We will review the new 2023 Fisker ocean. The Fisker ocean is an all new two row: electric SUV with seating for five people designed by Henrik Fisker. The all electric Fisker ocean is a beautiful new icon of sustainable Mobility, while keeping the design language and functionality of an SUV. The Fisker ocean features a dramatically sculpted exterior with an aggressive stance, clean lines, Sleek surfaces, ultra slim lighting and modern Cubist sculptural shapes. There are four available trims, starting with the single motor standard range battery front wheel, drive base sport priced at an affordable, 37 499 dollars. The ultra adds all wheel, drive, AWD and an extended range battery at forty, nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars. The extreme. Launching well into premium territory is priced at 68 999 and adds boost mode, a 360 degree. Camera and additional safety features theres also the one which is a limited 5000 unit, run of the extreme that features unique, exterior accents and badging at sixty, eight thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars. The Fisker ocean performance can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour. In 3.9 seconds, with top speed, can reach 200 kilometers per hour. Battery capacity is 100 kilowatt when fully charged. The Fisker ocean can travel up to 510 kilometers, but you will not worry if you run out of battery with the Fisker Oceans, revolutionary full length, solar Sky roof, you can harvest the suns Rays to generate free energy to support the vehicles.

Battery powered motor Music vehicle ocean is a newcomer, but it stands out for its unique features. First, theres the rotating infotainment touch screen this exclusive optional 17.1 inch. Touchscreen has the power to swivel from a control mode, a portrait view to Hollywood mode, a landscape 16, colon 9 widescreen format allowing you to enjoy movies and videos complete with 360 degree sound in an immersive cinematic experience. Secondly, there is a California mode. This mode allows you to transform a versatile SUV into a coastline cruising convertible. You can drop the front windows, both rear seat Windows, both rear doggy windows and next to the d pillar and the rear lift gate window while opening the solar Sky roof. At the same time, you can even load a surfboard through the open rear window. Last but not least, limo mode passengers in the second row can relax in spacious Comfort, while controlling the environment of the rear cabin with a digital touch screen. This optional feature usually reserved for high end luxury Vehicles, allows back seat Riders to adjust the temperature and fan speed and control media volume. Thank you.