Ive had this car for about three weeks now, thanks to onto whove lent me the car to sort of give my opinions on it, give you the positives, give you the negatives, give you the overview of how this car has been so lets get straight into this One so, as you can see just in front of me, the car is on 758 miles. I picked up. This car was given this car by onto on about 92 miles, so fair to say, Ive done a fair few miles in this car. To give you a really good overview and thats been within about last sort of three weeks, so Ive really kind of embraced it to kind of understand the whole car understand the whole. Like electric ethos. Ive have previous videos on it. Ive been living with the Fiat. 500E – and I have my sort of like an initial collection of the car, my aim is to kind of show you exactly everything about this car, because I feel like Im in a great position to give you an ownership impression. So lets start with the basics. This is a Fiat 500e, its a car offered by onto if I havent mentioned them their electric car subscription Company. Please um check them out in the description or sort of like the pinned comment, even if just to get an understanding about EVs and then potentially, you can do sort of like a month by month. Subscription.

If you choose to – and I will explain a little bit about how I found them as well in this video Ill get straight on to it Ill be honest with you, Im gon na really really miss this car when it goes back and thats something that I Did not expect to say being such a huge petrol head if you check out other videos on my channel its fairly obvious what type of person I am. I never thought I would be saying that about this car, but Ive really really enjoyed it. Its had to do a lot of things for me, I do a lot of filming, for example, for my YouTube channel and its had to get me to subscribers. The car has done it. Fine um on its charges had to get me to work inside um sort of like the ultra low emission congestion Zone in London and, and you know its done that and obviously its free, because its an electric car at time of filming, Im filming this on. I think its the 4th of December um 2022., so those have all been really cool benefits and its just worked. So first things off. I actually really like something that a lot of people talk to me about is sort of like the infotainment and whether or not they work and, to be honest with you, this has worked really really well and one cool little feature actually is. You can have like this double Sat, Nav thing up, so if I show you it here, you basically get two little screens and its quite good Ive found it quite useful um.

You know Im normally someone who just uses like Google Maps on my phone, but I wanted to give a good impression of what this font was like, as you can see, as well as you kind of navigate through its not its not like laggy at all. Like literally, I mean Ill show you it on camera, like you can see me tapping around its, not slow, it works so real, fair play to fear on how theyve got this to work and all the cool things like so youve got your charge settings you can Set like really stuff that I havent done yet, but it basically shows like the power that youve used in the car being electric car and how much youve saved from the charge and thats off like regenerative. Braking and youve got your current. Your kind of weekly stats. There you can set little charging schedules. If you want and your charge settings um. I never really understood the charging level. Apparently the higher you do it the more risk. It is that there might be a problem or something um. Ive normally had it on free, but I put it on four recently: it didnt really seem to make too much of a difference. Um usual features on here, and it works fine radio, no real issues, um everythings worked, which is great um, but it also has physical buttons, which is nice to see on a 2020. You know two car um.

You know with everything going kind of like virtual, its pretty nice and theyve all worked. One thing I will say: theyre very plasticky and cheap um Im Im, not gon na lie. Um, it just is like the wheel is really really nice and it has a really nice feel to it, and actually, I believe, like the even like the interior is made of like sustainable materials, which is cool, thats, great and the doors are pretty cool. Youve got like this button to open it, so you dont actually have a door pool. You have quite large amount out of space being an electric car. It means theres, no sort of like M transmission tunnel. This car doesnt have any gears, so I mean I dont know what youd put there, but its quite nice. It just makes this small little city car feel a little bit more Airy. You have a few like again: volume buttons are always quite handy. Youve got loads of buttons on the steering wheel as well. Its got cruise control Ive played around with the cruise control. It works fine, its not like adaptive or anything, but it does the job. Also wipers also lights, Lane keeping assist. I mean its got a lot of stuff and its its done. It quite nicely nice, stylish car, but I mean Ill. Let you decide whether or not you think thats the case going on a bit of the negatives I mean like that mirror.

As you can see me my face there, I am is like genuinely. It looks really cheap on on a premium car I mean, and I think this is where Im kind of understanding it all the little plasticky parts are designed to keep the price point of this card down. I mean its one of ontos best cards. To be honest, best selling cars because of the price point that its at and all the money goes on, the battery this car Ive got around sort of 150 mile range out of sort of like a full charge thats around what youll get from this were in December, its cold, its where its miserable its not great for the battery, but its done the job and yeah. I think thats, where your money goes. Basically um. You have a few little like Drive modes again quite premium stuff. You know you got Auto hold handbrake, which you wouldnt expect on this sort of class of car, and I thought that was quite good. You have some e modes and basically, what you can do is you two you toggle between three modes, one mode which is normal, which is basically like your normal driving. So you basically have the acceleration. You have the gas, you have, the acceleration, you have the brake use it like a normal car. You then have two other modes which essentially are like region generative braking it was called one pedal driving. It means you have you.

You have your foot on the accelerator. Whenever you lift off the car will break hard and, depending on your two other modes, itll depend on the severity of the braking. That gives you more charge, and it is quite cool to see your battery go up, particularly when youre going downhill to gain range is quite exciting. I used it for a day. I did not get on with it. I didnt like the ability to just stamp on the brakes all the time I quite like you know. Sometimes just lifting and coasting um, you know Ill be honest and yeah. I just didnt find it good. I actually found it a little bit dangerous. Sometimes you know I didnt want people to go in the back of me from a heavy break for no reason um. So I, but you can just switch that to normal thats what I did and it worked fine um, no gearbox, so it just sort of gets up to speed quickly. The torque is really good. It flies its a quick car, genuinely particularly North, to like 30, nor to 40., really really quick, really hooks up traction. I havent really had any issues either and particularly as its on like Eco type tires um its its done the job um. Have I had any problems, its come up with a few warnings like I dont know, if thats a warning um something about the airbag or something like that and theres, a few things that have popped up there Im not too sure.

Why, like, I think its thought. Someones sitting in the seat and there wasnt a seat belt on um, so Im not too sure about that. Maybe teething issues. This is a brand new 72 plate car, not too sure one thing that I like being a bit of a driver because you can change like the reach and rake of the steering wheel. So I bring it nice and close to me. It actually incredibly has the traction control button, which basically means you can essentially reduce the ability, the car sort of like brakes by itself, so essentially what what most cars will do is it will think that you know youre having an accident pretty much at every corner And itll over compensate so slow, the car down by itself and itll break certain Wheels. Theres. All this clever stuff, reducing the traction control just puts you a little bit more in control. Ive had theres some really fun roads around here in bedfordshire, actually, Ive just come up here, its quite nice to have it off just to have a little bit of fun on the back roads Im in the 60 bar allow us little Zone and its good fun And there isnt really much feel in the steering Im, not gon na lie um and its a little bit floaty, but um, as I mentioned before, in the like previous living video, because its the batteries are quite heavy. This is actually quite a heavy City car, but its light for an electric car, and because of that, it actually just gives it a bit of a lower center of gravity.

Ive come up here on the M1 Ive done a fair amount of Motorway driving. I mean Im not too far off nearly 700 miles, driven in this car and yeah Ive done all sorts of driving Motorway driving back road driving short City trips to do the shopping. You know everything everything Ive done literally everything in three weeks, thats pretty much. To sum it up – and I found it like – I mean it blows around a little bit on the motorway, but its done it well and I think the extra weight kind of helps um Ive found it really really good and yeah. Im really Im really surprised. So like would I recommend this to people, I think, if Im honest with you, can I recommend any electric car to someone. I probably would struggle, but this is where onto came in and you know I appreciate them allowing me to share positives and negatives. You know its, not every company is going to allow that kind of thing. So I do very much appreciate that, as I like to give a transparent View, I think if you do want to get into electric car, whether its a Fiat 500e or anything else, I think onto, is pretty much the best way to do it. A from a cost perspective, and also B, just from will it work for you. Will it work for your kind of Lifestyle thats, the real main important thing might not work for everyone, its pros and cons.

You know Ive mentioned Ive done a massive video until, like the charging aspect, the living with aspect, which I do recommend checking out after this. So will it work for you, you have to decide, but you know technology changes so so fast and this car is crazy. Advanced crazy advanced, but I mean Im looking in front of a very nice Church, you might be able to see there thats the problem. The cars are so much more advanced than the roads and the the infrastructure around thats. The truth you know thats, just where were at the cars are better than everything else, and the cars are constantly improving, so you just dont know where youre going to be. You know in three to six months time this car could be out of date, in which case, would you really want to be tied into a you know, a larger contract? If that makes sense, you know, I feel much happier being able to get out or move on to a different car. Personally, if I was into and going in for an electric car onto, you, can technically have a car for a month and give it back to them. If you should wish personally, I would have it for two to three months. If you like it, if it works in your life, then obviously keep it if it doesnt nothing lost nothing gained bit of experience enjoyed it. Ive had a great time – and one thing I will say so on to offer like um its like a 750 mile limit Im, pretty much coming up to that after my my first month, but you cant extend that I personally would say, use it, use it or Lose it basically make sure you have a purpose of using this car.

If you have a family, you can add additional drivers as well, which I thought was quite cool, um Im personally on my own. But if I had kids or if I had another partner or anything like that, you can kind of add them all on and then they can use up the mileage as well. So there is lots of pros and also it gets you into the latest and greatest um one. The biggest benefit, though – and I think this has saved me quite a lot of money – I probably have charged this car for I dont – know eight or nine times I mean you – can work out 150 mile range and Ive charged it a lot on to actually give You sort of like free charging access for about twelve and a half thousand points. Um thats probably saved me between 100 and 150 pounds because I was watching how much it would have cost me. So you take that off what you would be paying and it starts to make sense. I can recommend the service 100 and I can recommend the Fiat 500e, and that is something I to be honest with you. I never thought I would say you asked me that a month ago I would have said no stay away from Electric. We just dont know where things are at um, but I think this little package works and its a really great car, its done loads of stuff.

For me, like when Ive gone swimming or whatever, the boot is more than big enough, even with the cables, and you get like this little cool like little um ratchet, handle thing at the top to pull down the boot, which Ill show um just stuff like that. Really nice little convenient touches and its obviously like keyless, you can just you know. As long as youve got the key in your pocket, the car will open the car will lock yeah its good Ive had to pass passengers in here, its still, not slow. Obviously, that adds a little bit more weight, theres no room in the back unless youve got kids so that thats one thing so great car. I really liked it um. Let me know if you want to know anything more about this car that I have not described and check out onto in the description, but yeah really really impressed with the car and really really enjoyed it and gon na.