Many new cars have been introduced across various segments, but the one that has perhaps generated the maximum interest is the Tata Thiago EV, the most affordable electric from the Homegrown automaker has garnered more than 20 000 bookings since its launch a few months ago, and now, just Before the year ends, weve got our hands on this silent hatch. The face of the Tata Tiago EV looks quite modern as well as appealing you get many Tata Motors elements like the triro pattern here on this new Grille, as well as down below the car, also gets projector headlamps fog lamps as well as drls right here. So yes looks quite appealing, then you have this nice midnight, Plum, color looks even better with the contrast roof on this top trim almost gives you that Tata Motors Dark Edition feel Music. The blue elements are visible all over the car that tell you that this one is an EV. It gets 14 inch steel wheels and on the higher frames you get these nicer, looking hyper style wheels apart from Midnight Plum. There are four other colors you can choose from, including the signature tea blue, seen on many other electric cars from the brand. The rear also looks quite appealing with these brake lights integrated nicely into the spoiler up. Here you also get LED tail lamps. Apart from that, this Thiago EV badging looks nice and yes on this top exit plus egg Luxe stream. You also get an electric tailgate opening now lets get to the cabin of the Thiago EV.

A Motors says that the idea behind making a car like the Tiago EV is to not just give you an affordable electric car, but also to give you a hatchback that feels quite premium, and that is the case with the Tiago AV. Once you come inside this car, especially on this top exit plus takes Lux variant, which is the only one that gets leathered upholstery as well as leather it on the steering wheel. Apart from that, too, the car feels nice, with these teal blue accents on the AC. Once you get a digital cluster, that gives you lot of information, the buttons are laid out nicely very approachable. So you can all your functions. You can control very easily controls on the steering wheel as well, and, yes, you also get the harmanta screen system on many trims, even the lower trims, which is compatible with Apple carplay and Android auto, although it is wired and then you also get the Tata Motors Z, Connect app, which comes with the 45 connectivity feature, so you can do a lot of functions through your smartphone even remotely, and you can also do the same thing through a smartwatch. So yes, this is a connected car in every sense, so you do feel quite premium when you use a vehicle like the Tiago EV connect is a standard feature on the car. While you also get things like start, stop button height, adjustable drivers, seat and cruise control, depending on the variant you choose to buy ergonomically, though the cabin could have been better as theres limited storage space all around, especially the door Pockets, which are quite narrow.

The second row is just about adequate when it comes to legroom, though making three people sit here will be a bit of a stretch. Headrests cannot be adjusted here and the AC vent is absent too. The hatch gets a boot space of 240 liters its now time to hit the bright and sunny roads of Goa in the new Tata Tiago Eevee Music foreign Music Motors did not do this with the tigor EV, but with the Thiago EV theyve launched the car in Two different versions: two different battery packs – one is a smaller one. One is a bigger one, so, on the first one you get a lesser range and on the bigger one, which is called the high range, you get a range of 315 kilometers. This is an Ari certified figure, thats a varied driving right now. This is the one that comes in the higher Trims and gets more features as well. The one with a smaller battery pack and the Lesser Ranger does not get as many features as this one. So numbers are quite decent here around 74 BHP and 114 newton meters, and these numbers are good enough to give you quick acceleration or if you want to do an overtaking maneuver, you can do that quite easily with these numbers. The good thing is that you do not feel the car is going out of control because of these numbers, theyre quite decent, can be managed well and makes the car just suitable to use, especially in the urban environment Music.

A smaller 19.2 kilowatt hour battery pack gives a peak torque figure of 110 newton meters, which isnt bad either you get a certified range of 255 kilometers on this one tagovib also gets multiple region modes so, depending on where youre driving youre on the highway, you are In the city you are in a traffic jam, you can switch between these levels to ensure a better range on the car, and then you also get a sports mode on the vehicle. So you want a more enthusiastic, more spirited drive. You can switch to the sports mode. Of course the catch is that the range will go down faster when youre driving this car at a good speed in the sport mode. So data says that if you combine these two drive moves which are City and sports with the four region levels you get a total of eight driving modes that you can use in different conditions depending on the requirements. What also helps in getting a slightly better range is the Z Connect app it analyzes the driving behavior and tells you the areas where you can improve as a driver. The more time you spend with the car, the more you understand how the system works and therefore the anxiety of using an EV goes down. Other Tiago has always been a small epic car, so the handling has never been an issue on this hatchback and with the low center of gravity thats the case on the EV as well.

So it does give you confidence when youre driving it even at high speeds or when youre taking Corners. So that way is uh. Yes, it may not be an out and out drivers car, but it does not disappoint you in the way it handles on the roads. Ride quality is also at par with the petrol version, if not better. Today, weve driven mostly on good roads in Goa, but the occasional pump or a speed, breaker or a bad patch hasnt, really bothered us while driving in this car. The Tata Tiago boasts of a four star safety rating from Global in cap, so the EV as well might come across as a safe car. You also get two airbags ABS, with EBD and tire pressure monitoring system. The battery pack is IP67 certified and comes with a warranty of eight years or 1 lakh. 60 000 kilometers, whichever is earlier Tata, is providing many charging options with a Thiago EV. The mid range model comes with a 3.3 kilowatt AC charger, while the high range model also has the option of a 7.3 kilowatt AC charger which charges the car from 10 to 100 percent in 3.6 hours, a 15 ampere socket takes about 8.7 hours. To do the same job while a DC fast charger goes from 10 to 80 percent. In 58 minutes the Tiago EV was launched, starting at 8 lakh 49 000 rupees X, showroom for the mid range version and the prices went up to 11 lakhs 79, 000 rupees.

For the top high range stream, but these were applicable for the first 20 000 bookings and the brand will announce the updated prices in January, which is when the deliveries will also begin. For now. The field is pretty much clear for the Thiago EV as theres. No direct competition for the car, but the EC3 from Street drawing is coming soon and based on what it offers things could just get interesting now, if youre still thinking about buying your first electric car and still have a lot of questions in your mind, like range Anxiety or charging issues or how an EV drives the way it handles right quality you get on the car because its slightly heavier than the petrol car in case of the Thiago EV. This car addresses all your queries and concerns very nicely. You convinced about EVS.