These include the soon to be released. The Brands first dedicated electric vehicle gv60 based on the hugely popular Hyundai, ioniq 5 and Kia ev6, as well as the BMW 7 Series fighting gv93 row, SUV, which is also expected to be electric and share the platform with the upcoming ionic 7.. This amazing Discovery begs the question once again, the same question: the loyal followers of the Genesis brand and the Hyundai Genesis, Coupe Fanatics from a generation ago, the same people that now have moved up in the income bracket and waiting eagerly for the successor to a Korean Coupe that started it all is the much talked about Genesis, gt70 Coupe really coming the long, and the short of it is yes, its coming. Apparently, according to the leaked document, although hasnt seen production since 2016, Genesis coupes still enjoys cult, following especially in North America. This is because Genesis Coupe was introduced during the Dark Age of sports coupe, where all Japanese sports cars that flooded the market until the early 2000s have virtually disappeared overnight. The only exception – and maybe the closest competition was the venerable Nissan 370Z that remained as the only remnants of the Glorious past of Japanese Sports Coupe Hades, but it was very expensive for most buyers at just under thirty thousand dollars starting price. The much affordable Genesis Coupe a successor to the first Korean sports, coupe, Tiburon or known simply as Hyundai Coupe in Europe, was introduced in 2008 the same year as the Nissan 370Z.

Ironically, it was based on the first generation Hyundai Genesis, luxury sedan and became the first rear, rear wheel, drive sports car to come out of Korea, utilizing the sedans excellent rwd chassis in a longitudinally mounted 3.8 liter Lambda 2 rsv6 engine that churned out 312 horsepower and 266, pound feet of torque became an instant hit with low starting price of twenty five thousand dollars, not only within the sport compact circles, but among Pony car crowd. This was because the Genesis Coupe was often compared to the American Classics, such as Mustang and Camaro, with its large sedan based size and the driving Dynamics being halfway between Japanese Sports compacts and American muscle cars. Hyundai upped the Andy for the second half of the life cycle in 2013 by introducing the direct injection to the engine, raising the power to Pony car worthy 348 horsepower and 295 pound feet of torque, surpassing that of the Nissan 370Z, with 322 horsepower and 269 pound Feet of torque dropping the zero to 60 time to sub 6 seconds at 5.9 seconds from the previous 6.3 seconds. The Genesis Coupe also came with the excellent four cylinder engine that developed 210 horsepower and 235 pound feet of torque when first introduced, which was still respectable during the time when anything over 200 horsepower was considered powerful for a mass brand car. However, when the sales just didnt happen compared to the V6 variant, Hyundai improved the power via direct injection, resulting in an impressive 271 horsepower and 275 pound feet of torque, this new 2.

0 T variant was used to create the R Spec version, devoid of all fancy options And electronics, to arrive at a weight saving of 68 pounds in return, this lightweight version became a favorite track car for many weekend Racers, but eventually the plug was pulled on the four cylinder model altogether towards the end of the life cycle, leaving only the V6 version. However, the high output 4 cylinder engine gave birth to the excellent Veloster and and still lives on in spirit. So what kind of spiritual succession can we look forward to in the all new Genesis? Gt70 Coupe in terms of Powertrain? There are many speculations, even the renderer of this awesome Genesis. Gt70 Coupe is suggesting that it would receive a modified version of the existing turbocharged V6 engine from g70 and G80. However, that seems very unlikely. Under the current circumstances, in fact, there is virtually no chance for a new gasoline powered model anymore, since the Hyundai group has stated that its no longer investing in developing a new internal combustion engine. Secondly, even if they were to develop a gasoline powered Coupe and release it in two to three years time, there just isnt enough time left to sell the cars. The ban on the ice cars kicks in 2030 or maybe even earlier. Also, a hybrid power plant is not a possibility either, since Genesis has already established that there is no hybrid in genesiss future plan. That only leaves one possibility and thats going pure electric, and this idea of the electric Coupe has surfaced many times in the Hyundai Motor Group realm, but not more profoundly in the Genesis.

Essentia concept first introduced in 2018 in Native Koreas launching event Essentia showed the world. What Genesis was striving for towards the pure electric Automotive era? According to Genesis, the Essentia concept is the ultimate expression of the athletic Elegance design, language designed to connect completely with its driver and the world around it and representing not just the future of Genesis, but the future of vehicle connectivity. Genesis also stated that the Essentia redefines the promise of a grand tourer for the 21st century, its a profound statement that reaffirms the Korean luxury Makers, clear intent on building the hugely anticipated Coupe. However, this concept towards a promised Grand Tour was redefined once again when Genesis. Surprisingly, introduced the x concept in 2021. The x concept, however, appeared to be more evolutionary than revolutionary, as it inherited a lot of design. Cues of the Essentia concept, especially on the inside. This revised concept, reflects the change in the companys direction for the coupe when Genesis. First introduced Essentia Genesis was still in its infancy where they needed to focus more on building the brand image and name recognition. So a fantastic butterfly doored, two plus two coupe with a Supercar profile, probably fit the bill perfectly to get people talking about the brand. However, now that Genesis has already become a household name in the luxury car market, with the success of its phenomenal Sports sedan g70 that has garnered such accolades like Motor Trends car of the year and the North American Car of the Year, as well as the new Beautifully styled models such as gv80 and gv70 that made Genesis whos, who, in the luxury SUV Market the Hyundais luxury brand, no longer really needs to prove anything.

So it seems like a natural move for Genesis to shift from building a halo car just to create a buzz to building a great sports car that will also sell well and selling. Well is what Hyundai Motor Group is synonymous with these days, bolstered by the outstanding sales performance of the newly introduced series of new dedicated electric cars such as ionic 5 and Kia ev6, the Korean automaker seems to be unstoppable. The Unstoppable momentum will carry forward to the next iterations of the 800 volts egmp based dedicated electric cars and sedan forms, starting with the ionic 6 and Kias version, which is expected to be a successor for the Kia Stinger known as the ev7 and Genesis will partake In this exciting Venture, by utilizing the Ionix 6 base to create not only the new g70 Sedan replacement, but also a coupe version, which will be the gt70, maybe not as groundbreaking as the Essentia concept. The x concept based gt70 will still be a phenomenal Coupe. The X concept is touted as the epitome of the Genesis design language called athletic elegance and represents the future direction of Genesis design. The future gt70 is to Showcase all signature design, features that Define the brands such as the iconic Crest Grille, and the two line, light signature that starts from the headlight to the side, markers and connects to the tail lamp. The two line theme is to be prominent. Also in the interior, as seen in the ventilation as well as window moldings, the interior also offers Innovative features highlighted by the free form display that integrates drivers.

Cluster navigation, infotainment and climate control in a single piece of LCD touch screen that surrounds the driver in the unique cockpit within cockpit layout. It also features a futuristic Crystal sphere: a shift by wire mechanism that also controls the different Drive modes. The interior of the gt70 will offer genesiss usual top notch. Luxury appointments, utilizing the finest natural and vegan leather, real metal and wood, while utilizing an extensive range of eco, friendly upcycled materials as well as plant derived dies appropriate for an electric car. As for the performance, the likely power plant will be Kia, ev6 GT, derived dual motor setup. That should be good for nearly 600 horsepower in 86s application. The 576 horsepower all wheel drive crossover weighing in at 4 800 pounds manages 0 60 in blazing 3.5 seconds, and we wouldnt be surprised if the Genesis gt70 cut this time substantially to sub 3 seconds, with reduced weight and improved power powered by a 77.4 kilowatt hour. Battery the range was about 400 kilometers or 250 miles for the ev6, and those figures should be similar for the Genesis gt70. Also, the new electric Coupe will offer one of the fastest charging speeds in the industry with a blazing 18 minutes to 80, thanks to its 800 volts charging architecture. According to the leaked document, the anticipated release date is late 2021, but seeing how products like gv80 and gv70 were delayed by nearly a year. We anticipate that the first Coupe from the Genesis brand will be unveiled in 2020 would be available for sale in 2023.

Its hard to estimate what the starting price would be, but eighty thousand dollars would be a good guess, given the vehicles target market and the positioning, even at a somewhat high price, with the general Publics appetite to gobble up anything electric these days and considering the choices For the two door, four seater luxury electric Coupe in the marketplace is a few and far between. We feel that the Genesis gt70 will do really well. In fact, we wouldnt be surprised if the new generation Genesis Coupe is responsible for bringing back the Sport coupe Hades of the 90s. Back again, as for the end of the video question, would you still have liked to see the essentia based Supercar from Genesis, or do you prefer the more practical x concept based gt70? Please cast your vote and share your views by clicking the link in the comment section thanks for watching Auto Vision, your best source for the fastest Korean car news and rumors, and we have a favor to ask our loyal viewers. Although you might still be able to access our videos without subscribing to our Channel your support by subscribing and clicking the alarm, Bell will be very much appreciated. Your commenting and liking are also appreciated. We try our best to respond to every one of your comments. See you next time with the latest Korean car news.