Dont worry. I will so were heading to this autocross and acceleration thing so well get that out of our system off public roads, yeah uh so were in the ev6 GT. Theres lots to talk about with this thing whats under the floor of this thing. It has a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery and gets 332 kilometers 206 miles of EV range, 576 horsepower and 545 pound feet of torque standard all wheel drive. This thing is quick: zero to 100 kilometers an hour in just 3.5 seconds, thats 0 to 60 miles an hour and 3.4. It is a top speed of 260 kilometers or 160 miles an hour. So this is based on the same platform as the regular ev6, but it obviously offers more power. It has the same size battery as the ev6 but less range. So what do they do to make it different? Well, they take the larger electric motor thats in the back of the regular ev6 thats 160 kilowatt electric motor and they take it from the back thats now the front motor in this GT model, and then they go well. We need a bigger rear motor, so the rear motor is considerably bigger. 270 kilowatts thats a lot of power yeah, and this has got a dedicated sport suspension. It has electronic limited slip differential and then it has larger front and rear brakes and unique front suspension performance components. Theres a lot going on in this EV, but were not done, were going to get into what do you get with this? What are the key standard features? There is only one trim and it comes loaded check out.

These features. A heat pump, a 12.3 inch dual panoramic display with navigation and Kia connect, wired Apple, carplay and Android. Auto a head up display wireless charger, Meridian Audio, sound system, manual, GT Sport, front pocket, seats, heated front and rear seats, a heated steering wheel, a sunroof, a power, lift gate, a surround view, Monitor and Remote Smart park assist. They have the GT button on the steering wheel, Andrea. But what else can you put it in Im going to put it in ask for subscribe, and if you can hit that notification Bell youll be notified when all of our reviews drop and then you can watch them and we do this. The couple car review twice a week, the first one drops on Wednesday – we put another one out on Saturday, so make sure you like And subscribe, but also follow along on Instagram its motor mouth underscore Andrea, to see whats going on behind the scenes. For me, its motor mouth underscore Auto and the links are below the like button. So a lot of people might be wondering, since this is a high performance EV, would it be a good daily driver? Oh yeah wow were on the highway right now, and it is smooth. Cabin is quiet. It handles incredibly well steering is not too light a little bit heavier than I expected, which is what I like, and the suspension is a bit firmer. But what feels good yeah? The roads here take it from us.

Yeah in Nevada, are very smooth. They dont get the cold like wed, get north of the Border, but even with the big wheels and the updated suspension, its very compliant its, not shaking your kidneys, and then you get into these beautifully bolstered seats. The first time theyve ever done. Seats like this and uh it all comes together to make this would be a fantastic daily driver. Oh Im really excited about this. I like the regular ev6. I think it already has enough power, but if you want something unique and you want to be super excited when you get in your vehicle for your daily Drive, guess what this is it well its the same thing as if, like you had a 3 Series, BMW Or youve drove every day to work in an M3 like its the same kind of thing. They have the high performance version, but its still a comfortable car now lets get into the Lux Im a big fan of the ev6 anyway, its probably one of my favorite EVS out there, this one just UPS, the sport wordiness youve, got the GT. Badging youve got black exterior accents. The side mirrors are in gloss black and then how about those neon green, brake calipers? I, like the look of it Im I Im Im not as sold as Andrea. I think that the back of the car some misses something. For me, I cant put my finger exactly what it is, but one of the things about this and you have to check it out in comparison.

They promote this as a crossover for me. This feels like a sportback kind of sedan, feel even though it has a pretty good ground clearance, but its not the the height of vehicle Youre, Expecting from a traditional crossover like a Sportage. Yes were riding on 21 inch GT alloy wheels. There is a tire repair kit and this gets 6.1 inches of ground clearance, which is pretty good for this EV crossover, something like the Maki offers, 5.7 inches, so a little bit lower Andrea. When was the last time we got a car yeah exactly the same North and South of the Border. I know this car that were driving in is a U.S spec car, its exactly the same car well get in Canada that never happens its a limited supply. High performance car specked one way in one way only yeah, I think they settle into more colors than red, though they do. You know what my other favorite color is: the blue thats another song, yeah yeah, Im happy with the red I take, the blue Ill take either Ill, take the blue so moving to the interior. You know the sportiness continues as well with the interior, GT design element. Youve got these front sport bucket seats that Zach mentioned, but theyre fully manual. They are on both sides. Theres no power operated, thats, okay, I guess! Well, I think, if youre the only one driving the vehicle Ive got it in the right position that I like it.

So I dont really care, but if youre sharing the vehicle, it might be a little bit annoying after a while and its leatherette with some suede inserts. It doesnt come with ventilated Frontier dates, but I have to say with this suede it doesnt get really cold and it doesnt get really hot. I kind of like that. Its similar to cloth really and theres also green accents to mimic the green brake calipers in the exterior okay. So this is the same layout really as the regular ev6. The one thing I wish they had tried to do to make this a GT is, instead of going with a two spoke steering wheel yeah, they went with a sportier. Three spoke steering wheel now that takes more engineering to do that, but the car has a sporty Vibe. It is very sporty its very fast that doesnt scream sporty enough to me. I do like it that its a flat bottom steering wheel. Another thing I like about this is that the moon roof opens and there is an electronic shade as well. Yeah theres, a lot of EVS that dont have an opening, sunroof thats, pretty nice, and I, like that, its tinted uh as well yeah. You can close it yeah, but the rest of the Interior, the seats uh, the color, the steering wheel, and maybe some texture here on the dash other than that, its really the same as the ev6 yeah and thats good.

Because this is the new Kia dashboard and it works really well, there is a mix of hard plastic and soft materials in here and, of course, piano black yeah. They went to the shiny, hard plastic store, but its not overwhelming, but its there and its a trend that we dont love but everybodys doing it. And then you have the wireless charger here in the center console and also the rotary dial and all of the plugins and EVS from Kia. Have that and one of the real standouts in here honestly is the 12.3 inch dual display screen. So youve got the 12.3 inch touchscreen and the digital driver display its a very modern and sophisticated look in here Andrea. Does it come with Wireless Apple, carplay and wireless Android auto it does not Zack it does not. This is the flagship car. This is top of the line yep not available. You know that is a feature. Wireless Apple, carplay and Android, auto that I really like, and I miss when a vehicle doesnt have it so heres me getting in the back seat. This isnt going to be a replacement for a compact SUV for Headroom. However, it is a roomy vehicle, youre right. This has got great space. Not only does it have the flat floor in the rear, but a lot of good front row legroom. The only EV that competes against this that has more is the Mustang Maki. Second row legroom is also very good.

Its the model y that offers the most in this category and then, when you lift the tailgate at the back its kind of what you expect in this category. As Andrea mentioned, no spare tire, you get a tire repair kit. The Kia offers 50.2 cubic feet of overall space and 24.2 cubic feet of space behind the second row, so they have us driving in this beautiful countryside, near Lake Mead, outside of Las Vegas, on the way to the autocross, an acceleration course, but time now, from what Andrea, we got ta drink some water because we dont have any coffee again time now for questions, coffee and cars. Your questions from Instagram. Do you feel the extra performance is worth the upgrade, considering the price and range loss for a normal commuter car that most electrics are purchased, for I mean thats, actually a really good question, because youre right how much power do you really need the regular ev6 offers Less power and has more range than this, so I guess the way we look at it is. This has plenty of range for our everyday lifestyle. Okay, the analogy we talked about earlier. Somebody has like a a regular car gas car and then they have a high performance gas car. Well, the high performance gas car has more power and is not going to have the same kind of range because it uses more gas, its the same thing, but somebody whos buying this car will live in a Suburban or a house with a plug and everyday drive.

It and how have a blast enjoy it and itll probably be just fine. The whole range thing is for people that are doing longer trips, but if youre, just using it every day in the city or wherever you live yeah its more than enough – and you know, research shows that 80 percent of people charge at home its only those small Occasions where you need something like a DC fast charger – and this has an 800 volt system, so you can charge this pretty fast, 10 to 80 percent in 18 minutes. If Im doing a long road trip, Andrea Im taking the Telluride, how does it make you feel? Is it worth the price, I want to say the price? First yeah, okay, totally worth the price, because this is a high performance EV with a lot of horsepower and its priced actually really well amongst the competition. Well, the thing is: the competition are higher performance, maybe not higher performance, equal performance, but a higher price point. So you want to get performance like this in an EV youre, going to a Porsche icon, Maki GT the whole performance on that side and thats well over eighty thousand dollars. So in Canada this is under 75 and in the U.S, its just under 60 and a half thousand dollars thats a good price point, so they told us in the presentation. Of course, this was a U.S presentation, but its going to be the same in Canada, somebodys going to buy this car, they dont care about the price they want, the highest performance best value Eevee they can get this.

Is it and theyll buy it and they wont even really look at the price? They should have increased the battery size for this one, a high priced daily driver like this car should have power, heated and ventilated seats. I suspect they got rid of that and attempt to reduce weight. So I did ask the product planner this morning about the manual front seats. Now they are heated, but they are not ventilated and theyre. Ratchet height adjustments yeah. So you have a height adjustment on both sides, which is great now we kind of feel like after driving it for the day that we are missing a power driver seat, especially because were sharing the passengers who you could get away with. You know its really about the person who pays the bills. Every month, yeah thats the driver, the thing about it with electric CDs, you can have those little micro adjustments with with this its kind of like one notch. This Notch is too far. This is too close. Yeah, it would be nice to have an electric seat. What was the other part of that question um just about? They should have increased the battery size, but if you increase the battery size, you got to make the car bigger, so youre gon na have a long, wheelbase performance car. No, we dont want that. It doesnt work that way, so you have to work within the footprint of the car you cant make the battery bigger, because you have to make the car bigger.

Andrea is going to the track for the first time how exciting Im gon na drive first, but then Andrea, yeah, then Im going to do it so watch me. Go there we go oh yeah, its Santas, elf, stylist Santas elves. That is a good look perfect! Oh, that now thats a good thing, thats a good thats. Tough. Here we go yes, this is the Headroom test. Do you make it I make it were going to GT mode were having some fun? Are you all ready, yeah Im excited Im super excited. I see even with a helmet, I can its you fat, you fit just fine, so I thought this was an autocross course, but this is actually a development course. My God can you do this Andrea, I hope so see and now youre gon na watch him put the brakes on. So this is my first time ever with an electric car on a race course, and you know what, with a with a heavy car like this yeah, you here, listen to, can you hear it you can get. You can drift out the back, yeah thats fun! You got drift mode, well, were not in drift mode were drifting but yeah. You can drift it. No problem. Oh yeah drafting, I think, Im good for our eyeballs. We look where we want the car to go. First then hard acceleration here, hard acceleration. Here there you go, so this is the fastest section right, the right cones are there.

The cones tell you where theyre gon na go harder. Yeah, you really got to look ahead. Dont you yeah. The whole thing about driving is where you look yeah. If you look at something you will hit it yeah for sure, accelerate, accelerate, accelerate all the way, all the way down all the way down. There you go there, you go, oh God, amazing, okay, Im getting a little queasy its as a driver, its no problem yeah, but as a passenger, hard acceleration. This is the fastest part here, yeah wow, oh my gosh, you guys you would love this youre doing great Andrea for someone whos never done this before amazing. I think the car is very forgiving, though too. I think so too I mean youve got all wheel. Drive youve got all that power. You got all those Electronics. I know what a great opportunity. Not only did we get to drive it in the city on the highway, but now at the track to really experience this high performance EV, and then we get to go to the uh acceleration test. Okay, here we go. Oh, this is amazing. Holy smokes, wow thats an amazing, drag racing. I wonder what my time is: theyre gon na the first flash I see oh thats, my first drag strip ever thats fun. I like that. So our times in the quarter mile were pretty close. Very close were around 117 yeah miles an hour 118. yeah theyre, pretty fast, pretty fast, the car is and the track.

That makes all the difference. I think, if I did it again, I would speed that up for sure all right. That was a load of fun. What was it like, first time on the track, my gosh, it was mind blowing. It was amazing, adrenaline rush. I had so much fun. I want to do it again soon, all right, so you probably want to know, like all the facts about this car lets, get into it with their vital stats. Lets start with pricing. The GT Model starts at just under 74 and a half thousand dollars Canadian and just under 61 and a half thousand dollars in the U.S. The ev6 GT has a 10.9 kilowatt onboard charger with a level 2 charger. It will charge in just over seven hours and with a DC fast charger, you can go from 10 to 80 percent. In just 18 minutes. The ev6 GT comes standard with an 800 volt system for Ultra fast charging capability in the U.S Kia offers a thousand kilowatt hour credit at Electrify America over three years, so you want kind of a fun EV. What else can you buy for your consideration? Four vehicles for you to consider up first is the Genesis: gv60 performance model with up to 483 horsepower and 378 kilometers 248 miles of range, its priced at 79 thousand dollars the Ford Mustang Maki GT performance Edition, with 480 horsepower and up to 418 kilometers or 270 Miles of EV range, it has a starting price of 83 and a half thousand dollars the Tesla Model y long range, with 384 horsepower and 531 kilometers 318 miles of range.

It has a starting price of just under 87 thousand dollars. The Volvo C40, with 402 horsepower, 364 kilometers or 225 miles of range and its a starting price just under sixty thousand dollars. So there are four electric vehicles for you to consider lightning round two things. We like two things we like to see improve. I just love the way that this handles, whether youre in the city on the highway or at the track power price ratio. You get a lot of car here. What Id like to see an offering a ventilated front seats and on the seats you need a power driver seat.