The child seat. Section of this review is brought to you by infosecure in the back of the mg Zs EV. There are isofix in the two outer rear seats. Theyre, not within plastic guides, but theyre. Quite easy to connect to there were tops ever Anchorage is on the back of all three rear seat backs that were easy to access through the boots. Now I could fit three in particular. Child seats across the back here, which is pretty impressive. Ive got the achieve more, the attain more both rear facing, and The Versatile folding booster seat in the central seat. Now leg room is pretty impressive in here too, with the rear facing attain more, we can fit a 186 centimeter passenger in front, which is really good for a small car. Like this. On the other side, we could fit a 186 centimeter driver in front of a forward facing child seat or about a 170 centimeter in front of a rear facing child seat. To learn more about the child seats used in this video. Just click on the link here: storage in the back is minimal. There are map pockets on the back of both front seats. They will hold and conceal on iPad and the door bins in the back will hold a large refillable water bottle. There are air convents in the back of the central console box, which is great for keeping little passengers nice and comfortable, while youre driving along theres.

Also, a USB and USBC socket back there too, for them to charge their devices storage in the front of the mgz. Scv is good. There are two cup holders in the central console: theyll hold a reusable and a disposable coffee cup. Behind them is a small Central console box and in front of them, youve got a wireless phone charging pad there and 12 watt socket and USB and USBC socket in the ceiling. Theres a lined glasses case and the glove box is a good size in here. It will hold an iPad and wallet with the manual the door. Bins are a good size in the front, theyll hold a large refillable water bottle and an iPad fits in them too. The boot of the mgz Sev is nice and easy to open and close. Now the boot floor does drop down around 10 centimeters, which gives you a great extra depth to your storage in the boot, too, lets find out how much we can fit in the boots empty. It will hold nine shopping bags or a twin pram, with no shopping bags or a double pram, with no shopping bags, a single pram and two shopping bags, or a compact stroller and six shopping bags or small to medium sized dog. The mg zsev is the most affordable electric car on the market in Australia at the moment, and it does about 320 kilometers to a full battery range, its nice and easy to charge, and you can just access the plug socket through the front here.

Music. Now the mgz Sev its a nippy and Zippy little car to drive its very small so that turning circle is really nice and tight, which is great for school and Supermarket car parks and places like that. Now it does about 320 kilometers to a full battery charge, which is Ive found to be a really nice practical amount with my family. Also youve got those great benefits of being able to drive your kids to sleep or sit while theyre asleep in the back. Just using that battery power and not churning through fuel, which is great now, I have found that road bumps do feel a little bit harsh in here. So that is something to bear in mind, but other than that, its a really nice little drive and its nice and quiet too. The media system is nice and easy to navigate in the mgzsev. Now youve got a few things in here. Youve got your battery charging screen, which is great to keep an eye on how much battery range youve got left and things like that. Youve also got really good. 360 degree cameras, which is fantastic for a car for this price. Now the air conditioning is controlled mainly through the screen. I just find it a little bit tricky to manage while driving you do have heated seats. There too, youve also got Apple, carplay and Android auto as well, which again is fantastic in a car like this. When you put it into reverse, youve got those great 360 degree cameras and you can see from all sorts of different angles and also when you indicate um.

The cameras come up in the screen too, which is really good for making sure you dont hit the curbs. But with the mgz Sev, it is a fantastic electric car for families with the new 320 kilometer range, its a really practical amount for family usage, its also the most affordable electric car on the market on in Australia. At the moment, its got that apple carplay in there its got really good cameras. The drive is good and you can get those three in particular child seats across the bag.