Im. Afraid, because were gon na have to turn that volume off. We dont really want that. Okay, well, skip this configuration screen. There we go. We have 43 charge. This car has a range, I think, its 250 on the SC model and 235 on the trophy like this one um. I could be wrong about that. Actually, it could be 250 on both, but the information I have here says its a little bit less on the trophy thats, probably zooming, to do with the fact.

Weve got larger alloy wheels on this car or something similar. This uh display is 10.25 inch screen its a lot bigger than the last one was and Im hoping that this actually works with my phone for um Android, auto, which the previous car I did try uh two of these, both the standard range and the long range One did not at all it wouldnt work with my phone mode. Selector is here that is for the driving modes, um kers. What does that mean? Thats, actually reductive, braking kinetic energy recovery system. One thing thats completely different about this center console is probably even bigger than the previous one is the fact that um well, the climate control buttons are no longer here. They are in this um infotainment system here, which I personally would have preferred them not to do that. I would have preferred to have physical, um ventilation controls here, but that seems to be where things are going. So if thats a concern for you, um yeah, if its – not not, that could be done about that Im afraid its better than the Volkswagen ID3 system, though thats even worse than this, so we have physical buttons there for climate control, that is, for maximum demist rated Window, that is, for the fan, speed and uh, then home screen, which is what were on at the moment and then volume up and down. This steering wheel is well its the same as a lot of them.

G models actually and hes good old um indicate a wiper stocks with the mg pilot buttons on them as well. There is the cruise control switch, which is also used for adaptive. Cruise control system starts up buttons just down there um, unlike on an mg4. There is a start, stop button in this car, which personally, I prefer that um and weve got some nice materials. Actually, here again, this sort of SQL type stuff on here um article level, its not genuine level on there, with this blue stretching um and some blue vents as well. So the interior is taken quite a sort of upmarket turn that things are generally similar in here, but they all feel just a little bit better, which is good. So if I turn the car on there, we go weve got a seven inch. Drivers display here with some bongs we like a bit of bogging views: yes um, so thats, the Comfort mode. If you use the mode selector weve got eco mode and uh. The regen break is at the KRS one and two and three: oh, you cant change it. Oh thats, great, wonderful, probably because uh you know, weve got something special on the battery at the moment, um, because its in sort of demo mode, if actually, this car lets, have a look at some of these uh controls on here, which we use these buttons here. For now you can select whatever you want for that star there, like a soft key on one of the old sort of um mobile phones, you can select it with what you want.

We also have a a charging app um. John whove did a principle here. Tells me that you can um hes got a phone, it showed me earlier on, but he actually with his one outside the white one um you can pre heat the car. You can pre cool the car. You can do a charge level. You can do all kinds of things which is exciting, so if we go through to here, can we operate this system? Maybe we cant hold on a second viewers, thats, better views. I was uh not pressing the right button. I was uh trying to press down when it actually, I should have pressed left and right. So here we go warning system got various fits on there, thats for date and time current Journey, a curated total its not really gone very far. Has it thats its not gone very far at all um energy flow that would operate when were actually going a tire pressure monitoring. You actually see the tire pressures from the app on the smartphone as well: um theres, the uh, more detailed electric information and the 12 volt battery, which is uh nicely charged so miles per hour and theres a sort of power meter or is on there as well. Lets have a look at what the center display weve got all sorts of different things in here, Android, auto Apple, carplay um. We can actually do vehicle to load on here as well as you can see from discharging v2l vehicle to load just a much nicer system.

Isnt it overall, this 360 camera. We can show that there we go theres the reversing camera theres for top down camera, and I think if you were to set off and maybe show him show it here. Yes, there you go thats, actually, the side camera to the right and the side camera to the left, uh go to Junction changing Lane. There we go so we can demonstrate things. We can switch also from some strange kind of view of the top of the car. There this is a black car which shows as a white one um, and we can turn that to turn display off. If you want, we dont need to have that on. So if we go back, have a look at some of the other functions lets show the navigation as well show that there we go shows where we are Summit garage lets. Look at the controls. I dont have a phone connected to this and theres no USB in here, but you can do that glovebox certain stuff in there. The USB ports are actually down here. You cant really see it very well, but they are down there, which is which is good, so yeah there we are, I think, weve got another setting here there we go, weve got air conditioning Bluetooth phone vehicle and we can have a look at some of the Other settings on here mg pilot, which is standard on both trimsy SC and the trophy model which gives linking the assistance, speed warning traffic jam, assess full Collision, assist um change that sensitivity as well, and we can yeah the function.

You can actually change that to a different aesthetic. If you want, we can upper carplay or Android, auto Ill turn. The cameras on and off change. The lighting follow me home, Auto high beam, thats quite useful, and then we can go back to the main menu as well lets see if video functions, air conditioning that kind of stuff. So if we look at the information here, Ive written down in my my notes, my secret version documents in the city – this car has a range of 334 miles. The uh tested, uh efficiency is 3.6 miles per kilowatt hour on a domestic War box. You charge it in about nine hours, um it charges at 78, kilowatts and 100 kilowatt charger and not 80 its about 40 minutes um. The battery is actually a 61 kilowatt hour battery. I think 61.1 in order 60. This car is about its between 7.7 and 8 seconds and then its got about 153 horsepower basic price for this trophy model is 33495. The SC is a bit lower at 30, 995. um. For some reason there was this controversy a few years ago about the roof bars. These Reef bars arent outrage on top of the car at 75 kilograms, and you can tow um up to 500 Kilograms, which is which is good for an electric car, see if the documents were going, the glove box, its just about just about, obviously for mg branded Ones – and they just go in these pockets – are nice and thick as well.

Arent they theyre huge yeah. These seats feel pretty comfortable. They are electrically adjustable, but theres no memory setting on them. Unfortunately, and uh yeah this um, this door pocket looks a lot nicer with a little bit of blue trim, slightly high quality switches. I think and numbers a bit of shrimp there lets, have a look under the Bonnet just for sake of curve completeness I mean, because this is a fully electric car youre not really going to have to kind of do too much under here at all, um got The 70 of 80 000 mile warranty on all brand new MGS like this. Now the battery has got the special system whereby its on a kind of display mode, so thats why its actually got the cover off at the moment and then weve got the coolant in there. Well stream washer fluid. I guess if you have a coolant, because for one system and cook for another system, um, the 12 volt battery is separate from the standard batteries which are actually under the floor of the car. But there we are not an awful lot to see. Hopefully, you wont need to go in here very often at all, and I do like these uh new headlamps and London in general is very, very good of looking actually for one of these new electric cars, so I think thats it viewers um. Obviously, you dont get the government plucking car ground anymore, which is why these prices have risen a bit and also you get more.

You get more in this car, so the full review will be up on my channel relatively soon. This is just a little walk around and uh. Thank you to everybody here at Summit garage, including uh, John and the team for allowed me to film this um, please dont, forget to subscribe to the channel for the full review, well be coming out on the white car that they have outside um. In a few days time dont forget to like this video leave a comment below and uh. We shall see you again very soon.