As you can see, we are sitting behind the steering wheel of the Thiago. Eb, you see the dashboard and the dual tone dashboard does stand out. Its uh very well designed solid built. Yes, it is solid plastic, but then a durability Factor comes in. So that is pretty impressive, then the Thiago EV comes standard with a fully automatic climate control, so its a digital climate control very very helpful right there, 7 inch infotainment is very easy to use the touch response isnt too bad either, and of course it comes with All your standard connectivity options like Android, auto Apple carplay, but what is a segment first feature is the Zed connect or rather connected features, and that is over. Around 45 features it offers. So that is pretty impressive. A couple of basic things well just touch upon like it gives a report card on the way you drive uh. What is the average range of the car, and also it uh highlights a bit on safety like? Are you wearing the seat belt on a regular basis? What speed are you driving on when you enter and exit Corners? So thanks that will help you if you want, if you are interested in it, so that analytics is there. Apart from that, it is very spacious in front. The seat again is very, very supportive and its a solid build car, so the EV retains all the pluses and all the strengths of its petrol after Music.

Practicality is the name of the game for an affordable hatchback and its the same for the Thiago EV. So come take a look at the boot space. It offers 240 liters thats, actually two liters less than its petrol version. Now, how Tata has managed to retain the space? Well, well, show it to you. The battery is tucked in right here, and so you can see there is no spare wheel. It comes with a puncture kit, and this, of course, is your charging cord. So this is how they have managed to keep the boot space fairly. Spacious now well talk about the rear space come lets find out area. Space is also a very very spacious place to be. You can see, there is fairly decent leg room and, of course, the Thiago petrol also had a very decent Headroom. So the EV retains that. But what is interesting and what we like to highlight is the battery is under the seat and in the boot space. So you can see the need to floor. Space is very comfortable, its not you know like, as if its in a very straight or a high knee position so its in a comfortable position. You can slide your feet underneath the front seat and you sit in a very natural position. That is something that is very important and on top of that, the seats are fairly comfortable, fairly supportive. You can have three adults sitting here, but this is an affordable hash pack.

So you got to keep in mind that factor because it does not come with any charging ports or nothing of that sword. At best, you just have a place, for you know to a storage space at best and thats it, but it does the trick and again practicality. It again scores High marks Music. So before we start driving the car well just quickly get through the specs and Im going to use my phone to ensure that you know I get all the figures right now. It is powered by either a 19.2 kilowatt hour battery or the 24 kilowatt hour battery. We are driving the 24 kilowatt per hour battery, so Im just gon na quickly get you the specs of this version. Now it has a total output of 74 BHP and 114 NM of torque, which is very much similar to your Petrol hashbacks in this segment. According to Tata, it has a range of 315 kilometers, but in real world traffic it should be around to 40 or 250 kilometers and terms of charging again were just sticking to the 24 Point 24 kilowatt hour battery because thats the one we are driving. So if you charge uh via a 15 15a plug point, which is your regular plug point at home or and if you charge also via the AC home box charger, both take around 8.7 hours, so its basically an overnight charging um time. If you take the AC fast charger, then it charges from 10 to 100 in just 3.

6 hours and if you take the DC fast charger, then from 10 to 80 it charges in 58 minutes. So pretty fast charging options right there and, as you have multiple options, you really cant go wrong and Tata has put a lot more effort in ensuring that it drives away range anxiety, Music. So finally, we are driving the Thiago EV and, as weve already mentioned, the power output and the motor itself so were not going to get into. The figures were just going to talk about the Driving Experience, because that is what matters in the end and the good thing about this vehicle is. It comes with two driving modes. It comes with a normal mode, which is your daily commute. It is sorted. It has enough power, we actually are driving in the winding roads of Goa. So well tell you a bit about the ride quality as well, and we did come across some inclines and in the normal driving mode. There were absolutely no issues, no hiccups at all. It didnt huff and puff for any sort of bar at all, so the initial acceleration is extremely smooth and the only thing more you can hear is maybe the outside road noise or the AC fan otherwise its a very, very quiet cabin, and it has a very Linear sort of acceleration, so so somebody um from a petrol hatchback and now opting for an ev1. It is a very smooth transition. You know they wont be overwhelmed at all, so you just step on it.

It quickly picks up bass, but it doesnt throw you back in the seat like usual EVS. So right now were gon na were gon na go over some bumps yeah, and you can see that you know it neutralizes the bumps. Now the normal driving mode is, as you mentioned earlier, it is great for your city commute. It has more than enough power even to overtake on highways. So we did that as well, but if you change the drive mode to S – and that is sport, of course, there is a sudden um energy that you feel from the motor its just a lot more bassier and it just picks up pace. And again you got to slow down because theres some more bumps on the road, but there is a significant difference and just to keep you updated on how the range also falls. There is an average of 10 kilometers range difference between normal and Sport, but see you just step on it and it really picks up base again in a very, very controlled manner. So its not like you know, goes wild and crazy or anything. So these are the two modes. The Thiago EB also offers three regen modes. The first mode is extremely mild uh, not at all intrusive, the second. Yes, it becomes a little bit more stronger and third, of course, is the most effective one of them all, but it feels all natural it doesnt affect your driving style, so it is actually very complementary to the way you drive now.

Moving on to the ride and handling quality – and we know that Tata cars are well built in that ways and they tackle potholes and bad roads in India and the Thiago EV continues to do that. So, apart from its attractive price, I believe we believe that the ride quality is its USB. It is just something that rare passengers will definitely appreciate it Music. So now we are finally down to the question that we asked before. Is it worth buying the Thiago EV, and the answer is yes, it is because it is practical, it is spacious from the inside. It offers very decent boot space. It drives well as well, and it has a range of around 240 to 250 kilometers, which is fairly average, but again decent for commuting in the city, but the USB We Believe, apart from, of course, its affordability part, is the way the ride quality is it just Goes over bumps, it goes over deep potholes we drove on bad roads. The ride quality is just one of the best in the segment now coming to the affordability part. It starts from 8.5 around that much 8.8 and a half lakhs and goes on till around 11.80 lakhs egg showroom, of course – and this is the top of the line model, so it is on the higher side, but again theres no other EV in this price bracket. So if youre in the market for an affordable EV, we suggest you go to the latest Tata dealer and take a quick drive.

Also, we have not spoken about the exterior of this vehicle because weve already done a walk around.