There were all nomenclatures that Apple used to Showcase products that were smaller, easy to use and well more affordable, and that nomenclature is exactly what mg is going to adopt when it launches its next. Electric vehicle in India were gon na, get something called the MGA EV, its small, its tiny, its probably going to be affordable as compared to what normal other EVS or MGS other Evas thats going to be a bit of a city Runabout. We thought wed. Take a closer look at this cute little thing because its coming to India very, very soon, Music, okay, so lets talk about that name. First now, saic is mg. Brand in India obviously has sister Brands all over the world which are sort of very similar in terms of the way the cars are. So the mg Hector, for example, is available in. I think some five or six different variants with different brand names all over the world. Similarly, this is available in a bunch of different variants, so Indonesia, for example, where this is already launched and already on the road, its branded ruling air EV Music, funny name. Yes, I know nonetheless in India is going to be the mg air EV, as I already mentioned earlier, and its gon na be a small little car. In fact, the dimensions are very, very tiny, as well uh sub three meter in terms of length just just a tad bit over 1.5 meters in terms of width and just 1 631 mm in terms of height, so its a bit of a tall boy.

Its almost like a square is rectangle of a car and its going to be very nice sort of run about the city in it, but I think thats, what its going to be its going to be a city, car, Music, so two range options from two different Battery options, the lower version or the lower range option gets off 17.3 kilowatt hour battery, and that gives you a range, a wltp range of about 200 kilometers. So I think wltp cycles and Indian actual driving Cycles are very, very similar, so I think youll get about 170 180 kilometers of actual range. If you do drive with gently, incidentally, but the higher version – and I dont really know which one will come to India with a higher range version – well thats, the interesting one, because that has a 26.7 kilowatt uh battery. And that gives you a wltp range of 300 kilometers, and that is more than usable for a full weeks, Runabout in any City, unless, of course you live in gurgaon, you have to go to Greater Noida for work, in which case wow. I dont know how you do it every day or if you live in South Mumbai and if you go all the way to goregaon for work, in which case God help you foreign motor, its mounted in the back so again, very very similar to something weve already Seen in India Tata, Nano Vibes anybody, small, tiny, little car city car – all of that, but unlike what the data Nano was positioned as and unlike all the Tata, Nano really was an attempt at very, very affordable, cheap Mobility.

This isnt going to be very affordable. In fact, mg has actually come out and said it. Its not gon na really be competing with the likes of the Thiago EV or the tigori. Even I think in terms of price, now the Thiago EVS Indias most affordable, EV well Indias most affordable electric car. This is going to be a lot more expensive, in fact, in Indonesia. I believe this is some 12 or 13 lakhs or even more expensive for the longer range 300 kilometer range option. Now I think in India, this again, isnt gon na be cheap. I think what this is gon na be is somebody who has a couple of cars and wants something as a second or third or fourth car option to run about the city in. In fact, you know what Vibes Im really getting from this scarf. The original Mahindra e2o Music, all the funny things is. This thing, of course, is uh. Its gon na be called a box on Wheels by some and its really that it is what it is, because its got small tiny, 12 inch views. You know what else had 12 inch wheels: 12. The alto 800 has 12 inch wheels and the maruti Suzuki 800 had Dragon Shields and the Nano had 12 inch wheels, and this gets. Let me check 145 70 R12 Tire which, if Im not wrong, was actually the size of the tire of the original 800 as well, so small little wheels and tires very fuel efficient because of the green tires low, rolling resistance.

But this is definitely something that we are looking forward to, because these are really a market for this in India. I have people moved on from wanting small cheap, affordable, whatever you want to call it tidy cars for very specific purpose, to something thats a bit more expensive, thats a bit more pricey, but does a lot more stuff and thats. Why? I think this might be a bit of a root shock for mg, because I dont think its going to do very, very well fine, theyre going to sell a couple of them in any case, because therell definitely be people wholl, be interested in buying something like a Novelty car like this, but I think what mg needs to do is find something a little bit more practical, a little bit larger to get to India instead, something like what the Tata Nexon EV offers: Music anyways. Thank you so much for watching this video. This is a quick run up of this new MGR EV. I hope I do fit in one because it looks really small. Nonetheless, we look at uh this car very very soon, because its going to be launched in India uh, I think at the auto Expo 2023 and, of course, on roads soon after and well bring you everything, walkarounds reviews, whatever else you need very very soon. Thank you.