In fact, the only time I would ever think of seeing this was would be in a Bentley or in some Rolls Royce. This camera right here is recording me, hello, everyone in todays generation, electric cars have been booming in demands and, alongside that were getting electric crossover, SUVs, guys and value for money is quite a big deal, and this is something Chinese competitors like mg and byd have realized. Thats right guys now theres a second Chinese brand that goes by the name: byd thats just set foot here in Belgium, now Im going to tell you all about my knowledge of byd. So so my knowledge of this branch called so my knowledge of byd byd is an abbreviation for build your dreams. Now thats a really bold, abbreviation guys, and I love it. I love the optimism behind it, build your dreams. How amazing is that, and this car already looks like a dream car to me, but thats well cover this after first, I want to talk about the brand. The first time I ever saw a byd was in London. I remember they were being used as London taxis, guys, um. It was right here in Belgium they never like. I never saw byd here in Belgium. I never saw it before so its really new its a big deal that theyve set foot here in Belgium now guys. This byd tank costs 72 000 Euros. Is this good value for money or not well, were going to find out in a moments guys, but what I can already confirm is that Chinese car manufacturers have a reputation for offering a lot of equipment for what they are worth, which is very generous, but what They often tend to liken is identity theyre, not really something you can relate to from 10 years ago models, but is identity really a concern not to everybody guys the biggest concern is equipment, so lets see if this byd tank meets my expectations.

Oh yes, everyone over here is the evidence that I was not joking. This is indeed fully electricized desirable electric and this is a full sized SUV of seven seats and over here is your proof. Do I see any engine right there? No, the answer is, I dont see any engine. I see a wonderful hydraulic strut, which is already a meditation that this byd tank has gone premium, but just how premium is it well find out in a moment? But what I can already confirm to you all is that this engine produces 380 kilowatts. Oh, I love this guys. This has to be one of the best things ever 380 kilowatts thats, usually something Maserati would offer to their SUVs or to their cars 280. Kilowatts – and this is being offered at a price of 72 000 Euros for a crossover SUV of this size and segment, its unheard of and speaking of batteries and electric cars. Byd is one of the biggest producers of batteries in the automotive industry. Guys so over. Here is the exterior design of the byd Tang everyone and its written right here by detang build your dreams. Tang uh looks wonderful guys, so I just love the exterior presentation um now. First of all, I have to say that this intro this front looks quite interesting. I, like the design of The Grille I like how it has this um grid design, so its like hard plastic, a complete with Chrome on each block, really really cool so and then over here you get actual air vents, guys, nothing pretentious.

This is really good and then front parking, sensors and the front parking cameras as well directly indicating that this car is equipped with a 360 degree parking camera. Oh and its got a four wheel drive. Well, I think its all wheel drive its not very clear guys is it. I thought it was a four, but I think its an all wheel drive this makes it even better over here is a sport alloy wheel and the reason I say sports is because it does look sporty and it does show pride in its calipers, wonderful black calipers Right there and you get sporty discs to the brakes right there, wonderful and then the those nice black five spoke Alloys which are split for each branch, wow keyless entry, and then I just love the designer the color as well. The rear gets even more interesting guys as we look at the rear. We see that the abbreviation is right here what it stands for, build your dreams and I just love the presentation of the rear. So it seems, like byd, has gone very simple as we look at the rear, design, rear parking cameras, rear parking, sensors wow. All the parking Aid you need guys, wonderful, exterior design of this byd tank was very interesting. I love the design, but then, at the same time I also noticed some questionable aspects. First questions I like to remark is identity, guys. The thing about Chinese car manufacturers and Ive noticed this with mg as well, is that they dont really seem to like uh, something which you can relate to ancient models.

They tend to be a resemblance to what European or other competitors are doing, but this is the same case with Japanese competitors as well. So when I looked around this byd, I noticed some references to existing models that uh that are out here in the EU markets, but I dont call this copying. It looks like rather inspiration being drawn from other competitors Im going to show you all what Im talking about for some reason from this angle, it kind of reminds me of a Kia Sportage like when I looked at it from here. First thing that came to my mind was Kia Sportage but um it. But then differences emerge its just a figure that looked like it and then, when you look at the front of the grill, the front of the grill from this angle looks like some Toyota. Highlander originality starts to emerge when we look at the side. The side site, doesnt, look like a reference to anything Ive seen before so thats really good here also looks like it. Doesnt really have originality, for instance, the rear kind of reminds me of what uh Dodge has been doing with their SUVs Durango or something but um its, not a big deal guys its just something. I thought I remark. This looks like a Dodge thing or something like Porsche as well. I know its Porsche also has this. I have to confess that compared to engine byd has stuck to one theme and they stuck to it religiously guys well done byg because mg they like to mishmash themes like one moment, youll be seeing a theme of cross country and then next moment you see a Theme of sportiness, they never stick to one thing, whereas byd they stuck to a sporty theme, so Sports Wheels Sports tires sporty design and excellent paintwork that pairs well with the design well done, byd time to explore the interior of this byd Tang build your dreams tank, But already upon opening this door, Im greeted with so many goodies, and this is something unbelievable for a price of 72 000 Euros.

Manufacturers dont tend to be very generous these days and it seems, like byd, has gone down a really, really unique path. Look at this nice electric ceiling, adjustments guys and its really nicely detailed, and then I just love the presentation, guys its a combination of fabrics being used and it sticks to one theme: sportiness, guys, combination of leather and actually this. This combination is so unique. Ive never seen this but before, but it looks so good. In fact, the only time I would ever think of seeing this was would be in a Bentley or in some Rolls Royce, but byd offers you this at 72 000 Euros. Not many Brands tend to be very um, They Dont Really experiment with the Fabrics uh, but byd has gone down this path and so good guys now leather seats, wonderful stitching on the leather, its a brown leather seat, with the yellow piping and black piping right there. If you look carefully and then you get black leather on the side, wonderful guys and I believe those seats would be um, heated and ventilated. So in the hot day in the summer you can choose to have it cool and the generosity doesnt. Stop there guys. The passenger also gets electric ceiling adjustments. Wonderful interior of this byd – I just love how the colors play look at this look at this. This is so welcoming. I havent even fired up the car yet – and this is the lightings that play wonderful.

This is so nice and Ive never seen this sort of presentation before the level of generosity now lets talk about the interior, guys uh first thing: first, presentation wise: the trim. I complimented the leather seating and its got so much details that I I was you know its just unbelievable. Now you also get a touch of Alcantara and then you get this bit of trim right here now it looks like aluminum, but its not aluminum guys, but whatever this trim is its so good. It pairs well, and I just like the presentation and then over here I throw this Center area uh you get and then especially on the door, you get this piano black trim, which is excellent, though executed like the way theyve executed. This was excellent. Now, on this piano black, you get the lighting that plays and it changes colors, which is very pleasant and guys. You can always stick to one theme at a time. So byd has done something quite unique right here. You get nice excess use of piano black at the center, so over. Here is your infotainment system guys and then over here use your digital instrument, cluster, wonderful, lovely, steering, wheel, guys, and I absolutely love the leather and the feel on it. And I, like the two tone: leather you get like the brown leather and the black leather. On top, this is really really nice, and then I like the details on the steering wheel, but Im going to show you all something really cool in a moment.

First lets get down to this interior, so infotainment, and then you get the air vents right here. Now. The climate controls should be within the infotainment system because it looks like a byd has gone the same route as the other electric car manufacturers and the route is simplicity, so no buttons, just everything on the touch screen over here. You get your controls. So this is your gear. Stick guys, looks wonderful and then your start stop button right there parking, brake and then um. Oh climate controls are right here as well. Oh, okay and then your driving AIDS are right here, oh and you get driving modes right there. Wonderful right, underneath this beautiful piano black trim, you will get cup holders over here you get wireless recharge for a telephone which is right under this heres for your central console, storage, wonderful, USB points, 12, volt socket and the central console storage is as good as it Has to be for its price and segment so, whether its something to question or not, you all be the judge, but the panoramic sunroof guys and then over here. Just look at those wonderful controls and just look at the presentation, looks very, very nice, wow and then over here believe it or not. You get a glasses holder right guys now, because this is a crossover SUV. We cannot forget to talk about practicality Solutions, so we covered the center area now lets just cover this glove box.

Wow. This glove box is quite nice. I like the material its lined with, and it is quite spacious and then also the doorbins lets see. Oh, the doorbins look average for its price and segments its good its as good as it has to be quite nice, and you get a storage solution right here, guys very nice all right guys, and I want to show you all something really cool. Take a look at this tablet and then take a look at what Im doing on the steering wheel. If you press this button, you can change the configuration of this tablet so now its in portrait, but you can put it on landscape mode and Im going to show you all how I press this button. I have. I have never seen this before guys a control that actually adjusts uh the infotainment system, for you guys. How amazing is that this is so rare, its so cool Ive, never seen a car manufacturer offer this. This is really creative. Well done. Byd well done now, um. This trig wheel also has electric adjustments guys. How amazing is that this is premium, as Ive mentioned earlier, everyone, your infotainment system, its very easy to use. You just have to follow it carefully, its like using your smartphone or using your tablets, guys its so easy and you get ventilated and heated seats, guys wow, thats, wonderful and you can adjust the temperature as you will. Oh, my goodness, this is so nice navigation, Bluetooth, camera.

Oh my gosh. This is like an iPad lets see what camera does. Can we take selfies? Oh, this is scary. Oh, my goodness guys. I can actually record myself. Oh look! Hey camera! Hey! Look guys this camera right here is recording me. The questionable aspect lies in the quality of things like. First of all, the the build is really nice. The materials, the quality of materials used is very nice guys, but uh. Whenever I open and close this door, I hear quite a lot of I. I hear a love vibration and I see a lot of vibrations guys like here check this out. First of all, I want to point out something about this door handle you can pull it open, but then it doesnt spring back at speed. Like look at this and then now I want to point out something. So whenever I close this door, the entire door shakes guys and Im going to show you what Im talking about. I hear a lot of vibration coming from here in particular, and then I see that Wing mirror shakes a lot now. You all will be thinking thats, because the window is open and thats, because this is the drivers side well to confirm my thoughts. I tried the same thing with the passenger side door, and I can confirm this has got nothing to do with the window being open or closed. This is uh something to do with the well. I dont know if this is a direct reference to the quality of the car, or this is just uh.

Maybe the fact that the door is hollow, but the the entire door vibrates literally every time I open and close it. Okay, even the mirror, shakes now um. This is a bit now. This is something I find questionable, and this is something I noticed with mg in particular now time to explore the rear seat of this byd Tang plentiful leg, room, guys, plentiful, new room and the headrest is rather cozy its on the good side, and I get a Lot of Headroom guys wow. If you want to feel like a VIP, this will permit you to do so. Oh, my goodness, this has to be one of the most interesting armrests Ive ever seen guys cup holders in there storage space in here this looks like something well, this looks very nice looks very premium. I, like the feel of the materials guys very good, and you get air vents right here, guys no climate control though, but you do get USB points right down there guys you got a Beacon of Hope lighting over here, kotok right here and a handle right here. Oh its time to explore the boot space of this byd tank electric boot space guys now I have to remind you all. This is a seven seater, so the two seats at the back are folded down, but even if they were up youd get a lot of space right here, guys a lot of remaining space and then um you get a cup holders for the rear seats, very good.

The very back seats, then you get 12 volt socket right there um and then tether points right here, guys so heres my conclusion of the byd tank everyone. I have to say that the BYT tank is one of the most promising crossover SUVs of todays generation, primarily because of the equipment present, the design, its level of desirability. But today is the day we come across something completely new, something special and something unique in its own ways. So, for a price of 72 000 Euros, is this BYT tank of value for money or not, say this BYT tank is great value for money, its one of the best cars you can choose for its price for its segment and the reason why I say its One of the best is because Im not about to say its perfect Im, not about to say its the best of the best, but all I can say is that it is very desirable. It is electric and – and it is fully loaded with desirable equipment that you really need now its not enough to be very generous guys, its not enough to have the best of equipment, sometimes its also important, to have a nice build. And the thing I have to remark guys is some question aspects. The first question aspect I have for Mark is the identity. The exterior design does look like a mishmash of certain car manufacturers, but otherwise its not a big deal, okay, its something youll get used to, and I think this is not called copying.

It is called Drawing Inspirations and then, when it comes to the Quality the the exterior was the exterior was gorgeous, but the interior guys something about the door kept rattling. So you want my opinion of this byd tank. Oh, I love it. Foreign guys. This BYT tank has to be one of the most promising electric cars of todays generation, guys and also it is very desirable. When I first saw this byd tank, I found it very desirable. I actually liked the design I like the way its styled and I love the interior. The release of the byd tank is the birth of something new, because this will provoke more competition in the EU Market. This will force European competitors to think of introducing better value for money, giving more equipment or more desirability for what its price tag indicates guys. This is what Ive been craving to see in a long time, so dont forget to like comment and subscribe and stay tuned for more videos that are on the Run, guys and dont forget to check the links in the description for my car reviews, travel videos and My creativity, videos, do you all like this byd tank or not. Please.