and so to explain myself. I want to walk you around. The exterior features the interior features and take this thing for a drive to let you know if you should buy one of these lets get into it now the Kia Nero electric is priced from just over 70 000 before onroads and incentives for this GT line model. You see here now front light design, its a very unique design, theres these clusters on either side, and you do have these cool daytime running lights and you do have LED lights instead of halogens, which we saw on the base model Nero now. We have plenty of blocked out grilles, but we do have some access to some air vents down below, which is useful because, yes, EVS still need access to air vents. Now, charging door is just here at the front its manually operated, but I dont really like the placement. I do prefer it at the back towards the rear. That makes it easier to sort of pull up either parallel or reverse up to a charging port, where this means you sort of have to just park nose in all the time. But it is worth noting that Kia made use of the space underneath the Bonnet here, which is awesome so along the side, the Kia or electric really isnt, that different from the hybrid. There are some small differences like some slightly bigger wheels. These are up from 16 inches to 17 inches and they have a slightly different design, and then what I do like is the fact that this car has plastic instead of sort of that gloss black material, which means this shouldnt scratch or show fingerprints as much which I really quite like which they have keyless entry and exit, and our Aero blade back here.

Yes, like I said shown off in that nice gloss Black Metallic, and it looks so good its a bit Aero blade because air passes through here and out the back to help with aerodynamics and efficiency which I really like and a very unique feature on a car. Like this and then something, I think is worth noting, I really dont like this extra piece of material that goes around the boot. It just looks a little ungainly a little dated, but apart from that yeah its a very clean, exterior design. Now you get a power tailgate with the top end trim of the Nero electric, which is quite useful. We have this very flimsy cargo cover which I just hate, but we do have a nice sizable boot, its very easy to get things in and out of theres. Only a small boot lip now you can see under the boot floor here we dont have a rear spare tire. Instead, we have a repair kit which, which is a bit useless. What we do have is our vehicle to load charges. So this thing, just like weve seen on some other EVS, that weve tested get product review cars. This goes into your charge port at the front, and then it gives you access to your cars battery via a traditional household plugs. It just means that you get a PowerPoint on the outside of your car, which is very useful, so the new Kia Niro electric has a far better interior than the previous generation, its so much more interesting to look at theres.

So much going on and I really like it now over the base trim of the Nero. This is so much more worth it to go upgrade to whether its in the hybrid or the electric range. You should go from the s to the GT line because youre getting all these small Little Creature, Comforts which add up to make this car so much easier to live with day to day. So we have things like an upgraded speaker system. We have heated cooled front seats. We have two electric seats up front. We also have a heads up display two 10.25 inch displays which wrap around weve also got a sunroof. Now, if you want it weird that here put this giant gloss, black trim here on the door just shows a bunch of fingerprints and dust. Now the display in front of me is really easy to read. You can go through all your different sub menus there, and also I do like how it changes its look, depending on which drive mode youre in through the drive mode button here on the steering wheel. Now we also do have paddles on here as well, to help with your adjustable regen. Now here the center 10.25 inch display is really easy to operate. It has this little EV menu in here as well, which gives you a bit more info about your car and also has some smart connected features like what the weathers doing as well, which I find quite useful.

Now, backseat Comfort isnt hugely impacted by the battery, but it is noticeable compared to the hybrid. My knees are sitting higher up in the back and I have a little less feet: room underneath the seat in front of me. We do two USB ports still on these seats, which I like quite a lot theyre very similar to design in the Kia ev6, which was a good part of them. And then, strangely, the Kia Nero electric gets two map Pockets, but for some reason the base model Kia Nero hybrid s, does not. It only gets ones. Thats. A weird thing, thats included back here, but also whats cool in here – is that in the back, just like we saw in the ev6, we do get a little household plug in the real. So the new Kia Niro electric, is quite an improvement over the previous generation. I found this to be very impressive to jump into, get started and get driving its a very relaxing Driving Experience, and it feels far more refined than the previous generation neuro electric just feels like more R Ds got into this car than the hybrid. I think the hybrid was sort of like we have to make one, and this was we want to make one that is front. Wheel, drive only theres, an electric motor up the front, so yeah its a bit of a downside compared to the ev6. If you want a better Driving Experience, the front wheel, drive motor really is more of a practical application than a fun to drive application.

Whats great is you have plenty of torque on board. You have over 400 kilometers of range per charge and thats real world as well, which is great now driving um. These smaller Wheels do feel a little bit inadequate for the ride. Those bigger wheels on those EVS make them feel more planted, because this already feels very heavy, which feels like its sucked down to the road. But then these small wheels dont really complement their Driving. Experience now were in eco mode driving right now and the steering is nice and relax. I have a great visibility outside the car. We have blind spot monitoring. We also have a reversing camera theres plenty here that makes this car very easy to live with. If we go into normal mode, we get a little bit more acceleration under our foot. You know a bit more power. Its weird I dont know why youd be driving in normal mode, where I think Eco and Sport are fine options, because you want either the most amount of range or you want a quick Driving Experience. Im, not sure why you went in between. Then you can go into Sport and that really awakens this thing up its so exciting. When it does this, when youre in sport, it really does start to move. So if we go along here and put a foot down and jeez yeah, this moves and as our lane Keepers telling us that were a skinny piece of road but yeah.

This is a quick car. And what I like is that its a quick and efficient and also very nice, to drive EV without sacrificing any practicalities now in sport, you do get a stiffer steering feel so yeah. It feels a bit more engaging, but yes, like I mentioned its, not super engaging like it was on the ev6. You still feel like youve got a higher center of gravity, because this is a taller car. Now efficiency Ive been averaging around 16.2 kilowatt hours per hundred kilometers, so its not like an ultra efficient EV, but it is definitely up there its now should you buy one of these? Well, if youre looking for a safe play in the electric SUV segment, then yes, you should go and buy one of these because its Kia, they have a 70 year, warranty its a very predictable Driving Experience. Now, if youre a bit more adventurous, then you can check out something like a pulsar 2 and a Tesla Model 3 for less money, or if you want to go further down, you can check out something like the mgzsev or even the byd 803.