You join me back here at for episode 11 of the heart hatches series. If youve not heard of before they are a dealership website, dedicated to all things, fantastic about Motoring, in particular little fun, fast cars and specializing very, very well, spec examples of All Sorts, as you can see around behind me today, Im here to test this electric Mini Cooper S level, three Im, a previous Mini Cooper S owner myself, I also own an EV in a Tesla Model y, so Im really Keen to see how many have made the Cooper S fun and engaging whilst, whilst moving into the the EV space so lets Get in take it for a drive and go and find out foreign, oh its nice, to be back in a mini, so the start switch is where the start switch. Normally is Music wow. This is all all heads up display. Light pops up just adjust a bit of that everything else looks good, so very familiar immediately. Lets take it for a drive wow. The spec on this immediately is very, very high. Okay, okay, note to self. If the GoPro is on the car, dont ask the wipers to do anything. It will hit the GoPro right so immediately nice and familiar Ive driven lots of minis in my time owned, uh one and Cooper S, but this is the EV Cooper S and its a level three. So this thing is, I mean this is riddled with spec weve got voice command, heated seats or the nav, and I mean the seat.

Adjustment is just theres. Everything Ive got its, not electric, though admittedly, but I prefer it manual feel like you get better adjustments. Sometimes um its a very comfortable, very plush, place to sit Ive got Harman Kardon system heads up display. It is a pop up head display its not like one in a BMW where it shows on the screen theres a little thing that pops up a very nice panoramic, roof front and back back, looks quite spicy actually and obviously Ive still got my modes. So I can switch it into sport mid, which is sort of balanced or green, so I couldnt sort of e drive in green um, which is probably what Ill do just for a few minutes now these things quite about 140 miles worth of range. Obviously, yeah Im slightly conflicted with that in a mini 140 miles range, isnt, a huge amount, fine, if youre City driving – and you know that. But I think you know if youre going to have the Cooper S youre going to have it for the sporty appeal and if you boot it, I wonder my concern is what that would do to the to the range now thatll bother some people and not by This, what I would say, though, from a Cooper S, ride, point just immediately, just as a hot hatch in general Im just going to get rid of that armrest, which is very comfy. Not what I need right this moment as Im.

Not cruising is that actually, the ride is really plush. Ive just come out of a yarish gr, and that rides quite nicely, but this feels very solid. Real quality feel about everything. Everything that you physically touch just feels very high end and the benefit you get with a mini is that you get BMW infotainment, which, for me, is the is the Pinnacle it Remains. The Pinnacle will be that from the nav system, the mix of the screen itself, but also just enough buttons theres, a theres, a good balance there I feel its not all screen and its not all buttons. For anyone who knows, BMW and mini systems. Youll just know its a very well thought out system, okay, yeah, so starting to get a bit of a better feel for the firm ride. It is fair, but it feels just plush and solid. It doesnt feel rickety or its not throwing me around. I can just tell it slightly slightly firmer in Rise, but I wouldnt describe that as uncomfortable at the slightest not compared to it gp3 or um. Something really really foamed up well pop it from Green, where I get sort of an idea of what battery usage Im getting into mid the regen. Obviously you have to get used to that, but but you can essentially use that as as braking youd be quite easy. On the brakes on these cars as long as youre well thought out, so you can try a lot of your speed with your with your right foot if youre not used to EV as soon as you come off, uh careful what I do, but if I accelerate A little I come off, 50 to 43 41 and thats, just lifting off the accelerator, so its quite easy to slow down and if youre driving at PACE in particularly so Ive used that as almost sort of like on the brakes off the brakes as it as It were, I have to say, from a just getting in it and driving down the road initial impressions.

Are that its a really really nice place to sit? So I bet, if youre after just a general icv, just the standard EV would be good, but what this car has to be good at is when we click it into sport. Now there is a button down here for me to adjust the regen braking Im used to it um, so Im not gon na Im, not gon na mess. With that, I dont feel like. I want the regen to disappear, but theres obviously an option to take that. Take that away turning feels wow. Okay, oh gosh, just call me a little bit off guard with the with the takeoff and these things. Arent monstrously, quick, not to 60 thats, not rocket fuel fast, but its certainly not lacking in in pickup handles lovely feels very solid. Very capable lets throw it into a corner: yeah, okay, its a great little wrapper, and this is not a million miles away from Hot patches, and you just get a great feel for what the car is capable of yeah. It feels quite sure, footed theres, not too much drama about what its doing obviously were losing all the noise being an EV. But you would expect that wouldnt you, the dash is nice and clear. The heads up Works, um Ive got used to not having heads up again, but I feel like there are times where I, where I do miss it. I feel like the spec is an absolute must on this car.

I feel like level one level two. If you are looking into into the minis could be some nice things, but level three is really where youre just gon na have everything that you should have in a car like this, and if you are going to spend the money on a brand like mini. Surely you want to be doing that with the right kit on the car no point in having a mini badge and all that fantastic, build quality and theyre, not picking out a spec level that will give you some nice kit. You know I do think its a shame that you can get into something like a Hyundai or a Kia or credit to those Brands to be fair and end up with sort of heated seats as standard. You know if youre going to have a car like this, have a car like this spec it out properly and have some sort of Creature, Comforts and thats what this car has stop: beeping, Music and if you are used to, I suppose, whos going to be looking At these EV drivers, if youre coming out of a of a mini, can the Cooper S deliver. A lot is going to depend on your range requirements. I personally could cope with the range requirements, so it wouldnt put me off. I know some people obviously need more range for day to day use, so it wouldnt be the car. But for me, as a you know, a little bit of fun and essentially for the S badge, you just end up with more juice and more going it doesnt.

Do that well, it does pick up and go. It feels like a great little run around so weve certainly got a you know, a playful spirit to it. A lot is going to depend on your preference. Now, as we have lots of Manufacturers developing electric equivalents of their petrol diesel vehicles, I mean, if youre a Mini Cooper Ash driver. Are you going to miss the engagement from the induction exhaust snow potential manual, bucks subjective, completely subjective Im in a 60 mile an hour road at the moment, dropping down to 25 20 now go boost it 28. 32. 36. 40. 44, 48, 50s, yeah. So theyre. Not it doesnt feel as much drama to it, but it is picking up pace immediately. I thought oh its, not that quick, but actually the reality is that its its so refined and so undramatic about how it does it that it doesnt feel like youre going fast. But you really really are its one of those cars that you could end up in trouble, without even realizing that youre that youre, speeding, Im actually quite impressed with this, and I wasnt sure where the right would be or not. And I think what it is is its managed to keep hold of that um lucky for mini DNA. I know Im, obviously shatting a minion, its only the drive chain that has changed, but actually just the ergonomics and how it drives just still lends itself to that. Mini character so well done mini youre still able to have fun in an EV who knew if youre new to the channel CMD has been set up as a YouTube channel, with a difference.

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