I didnt get enough time to talk about the in depth. Details like the driving range and the overall feel of the car, but as Im driving this car for over two days now here comes my summarized driving experience with this at Sev facelift, but before I move further, let me request you to please subscribe to the YouTube Channel and also follow our social handles with that being said, now start with the video. Now let me start with the visit that as if he looks at the front generally Im surprised to see that this car has been perceived so well in the market. Despite having a rather polarizing design at the front end, the enforce Grille looks like a very tightly fish kind of appearance, but I have a solution for you. I have seen a UK spec car on a YouTube video where they have stuck a detail at the front, which looks a lot more sportier and if the car is in a lighter shade. That gives a very sportier appeal to the whole division of the car. But nonetheless, the front of the car is decent in my opinion, and that has been complemented by these beautiful, looking ready headlights. These get nine array of LEDs, along with the projector, LED headlamp with a bison on light. It also gets the LED DRL that also develops as a turn indicator. Now, if I move further, we get a chrome finishing at the lower bumper and there is also fencer that is not for Adas.

That is a dummy piece in my opinion, because it doesnt offer the data features of the Ester. However, mg claims that it gets Lane keeping assist, but, to be honest, I have never experienced that in my driving. Let me tell you that I am not really a fan of this Oracle Market strategy from NG. This gets electric Beijing on the both the fenders. It looks really Overkill and doesnt suit the character of the car, but, of course it solves its purpose. By differentiating this car from the desktop that looks really similar to this car, now one gimmick about this adhesive. Are these annoy Wheels? Let me tell you that these are not allowance. In the first place, these are styled Wheels. I will attach a video on the over this video, but let me tell you that these are styled wheels and beneath is the actual alloy wheel. This has been done to save some weight and also give this car a lot more aerodynamic efficiency, because these are air. Optimized Wheels even the Primacy uh Michelin tires on this car are also roll low, rolling resistance. Now at the side, the best angle to look at the zscv is that the rear pink that gives it a very Macho opinion and Suits the overall silhouette of the car. Now lets go to the back to check the trunk space and the design of the rear. Now the rear, in your opinion, has to be the best looking angle of the Ester.

As you can see, it gets a very nice looking set of LED tail lights with nine area of LEDs and a very Broad and long LED section at the rear. The overall design of the tail lights also suit the character of the car and in this red paint it looks really superb at night. If I talk about the boot, let me show you that this trunk, this mg logo, also developed as a trunk release, and if you open it up, we get a broad opening and a very wide space as well beneath the boot space. We also get a full size spare wheel with alloy, so thats a really nice touch in my opinion, and we also get a boot lamp. If you want to access your stuff in the night, it doesnt get any electric closure for the tailgate, but its fair, no opinion, because its an electric vehicle and its quite affordable as well. Now lets get on the inside to talk about the features and the overall design of the car. Now, if I talk about the Interiors of the zscv, they look really great in your opinion, in their leather up, dashboard gives it a very premium appeal. The top of your dashboard is soft finished, and so is the center bolster, but it gets very soft in the Stitch leather finish, a turbine finished, AC vents. Also, look really great. The steering wheel also gets a leather up finish with perforation and red stitching looks also really nice.

If you want to have a lighter shade, you can also for the ivory shade that OMG offers with the base variant and the top variant. Of course, this one is a dark interior finish which gets red inserts on the center console as well. In the middle we get two cup holders and it gets a lid as well, and the armrest is also fairly large and its quite deep as well. We also get a wireless charging pad here which charges charges up the phone really fast. I have checked it, and this is the gear selector of the car. It gets uh curve mode and it gets battery and the drive modes as well theres electrical parking brake with, along with the hot hole function, the controls for the sunroof can be found up there, but the problem is that the car doesnt get an auto driven higher Vm, so whenever you are driving in the night, you have to switch to the night mode manually. But the interesting touch here by mg is that we get a USB charging port on the wind speed. So you can connect dash cam without hanging the wire to up till there talking about other things that the visors here do get the vanity mirror, but there is no light on either end of the car. What Ive not liked till now is that, first of all, it doesnt get the panel shifter for regenerative braking thats when downward in your opinion.

Secondly, better shuffling foot Inland system, although its fairly slick to use doesnt, get wireless energy. It gets wired functionality. That is quite dated in these days, given that this car costs up to 30 lakhs rupees on road. Now, as we have covered all the impression from the inside, let me go ahead and tell you: how does it drive so today is the third day of driving the weather, CP and thats the time I should talk about the driving part of this car, so in This previous video, you must have realized that this car comes with a 513 kilowatt hour battery pack. That is considerably more than what it used to offer in the pre phase lifted version. It offers around 461 kilometers of range on a single charge, and that is quite impressive, given that this cost under 30 lakh rupees or if I talk about the driving impression first, because when I got to drive this car earlier, there wasnt enough time to test the Card in its true potential, but as Ive driven it for around 300 kilometers, now lets talk about that. First. First of all, it doesnt even feel like a 30 lakh rupe car. The acceleration is really brisk and you can easily do any kind of overtake without breaking a single sweat of this car. The powertrain is really impeccable and the performance is generally impressive. On the figure side, it produces 124 NM of clock that is considerably higher than the previous car.

However, the torque delivery is 280 NM. That is uh a lot less than the previous car. The earlier car used to produce around 380 nms are not wrong, but this one continues through 80mm, but the difference is not felt when you are driving the car in the real world. The acceleration, as I told earlier, is really brisk and there are three modes on offer. Even in the Eco Mode, the car performs really fast. The overtakes can be done without any problem, and so is the acceleration. Its zero 200 KMPS km figure is 8.5 seconds. That is unseen in this segment and we have always said that the ztec is one of the most sensible guards under 30 lakh rupees. If you are buying for an EV and that still stands true, even after the launch of the new cars like the byd i23. As well, even though we are yet to get the prices for the bydr23, that is going to be considerably higher than this one, if I talk about some nitpickings first of all, I should say that uh, this car uh have now done around 15 000 kilometers. This is a media car, of course, and with time I have seen some degradations first of all, the brakes are not spongier than they used to be. The battlefield is not that great theres, not enough feedback, and that only stays true once you drive the car for longer, if you perm the brakes enough, the brakes starts to work fine.

But if you are driving the car early in the morning, the brakes do feel a little bit. Uh Id say notchy in that sense, talking about other things like uh, the range per se. So let me tell you that Ive been driving this car for over three days now and I have charged it only once I got the car at 62 percent and that time it was showing around 200 plus kilometers of range, and since then I have depleted the Whole battery and then charged it again, I began the charging at a 50 kilowatt hour charger at mgs dealership. I started the charging at 32 percent and the car got charged it within half an hour to 85 percent. Secondly, a charging cost uh from 32 percent to 86 percent. I used around 20 24 27 kilowatt hour bed per hour and with a price of 18.94 rupees per kilowatt hour, I got a bill of around 600 rupees, that is from 32 to 85 percent, and that is really cheap. If you look at that way and if you want to save cost even further, you can use home charging mg, gives you a home charging setup for that and that, then you can achieve the golden figure of rupee one per kilometer thats. What EVs are really famous for now? If I talk about the curve modes, I been driving this car in the level 3 of regeneration, because thats the best footage for City driving and the regenerative braking is really strong.

You dont really have to work a lot with brakes because the car is automatically shedding speeds every now and then, whenever you are lifting off and thats really uh easy to use in the city, and you really kind of get in use to it. When you are driving, because you know how much brake pressure has been applied from the motors – and that is not only breaking the car but also recuperating the battery as well thats a fact that stays true with all these in the market. And if you once you get, the hang of the Regent is breaking. You can actually increase the range as well. You can expect around 350 to 48 kilometers on a single charge with the zscv in real world. I tell you, and that truly depends on the way you drive the mode you are in and the level of regent is breaking you are using in the level 3 mode with Eco Mode. You can easily extract around 350 to 380 kilometers real world without a compromising in terms of the way you drive. You just have to keep those modes in place and the range is impressive if you drive really infinitely like. Sometimes I do we are in the Ravi range and we have been pushing this car towards limits. Let me tell you and then range right now, either at 157 kilometers, whereas the battery percentage stands at 56 percent, so thats decent. But again it depends on the way you drive.

We were four people on board and we were fooling around with this car and still the battery depletion isnt to an accident that is verifying to me now. If I share some details on the handling front of the car, let me tell you that this is not as good to drive as I have to thats, fully dependent on the scaling feel because if you dont know the Astra comes with three steering modes. But whereas this car doesnt get any and the steering field is not that all impressive, it feels really light, and that is somehow very useful in the city. But when you are wanting to have some fun with the car or if you want to drive it fast and with confidence it, it tries to fade away because the feedback is in there and the feel is very numb. So you really dont know where the wheels are actually pointing and whats happening, underneath the car, but thats not to say that this is not a fun to drive car, because of course you have got 174 BHP at your disposal and the torque delivery of an EV. You know what it works like or if I give a small tutorial about the turning radius. As you can see, I am making a U turn with this car and the steering is simply easy to enjoy to use. You can easily make three point turns without any effort, because the lightness is, as you can see very very easy to turn now talk about the right quality of the car.

I am now covering a speed breaker and that unsettles the car a bit, but the biggest problem with this zv and with any other EV in the market as well, is a tire pressure, because these SUVs and these cars are really heavy because of the battery packs. This car is a recommended tf041 that is like a normal car says, would have 33 to 34 PFI for recommendation of tire pressure, but this car is 41 PSI recommendation. That means that tires are over inflated just to cope up with the weight of the car. The weight of the battery back and to also extend the range and these cars also drive on low rolling resistance tires. So all that combined means that the ride is somehow stiffened up, not because the suspension is in that of to that quality. But because of the fact that the tires are over inflated and theres a lot of weight in this car while making turns while driving fast, you can actually feel that this is a very heavy car because theres an underlying firmness to it. The battery bags are stored. Well in the floor and that somehow also increases the handling quotient of this car but, as I stated earlier, its nothing to write home about because the steering wheel, doesnt have a lot of feedback but thats all my nitpicking. On the feature front. This car is really impressive. We get a whole food of connected car tech. Amg also offers a first in segment digital key with your phone.

You can actually unlock the car thats like BMW and the German cars category, but this at 13 rupees below 30 lakh rupees offers all of that. Still. I have two clicking with this car. First of all, this doesnt get the very uploaded ventilation for the seats in the summers in the gurgaon summer. We are in, of course, it is at the ending stage, but still I would have preferred to have firm amount of cooling some amount of perforation at the back and bum. At least it should have gotten perforated leather seats, if not ventilated, but nonetheless the another picking. I should point out is that it doesnt get an auto dimming irvm I mean we are paying around 28 lakh rupees on road for this car. If you are supposed to buy and still it doesnt get Auto dimming irvm, you have to do it manually, but again you have to live with it other than that the whole cabin the the premium portion of this car is really really impressive. You do not feel that this is a 30 lakh rupee car, the dashboard, the top layer. Everything has been finished with leather, and that is also very high quality. There are no amount of rattles, as I stated earlier, has done 15 000 kilometers. But still there are no amount of rattles in this car and let me tell you that media culture abuse really badly, but still this tariff stood the test of time, the the all the abuses this car is received.

It has held up itself really well. Nonetheless, talking about other things, the practicality is really good. The space is good and unlike regular EVS, where the floor is fed really high in this car, the Flow River different height. So you are not always in a near position, especially the rear passengers. Even though the space is not that generous, the practicality and the defense space management is there, so you are not losing out on that front. So if you want me to firm it up, let me tell you that the zsev continues to be the one of the most sensible use in the Market at rupees 28 lakh rupees on road. This is, unlike any other TV in the market. It delivers range. That is its supposed to be. The features are there, it looks really good and it all also offers a very sophisticated ownership experience as well. I was reading somewhere that the service package for this car is at 7700 rupees for three years and that is even not recommended because the service charges for EVS are negligible if per fee, and you are only supposed to pay for the brake pads and all that Stuff – and I do not support that because I am still a Intel commercial engine fan, but if I were to buy an EV in the market that has to be an SUV, it would be the FED. I see the any day and every day, of course, I truly believe the fact that EVS only makes sense when you go up to the price segment just take the Mercedes eqs.

For example, it is 5 lakh cheaper than the S Class, because these cars attract a lot less GST rate government also offer zero percent registration fees and zero percent Road tax. So that saves a lot of money as well. So if you are in a daily MPR region, if you want to fit the environment, thats a cliched line, I know, but if you want to do so, you can obviously go for the third SUV and you will turn out to be really impressive. With the ownership experience, I hope you like this video and it it may certainly help you in a informed in a good buying decision and if you felt so, please, like this video comment, your views on it and also subscribe to the channel.