The byd has been around for a while selling electric buses, but it is only last year that they started selling Passenger cars in India. Their first product was the E6 MPV and now theyve moved to the new Halo product, the byd 803, its about the same size as a compact SUV. It is, of course, all electric offers a range about 500 kilometers on a single charge and has about 200 BHP of power, all good things. But the big question is: is it the next electric vehicle that you are looking for? Well, hello and welcome to HD Auto. My name is Sameer contractor and lets answer that question Music. Thank you. The byd 803 is longer and wider than the Hyundai creta, but looks much smaller in comparison. The bug inspired front is quirky. With the LED date, Im running lights, adding a modern touch, the profile looks sharp with the sloping roof line, while the raked rear windscreen further adds to the sporty look, but it also limits visibility to the driver. The LED tail lights are sharply styled and give a distinctive appearance, while the 18 inch alloy wheels are very likable. The proportions are just right for the city on the Auto 3 and the model looks futuristic in person well step inside the cabin of the ATO 3, and it does come across as a well built. Cabin lots of soft touch. Materials should be given that premium feeling. In fact, a lot of materials are played, so this soft blue touch on the top material of the dashboard.

You have this skeletal kind of a center piece that really stands out in the cabin its quite nice. Quite like a large bone running across the center, but of course this is again soft touch, nice and creamy feel to it and at the bottom the underbelly gets regular plastic very solidly built, I have to say, uh, not extremely uh, solid in terms of plastic quality, But it feels premium in a lot of places or the other thing that is a very that stands out very well is, of course, that dumbbell inspired events really adds to that muscular theme that the cabin was designed around, and you also see the treadmill inspired uh. Well, armrest over here lots of space, a storage space over here quite nicely done you get these cup holders uh. The center console, of course, is where most of the features lie at least the access to them. So you have the gearsha flavor. You have the right driving modes, you have the region modes, uh audio button uh. A lot of these features come here and you have wireless charging as well and of course, because this is a bfid product, you get that very fancy. Uh rotating screen uh now lets talk about the screen itself or the UI itself is very seamless to use. I quite like it. I think one of the nicer screens to use in the segment and thats something that will feel very seamless for a lot of people.

At the same time, it will come with Apple, carplay and Android auto. We dont have it right now, but the production versions that will be delivered to customers will get that feature. Some of you, nitpicks that I have with the iPhone 3s cabin, is uh well accessed to the USB charging feature. Now this is actually here, so you dont really come to know uh that its there you get a 12 volt socket as well, but kind of a hidden feature. Uh and, of course, the under thigh support now mind you. The seats are very comfortable. The car itself is very comfortable, a nice bolstering at the side for the back, but yes, under thigh support could have definitely been better and well overall. Its a nice cabin to be in now lets quickly. Show you what the rear space looks like now. Thats a big sunroof, and it really adds to that Airy feeling inside the cabin of the idle 3, but in the rear seat as well. Uh, the sense of premiumness definitely stays and stays quite a bit with you. The seats are very comfortable thats. Something Ive really liked across all the seats on the i23. The front are electrically adjustable the rear or not, but you do get your three point: seat belts. You get comfortable space of two large atrials or three average sized Turtles. You also get a retractable arm rest with cup holders on its own overall, making that Journey more comfortable.

Having said that, the leg room is just decent, it could have been better, but under Thai support could definitely be better. I think, of course, because the batteries sit low in the floor. You do compromise on the legroom, so you sit a little high up more than you would like to and thats something. I would like to see how that performs on long drives, something that will just make you a tad bit uncomfortable. You can slide your legs up front under the seats, but even then could have been a better cabin overall uh. You do get your own AC vents. So thats a good feature. You get a type c charging point. You also get a USB charging Point again, a very nice feature and overall it just adds to the premiumness in the cabin Music. There are multiple high definition, cameras that offer excellent output with a 360 degree, camera function, theres also the option to lock and unlock the vehicle using an NFC keycard that uses RFID technology and allows the key fob to take a back seat. The electric offering can charge portable electric appliances as well, but the big addition is the level 2 autonomous driving technology on the 803 byd calls it d pilot and it brings features like autonomous emergency, braking adaptive, cruise control, blind spot detection, Lane departure warning and more all Of which worked really well on a test drive, there are also seven airbags seat belt, pretensioners isofix anchor mounts for child seats and more which have helped the model receive a 5 Star safety rating in the Euro and cap crash test results.

So we are driving the 803, and what immediately comes to mind is just how natural the car is to drive uh. I think a lot of traditional buyers will like how the car performs, because the power delivery is very linear and that actually helps you get around a custom Dragon to uh the power delivery of an electric car. Yes, its very quick in all three moves: theres Eco, normal and Sport, uh Equinox have a sort of dull acceleration, its not extremely Dumbo theres Apple power, especially in your city, uh traffic conditions. If youre in Barbados ego should be completely fine, so would normally. But if you are out of the highway like, we are right now – and this is what just us excellent Justice to those nice solidly built feeling to the Adobe, which I really really and that actually comes from a stirring wheel as well. In fact, theres. An artificial heft at higher speeds, something a lot of performance buyers will appreciate about. The car also gives you this feeling of good stability advice, but at the same time, its also about dynamism around cornels. So with the batteries placed on the floorboard, the center of gravity is low, and that means, when you push it into a corner, it actually performs very well what your role is minimal. That is very impressive and at the same time, you do not have to really put too much effort when youre trying to not an out and out spotty vehicle that you would like.

But what it does. It does really well and thats what I really like about the car. The suspension setup is tuned for comfort and the Ito 3 Glides through most undulations braking is powerful. Although a stronger bite at high speeds would have felt better. Byd offers a 60.48 kilowatt hour blade battery pack that promises high levels of safety and a charging time of just 50 minutes with a DC fast charger. Customers, though, will get a 3.3 kilowatt charger as standard with a vehicle, but what about the range 521 kilometers on a single charge, a REI certified thats enough to last you a week if you are do longer, commutes thats about two charges or two full charges. In a week and thats good on the pocket, as well as peace of mind, theres no range anxiety per se and just the right amount of charge, uh that you would get from your electric vehicle now. The second thing uh that we have to talk about is the pricing its the elephant in the room now pyd has announced prices this vehicle in a fully loaded. Single variant is about 34 lakh rupees, and that is a pricey proposition now, but do remember. This is uh skd model that is semi mountdown kit. So all the parts are built overseas and then locally assembled in India, but uh byb does tell us that if there is enough demand and the volumes are there, they will look at locally assembling the model.

Thats, a CKD operation completely locked down kids, and that should help with more competitive prices on the atom team, and I do think this model has potential. It is just the right size offers plenty of practicality, both in range features and performance and with the right pricing. It will do wonders in the electric vehicle segment, so that was the new bydato3. Indeed, a promising product good on Comfort, drivability lots of features to keep you entertained and we plan to put that range to test on a more comprehensive Drive later. So do tell us what you think about the review. What do you think about the new Idol 3 do reach out on our social media, handles and always remember, to wear a seat belt in a car, a helmet on a two wheeler? My name is Samir contractor.