So what Ive heard of this car is actually made like in production in 2017. This was made in Vietnam, Vietnam, and they made this car like a while ago, back in 2017, but before the car was on electric, but now in 2022 they finally made this car electric and honestly, its beautiful and also another thing is that theyve opened five stores And in Canada so far, which is pretty cool its so honestly, the wind fast is pretty nice fast lets. Take a look at more things to go inside. Actually, oh, look at the doors. Doors are huge, wow, the USBs Music, its got a sunroof too wow. Im surprised, Ive, actually never heard of this company theyve been making cars since 2017, but now theyre, finally making other cars electric, which is pretty nice, lets, get a little like top view. How I am Music and look at the gear shifter its only in buttons yeah. They got the park reverse, and I think this is a new store holder. They got drive too, which is pretty cool. They dont have the stick. Now they got buttons, which is kind of weird. Now cool got a screen too its pretty big lets get out. You can drive your eyes. This is a dust. Well look at this, oh my God that is so cool, so look see the logo. If you look at the logo and the car, it shows how much percentage it has if its like not much.

It looked like this right here. All right lets. Look at the logo. Oh, never mind, Music! All right! I wonder how fast this car goes all right guys! I just found out this car goes 250 miles per hour, so it goes so. Look at that in five seconds: it goes to 250 miles per hour, which is pretty fast. It is an electric car because the car is going fast, um all right guys, its the end of the video, its all the information I got so yeah. You know if you liked the video be sure to like subscribe. You know check it on link in the description below check out.