My name is Derek Riley today were taking the BMW IX, specifically the iDrive 40 Coast to Coast from NS and County Clare at the beautiful ramolin castle, all the way back to Dublin South County Dublin where I live. I stayed here last night, it was my birthday yesterday, so I got treated and what I wanted to talk about. First of all, is the efficiency of the BMW IX, but, secondly, the importance of destination charges are having correct chargers at that hotel. Thank you, foreign Music. This is probably a perfect example of a destination charger, so youve got a 22 kilowatt unit, dual sided and it also has the beautiful drumrolling castle branding on it. So thinking about your brand, but also thinking about the situation of where these are parked. So this is what they call a valet parking charging so that what they will do is theyll charge it for you and then once its up to a certain level or you want it full before the night then, following morning, theyll bring it around for you in The morning fully charged, so you drop your Eevee here, you can plug it in theyll, plug it in, for you no thats, not always the case with destination charges. You might have to do this yourself. This is just a service that they offer to molding Castle, but my point being, they have a unit here at drop off and they also have other units that are coming in the main car park and also at the Inn at ramoland, so theyre spreading their EV Charging city solutions around the site, but its great to see this one youd recognize this one.

If youre based in Ireland as a cert control unit, thats ESP e carriers would use, but it wasnt ESP carriers that put this in these can be provided. There are good hardwareing units, but what I really like about it is the Brandon, as you know, Im all about the Brandon so leaving from Holland. We are asked 304 kilometer range at a 95 battery Music Music, so were just finished in Ennis we went into Murphys menswear there decton looked after me with regards to a new suit and we are leaving heading to Mullingar. The distance is a hundred, and oh that looks weird on the Korean camera. 184 kilometers and Ive got 278. These screens are flashing away, um, so plenty of charts to get from here to Mullingar and whether we need to stop and charge them one again. I put it on a charger or not well figure it out um Im going to see if I can find um usage battery usage in the menu, hopefully that BMW have some option there to see with the trip Etc, but Ill show you that once we get To mulligar so stay tuned Ill. Stick the time lapse up thanks foreign Music, just about to head away from Mullingar, and we have to go back into Dublin City Center, just in the outskirts near Houston Station to pick up our puppy dog and then shes nearly two. And then we are heading down to dunnery, so its 111 kilometers were not going to make it so were at 87.

down here, um and so unfortunately, wasnt able to do the two 300 odd kilometer Journey. But I have been on motorways all the way from Ennis up to the outskirts of Galway and then all the way up the m6 here to Mullingar, so its been 120 kilometers all the way I didnt spare it aircon has been on so were gon na charge. In kinigad at easygo the vehicle Journey data you just have to ask for it. Hey BMW show me: the journey data here is the journey data, so the screen is refreshing there, so its difficult to see it since the last charge, which was last night at the hotel, were getting 30 23.2 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers and length of time and How many kilowatts thats used kilowatt hours, thats used its 5.1 and you can actually go all the way back since Factory youre getting an average of 25.1 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, and so, with the 77 kilowatt hour battery at 25, kilowatts per 100 kilometers thats, bringing You about 310, a real world range and its been cold, its been nine degrees, its been potentially a lot of Motorway with the other journalists that are reviewing this as well. Weve had over 5000 kilometers so real world at this time of the year for the BMW IX X540 looking around the 300 kilometers 320 kilometers. Just so you know um, I will check in once. We do a 20 minute stop off in kindergarten in easygo were going to get something quick bite to eat inside in supermax anyway, so I will sign in with you on the way out of kindergarten foreign Music use just over 11 kilowatts of energy downloaded so the Length of Journey Ive got left, is 88 kilometers and we have 126 put in so 15 16 minutes worth of a stop is all we needed.

We got something to eat anyway. Lets keep going to King dunleary step up pick up the dog first foreign Music, and we are going to look at some of the vehicle stats and you can see its still on since Factory, so it is showing. I brought it down slightly 25 kilowatt hour per 100 kilometer, that is over 5000 kilometers on this press vehicle since the journey started on the 3rd of the third. This was from back in March, I was doing 21.9 kilowatt hours per uh, 100 kilometers and 42 kilometers left a beautiful drive, beautiful car, not the most efficient, but it is a big heavy vehicle and I was doing a lot of Motorway huge thanks to my patreon Supporters on forward slash EV review Ireland, Blake Boland Eve daily and Mark. Hopefully, youve enjoyed my review of the BMW i x, if youre, looking for a full review, its on the channel Ive, put a link on the screen and also in the description which was a fairly new car at the time back in March of 2022 and youll, See a Black version of this pulling in the other side of the driveway. Now, as you can see, uh give me two seconds, but hopefully youve enjoyed this range test. You can see it there in a second as Im, pulling out its reversing back and pulling into the way and remember if you think any V is for you leave it to me and Ill review.