Can I get an Eevee? We have a Prius Prius one minute 37 seconds later. Okay Prius was good, but I want an EV IL. We have a new Prius view. Prius, a few minutes later: hey Toyota. Can I get an EV? Please everyone has one Kia, Volkswagen Hyundai. I want one now now How About Now Eve is a relatively new chick, very scary. You dont know much about them, but what, if you could take that EV nurse and pair it with a reliable brand thats, been known for quality and reliability for a very long time? This is Toyotas very first EV to bz4x now watch to find out. Why, even though you cant buy it, it tells us a lot about what you should know about the future of Toyotas EVS, buy or sell your car now with car buyers, Singapore and remember to check out the latest Automotive content with us. First of all, what is the bz4x, its Toyotas very first globally made and sold EV now Toyotas made EVS before, but theyve been really half ass, like I think there was a red for Evie way in the past, but the pz4x represents the Toyotas first real effort And making a proper EV – and it certainly looks like it because it looks like every other EV on the market. Oh, its a crossover, its an SUV, its got a nice plunging roof line, its got high, mounted lights, um no light bar yet, but it may as well have one it does have one at the back.

In fact, so the bz4x is very much an EV in the modern mode and the cool thing is. It does look very much like a lot of the other Toyotas on the market, maybe not at the front end. But if you look at the back looks just like the Yaris cross and the Harrier hybrids, which we reviewed very recently on car by Singapore. The thing is: Toyota is on the back foot when it comes to the EV game. This car was only announced last year and its the first Toyota EV, but you cant buy it yet because for some strange reason in Singapore, its on money for lease wed have the full story on that. You can check it out on car by Singapore, but the point is: even if you cant buy this car, it is a great window into how Toyota is making Evies. Finally, and when we drive and show you what its like inside, we can expect that the future of Toyotas EVS will be very much like this now. Keep in mind that this is all speculative and its our educated guess from a car expert point of view. So when we see the future of Toyota, what exactly do we mean now? This car was announced globally last year, 2021 and after that, Toyota also made clear its billion dollar investment, multi billion dollar investment in EVS, so the Japanese giant finally went from going eh, maybe not about EVS, to going all in in the EV.

So the bz range now the bz b, z, petrol pump bees. His knees bz stands for Beyond, which actually means one right right. Beyond zero is one yeah yeah the Toyota one for X, doesnt sound as cool as bz, but okay enough bz. It refers to, I think, um Terriers EV specific range, and I think it will be also the uh sort of the premium Eevee offering for for Toyota. So it says it will launch seven of these cars uh. The compact version was just announced as well. Very recently, um you can read about that on cover as well and, furthermore, non bz EV from Toyota. There will be 15 of them in 2020 by 2025, so that really shows that Toyota is going. Yes were gon na make EVS. Finally, and you can actually buy one, but you still cant buy this car because you can only you can only release it if you live in the Eco town of Tenga in future, we have the full story on that. If you ever want to try this car um yeah, you go to Tenga very far, but yeah thats it. So what you have to keep in mind um when we look at this car, is the fact that it runs on the dedicated EEB platform e t n g, a which is Toyota, electric Toyota, New Generation architecture, and that obviously will underpin or or if not, many Of Toyotas future EVs and, of course the battery pack uh made it made the battery pack and the electric motor made in conjunction with Panasonic and catl as well, and you can see here – this is really so.

This is really the first proper Toyota EV. We get to try and from here we will see how Toyota does its EVS, what kind of approach its going to take and when you buy in Toyota EV. This is what you can expect in future. Now you look at the cockpit of the bz Forex and you immediately notice that something is different and weird, but in a good way, so um first of all, lets take the steering wheel. Now the steering was really small. Its only like this and normal Car steering wheels for the luxury ones, especially more like that, but its really small and and quite cool, and this unique button layout is uh. I havent seen on any other Toyota today. Only on the bz4x draw your attention to the drivers display. I have no idea how big it is, but its its very legible, very clear. We have our typical Toyota font and layout for everything. So all you got is right. There weve got the Toyota safety system as well blind spot monitoring. Weve got active cruise control, so everything you expect from a modern, high tech EV and what I like about this. Besides the cool design, I dont know what this part is for, but I dont know if you can yeah Im too fast. The screen is right up near the windscreen, so you dont need a HDD and your your eyesight and your eye line is always very, very close to the road which I really liked again.

So lots of safety uh nicely ergonomic design. You can adjust the wheel. So if you like to have it near you no problem, you can still see everything so that avoids one problem. I have with some cars where the wheel gets in the way of seeing where Im signaling, for example, so thats a nice touch design wise for the driver that, for the driver that I think Toyota has done really well here, so the center of the cabin we Have a 12.3 inch or what I presume is a 12.3 inch display very, very similar to what weve seen in the Lexus NX and the new Lexus RX in terms of features. There is Jack all because this is not for sale yeah, but you can link up Android, auto and apple carplay. To this thing I tried streaming Bluetooth. It just refused to work so one of those niggling little things on a side note. The launch and the rollout of the bz 4x has not exactly been perfect for Toyota. Now it has recalls for wonky wheels and, amongst other things, so we can see that this is very much still. This first try at a proper EV, but so far so good, all those things are pretty minor, Ive driven it quite a big distance and the wheels havent fallen off yet so so. But there are a few things that are very much uh Toyota, Lexus c um. We have the uh surround View Camera um quite useful when youre parking, although it does sometimes look a bit weird, but this is really interesting.

This shows you a kind of an invisible view of around the car, so thats, quite a good uh addition to a car and, like many other eebs, this car has a very, very weight windscreen for aerodynamics so and a very high kind of Rise of the cabin. So its not the easiest car to look out of or park, but this makes your life a little bit easier down here. Weve got aircon seats again very lexisey, so this car is obviously premiumly, positioned, wouldnt, say its a luxury car, but its Premium League position. So it feels obviously more a little bit more well built than something like say: a sienta and its got Its got. Auto parking as well uh seat belt is on fastened, Im a bad boy and um eco mode. A charging Bay down here and another thing, just like a lot of EVS plenty of space to put your stuff cup holders here, a really deep glove box here, another under seat under seat under tunnel storage area down here with all USB ports. So very typical of EVS that weve seen, but how does it drive? Okay, so um its got big wheels. It goes over bumps a little bit bubbly, but its a little bit heavy. It handles like its stuck to the ground at normal speeds. Um you push it then it starts to be not so um stuck to the ground a bit a bit vague at the front, um generally very, very quiet and very refined.

Have you heard me say this before? Yes, you have. You probably heard me say that in the poster too youve heard me say that in the kiev6 youve heard me say that in almost every other EV had driven thats, because eBay is all pretty much drive the same way. There is no weird sound. There is uh, there is no sport mode. There is one pedal driving um quite easy to get used to, but very very typical EV Driving Experience here, nothing to really write home about its very quiet, its very refined. You know um yeah, you watch my ev6 review and its pretty much uh kiev6 review is pretty much exactly the same experience there. But of course its not exactly the same. You know the tieredness of it does shine through also in the Driving Experience its not really a sporty car. It can be driven quickly, but it doesnt really like to do that. Um, I would say the ev6 has the edge in terms of handling uh, something like a Tesla as well. These cars center of gravity feels a little bit higher its a little bit tippier than the ev6, and maybe the Tesla Model 3, not so much. The Tesla Model y, so, although on paper, this car only has 170 horsepower and 300 plus unit meters of torque, which isnt that much for a Navy, its still pretty quick, zero to 108.6 seconds uh so its actually, it feels quicker than it is in real life.

Typical Toyota, again, you know theyll, give you one figure, but in real life it doesnt really feel that slow. So what you guys really want to know is how far it will go. So this car only comes with a 71.4 kilowatt hour battery pack uh our trip in Singapore. We did more than 170 kilometers, we got, we got. What do we get? We got 17.8 kilowatt hours per hundred, which is pretty good, so 17.8, not quite as efficient as the qriv6 uh, but a little bit less efficient too. With this battery pack means youll get about 400 kilometers uh. If you do eco mode thing, you drive like a granny, probably further than that, so no range anxiety. I feel, and I think Toyotas uh Electronic Drive Tech is already quite mature, even though this is the first proper Toyota EV 400 kilometers ish from a single charge. Not bad okay, weve talked about range talk about driving. Now lets talk about charging uh. There is standard 150 kilowatt DC fast charge. The maximum rate of this car so 10 to 80 in the very very industry standard half an hour so far so standard so EV living repuder is a standard living a standard make a bet. What you will and another thing I didnt quite like about the driving experience – was the suspensions seemed to get a little bit of uh. How do you say the the wonky junkie? Okay, no one knows what that means.

When you go over the bumps, it does tend to degenerate into crashiness quite easily, more so than the other cars, and I would prefer a little bit more front end feel sometimes when youre going faster on a highway. It doesnt feel so nice to drive a little bit a little bit more incisiveness on the front. End would be appreciated there, and also some of the cabin Plastics are quite harsh. Now I should probably contextualize this by saying you know at when Toyota previewed this car earlier this year, um someone told me that this car would cost at least 250 000 in Singapore money to buy right now, and obviously that was a few months ago. So now it would probably be at least 280 or more but um for that kind of price um. I think the quality has to be a bit better, so I think we can see why Toyota might not want to sell this car in Singapore just yet because you know it is in many ways there, but in some ways its not quite there yet. Okay. So, just let me stretch out a bit show you guys the excellent leg room of the bz 4x again, the wheelbase 2850 mm only 50 mm of the Kia ev6. I dont think that is a whats that word coincidence, yeah thats right its not a coincidence. Okay, so um yeah. I think you just have to go and watch my Kia ev6 review a lot of information there again be compared to the Tesla Model Y and the poster too.

All those cars cost 250, 000, ish or more, and if the bz4x was sold here, they would be direct competitors to that car and I think, on paper um, The Busy Forex might lack a bit its front wheel, drive number one, although thats not really a problem. Unless you really like driving uh, the range is okay. I think the amount of tech on the inside slightly a bit less like the ev6 is big deal is that its the fastest charging car in Singapore, whereas even in normal charging, this car isnt quite as fast so competitors, competition wise, the bz4x is there but um. I think when people want to buy a Toyota and Ive seen this in petrol theaters as well, even if theyre not um blow for blow the best cars on paper, they are still very very effective cars and people love them for certain reasons. Now, one of the reasons is, of course, Traders wanted reliability and its brand image. You know it is reputation. What building cards would just go and go and go and then obviously we cant drive this car for 10 years. We dont know how its going to behave, but here is a very important claim that Toyota made when they announced the bg4x. Now this is from our story on Carver Singapore. So I quote: Toyota is producing EVS with a view to helping owners preserve their resale value. Tada one very important factor for buying a Toyota in Singapore, especially the company claims.

The busy Forex, will retain 90 of its original battery performance after 10 years or 240 000 kilometers very impressive. So, while some car companies here selling EVS offer eight year warranties for the batteries, this is not a warranty, but its a claim that this car as an EV, has been engineered with the same approach that Toyota has brought to its ice cars. Whether or not you believe in that is up to you, we dont think Toyota will bundle that up so badly and you know their years and years of experience doing hybrid cars has taught them a lot about battery management and Longevity. So I for one would incline Im inclined to take that claim at face value, so that was our review of the Toyota bz4x, with lasers, on their head um of the tutor that you cant buy in Singapore, but is Toyotas first EV, a very, very important car For the company – and it gives us a deep insight into how the car is going to make his future EVS, if you like this review, please like it please subscribe to car by Singapore and support us.