The bolt largely remains unchanged in 2022, following a refresh and the Advent of the bigger Bolt euv. Additionally, it receives a Redline edition and a new exterior red shade for the bolt EV and bolt euv respectively. There are the models – one LT, 2LT, LT and Premiere to choose from. Although the bolt euv appears to be a blown up version of the bolt EV. The two vehicles are practically identical: both have a tall narrow egg like shape a floating roof line and a six sided walled off front grille, but they dont have any sheet metal in common. The euv can be considered a crossover because of its high ride height, but no bolt has all wheel drive. The bolt. Euv has a larger footprint which increases rear seat space, but not load capacity. Both provide sufficient room for four passengers and 57 cubic feet of baggage. Both also include an 8.0 inch digital instrument cluster and a 10.2 inch infotainment touchscreen. The front seats lack the padding and bolstering needed for the maximum comfort and support, but they do come standard with heating and cooling. The bolt is powered by a single front mounted engine from Chevrolet that generates 200 horsepower and 266 pound foot of torque, with a range of 259 miles for the bolt EV and 247 miles for the bolt euv. It is propelled by a 65 kilowatt hour battery pack. The bolt delivers more than 3.5 miles per kilowatt hour, which is efficient even for an EV, with a zero to 60 miles per hour Pace under 7 Seconds, thanks to the motor, it is also fairly rapid.

Nevertheless, the bolt isnt designed for sporty handling because it feels heavy and its low rolling resistance, tires arent the best for traction. However, it does ride comfortably Music. The bolt can be fully charged on a 240 volt home Outlet in around seven hours, thanks to an 11 kilowatts onboard charger. Its maximum output on a DC fast charger is 50 to 55 kilowatt. The bolt is equipped with the proper basic safety measures, such as active Lane, control automatic highlights and automated emergency braking with pedestrian recognition, a surround view, camera system, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitors and GM supercrews hands. Free driving technology are also available. The 2023 bolt EV starts at 26 595 and the bolt euv is priced from 28 195, both including destination after two years of price reductions, an eight way power, adjustable driver seat, connected Apple carplay and Android, auto compatibility with Amazon, Alexa, Wi, Fi hotspot functionality. Remote start LED headlights and 17 inch.